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Chapter 1: New Reality

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Kudo wakes up, only it isn't Kudo! Someone else is in Kudo's body.

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It was the start of another normal day, as far as Rikou was concerned. He yanked the privacy curtain aside. The wheels were well-oiled, but Rikuo's action wasn't quiet. He walked over to the bed with the glass of ice-cold water and poured it onto Kudo's chest. Those amber eyes snapped open. Kudo put his hand on his chest. He stared up at Rikuo with confusion. He glanced around the room. Confusion was replaced by terror. Kudo erupted out of the bed and jumped at Rikuo.

What the hell-! The breath was knocked out of Rikuo an instant later as Kudo barreled into him with his shoulder. The water glass went flying.

Kudo was at the door in an instant, had it unlocked a few seconds later and disappeared down the stairs.

"You idiot!" Rikuo bellowed behind him. "It's not that late. You're not even wearing shoes!" Rikuo followed just in time to see Kazahaya make it to the street and turn away from the Green Drugstore. He raced down the sidewalk as if invisible demons were pursuing him.

What the hell is going on? Rikuo pelted down the stairs and gave chase.

On a normal day, Rikuo would never have been able to catch up to Kudo, but Kazahaya was running barefoot on the sidewalk, and that slowed him down. Rikuo was fully dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. It still took him 3 blocks before he caught up to Kudo.

Kudo stumbled when Rikuo grabbed him by the back of the shirt. Rikuo then grabbed him by the waist with his other hand to keep him from falling. Once they'd safely stopped, Kazahaya tried to squirm free. He managed to smack Rikuo with his flailing limbs, but his blows didn't have much force. The smaller boy was gasping for breath. Rikuo wasn't in much better shape, but he grimly hung on.

What the hell is he possessed by now?

Kudo was cursing. It took a moment for Rikuo to realize that the other boy wasn't speaking Japanese.

"Lemme go! Lemme GO! I promise I won't say anything to the police. Just let me go. You kidnapped the wrong person!"

Rikuo stared at him. That's English! But that's not the way it sounded in school. He set Kudo down and held him by the shoulders. I didn't know that moron knew any English! "What are you talking about, idiot?" he said in Japanese.

Kudo stared at him. There was something about Kazahaya, the way he looked at Rikuo, the tense way he stood that wasn't Kudo-like. He narrowed his eyes.

"Kazahaya, what's wrong?"

"My name's not Kazahaya!" This time, Kudo spoke in Japanese. He reached up to free himself from Rikuo. His eyes widened. He held his hands up, staring at them as he slowly turned them on his wrists, and curled his fingers to look at his nails. He then looked down at himself and patted his chest. "What in the-!" He sucked in air.

Rikuo shook him sharply, distracting him so he wouldn't scream. Kudo looked up at him, amber eyes blank with shock. "What is your name?" the taller boy asked gently.

"Sandy. And what happened to my body? Where am I?"
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