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Broken Porcelain

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Max is best friends with Takao but also Kai and Tala, Max hates his life and loathes father, Tala and Kai live with Boris no wonder Kai takes meds and Rei's just happy to be there as far away from ...

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Rei swung gently back and forth thinking. His grandfather had rung him at Recess and it had been plaguing his mind ever since.

Rei put his cell to his ear "Wei?..." he said not knowing who it was.

'Rei, this is your Gu Fu, I'm sorry to be calling I know you would be at school at the moment but I needed to tell you something important...' His Grandfather replied.

"What's wrong Ye Ye?...Is it Mu Qin?" Rei queried worried if something was wrong with his mother making him go home to them...

'No, no Rei, nothing's wrong though it is something to do with your mother' he explained

"What is it Ye Ye?"

'Your Mu Qin left this mourning I tried to keep her here but she was adamant that she wanted to see you...I'm sorry'

"Don't worry Ye Ye it's not your fault when she gets an idea in her head there's no stopping her at all... not even the gods could stop her" Rei sighed.

'I hope Sun Zi that you will be able to deal will her on your own, she will most likely try to take you home with her'

"Don't worry I'll be all right"

'Just be careful Rei she becomes unstable easily you know that'

"Yeah I will I know better than anyone what she's like."

'OK then I will phone you in a few days'

"Okay Bai Bai Ye Ye" Rei said sighing.

'Yeah Zai Jian' and with that his Grandfather hung up in Rei's ear.

Why was Mother coming just when he'd just started feeling comfortable on his own?
He stood up from the swing sneaking one last glance at the group of boys sitting in front of him. Even though he had only met Max he felt a kind of connection with them that he couldn't explain, like something was tugging towards them for some reason, what his Grandmother would call fate.

'Well I have a free so I might as well get this over with now "It's better to have some pain now than a lot of regret later" as Uncle Xun would say' he thought walking out of school.

The city was old filled with a lot of buildings from the 70's or 80's, Rei lived in a small flat above a convenience store right next to the industrial sector. To get home Rei had to travel along the bank of a giant concrete drain the residents called Bey River, garbage and old tyres floated by with it running through the centre of the city there was a constant stench of death and decay wafting through the streets around noon.

Rei looked down at his reflection in the murky green water. He looked tired and weary with dark circles forming around his amber eyes. He'd never liked his hair it reminded Rei too much of Mother and her wishes he mold into what ever she desired.

'And I let her...I could have stopped her...' he thought sadly 'Father might still be here if I had just kept him away from home.

Images of crimson flashed before his eyes, amber eyes so similar to his staring up at the sky blankly remembering what happened that day.

A seven year old Rei sat next to his near dead bleeding father clutching a red bandana, it had been his birthday and his father had only given it to him hours earlier, crystalline tears slipping down his face.

'No Baba you can't, you can't leave me you promised' Rei whispered his voice hacking and sobbing.

In the doorway of the hut stop his mother, Rei just sat there not wanting to let his father go.
'What are you doing! Get up off the floor and stop sniveling like a dog or I'll make you one' she threatened kicking him in the ribs 'HA Like father like son'...

Rei looked up from his reflection and stared up to the sky as if he could sense someone watching over him from above. Taking off his backpack he pulled out a pair of scissors.

"No more it must end now I am not her pretty little doll anymore" He said to no one fitting the start of his binded hair between the blades and cut careful to miss his bandana. "No, this can go on no more...I will live my own life" he whispered, walking away letting the cut hair fall away into the degusting water where his reflection just was.
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