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the appartment.

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my first posted fic.

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Chapter 1:

It was at least another 4 hours before curfew was to set in. It was around 5:00 on a Friday afternoon, and it had been 2 hours since the residents of apartment 11 had returned from work. The apartment that recognised by the bullet wounds in the door, apparently some drunk kid in the apartment opposite had a shootout with the door back before apartment 11 was occupied.
Sitting in her room hunched over a sketchbook, was a young woman by the name of Syrin Proctor, one of the two residents of apartment 11.
Syrin was 22, and currently employed as a café waitress. Her wage was low, and basically all of the pay she earned contributed towards the rent, though she was never able to pay her whole share. Her flatmate didn't particularly care though, he always seemed more then happy to buy the groceries, pay the rent, bills and various other things, and he asked for nothing in return. Syrin's flatmate was a family friend, always had been. They had known each other through childhood since their mother's were very close.Syrin had spent the afternoon in solitude, scrawling on her sketchbook, listening to the racket in the next room. The tv was blaring with the sound of cheers, an obnoxious commentator and static.
"He goes for the pass....and OH he's down! Geez that's gonna hurt in the morning!"
she rolled her eyes, "It will if you fucking don't turn down that tv"
there was a knock on the door. It slowly opened, the second resident of apartment 11 peered in, Gerard Way was his name, a 28 year old part time comic artist with a fascination for atypical knickknacks, horror flicks, theatre, old school rock and comic books.
Syrin looked up, examining Gerard, his thick black wave of hair was pushed clear from his face, his skin taut and serene, clear from the cloak of eyeliner and facial products he had worn the previous hours. He looked rather plain, normal, unvarnished. She was used to seeing the man on parade, with mask and all.
In he's hands he clutched a mug, undoubtedly filled with a thick black sludge called coffee. A grin was spread across his lips.
"Sy, you don't have to wait for an invitation to join us. This is your apartment too." he said, slipping through the doorway.
"I cant imagine your having too much fun by yourself.
he peered over her shoulder. "sweet sketches"
"Thanks" she replied, swinging the sketchbook's cover over, and laying it before her. "Seriously I'm fine."
"Aw common, quit being a hermit."
"I'm not that much into football." she replied in an upbeat tone.
"Yea, well listen...your making me and Ray sad because your not blessing us with your presence, wit and humour."
Syrin let out a sigh that was almost distinguishable as a laugh.
Gerard smiled and offered his hand. She hesitated a moment before taking it.
"Alright you convinced me"
The two stepped out of Syrin's room, only to see Ray seated on the worn leather recliner, perched in front of the tv. His feet rested on the coffee table.
"Oh hey Syrin!" he said contently, taking another sip from the beer he nursed in his lap.
"Hey Ray!" Syrin replied enthusiastically "What's happening?"
"The usual" he replied shortly. Syrin didn't quite no what 'the usual' meant, but didn't feel all that in the mood to inquire any deeper. She flopped onto the couch beside Ray and Gerard.
"How about you?" Ray responded.
"Not much, just work and whatever."
There was a moments silence before Gerard jolted slightly
"Oh right! Syrin, you want a coffee?"
"No thanks."
"Alright the more for me. Ray can I get you anything?"
"No thanks Gee."
"Alright." He stood up, and scurried behind the kitchen counter, flicking the switch of the kettle, whilst pouring a ridiculous amount of instant coffee mix into his recycled mug. Ray and Siren watched in astonishment as the boy managed to sip down that concentrated concoction without cringing.
"I think I'm gonna make some snacks" he confirmed. "Hey Syrin." Ray whispered, leaning close.
"why does he drink so much damn coffee"
"because he doesn't drink alcohol"
"then why does he have a fridge full of it?"
"its for the weekend when the boys come around"
"Oh right..."
"You two better not be whispering about me!" Gerard called cheerfully, rummaging through the pantry in search of corn chips.
"Oh we're not!" Ray called back "why's he in such a good mood?" his voice returned to a whisper.
"Mikeys coming around later. They haven\'t seen each other in like two weeks."
"Hey are we winning?" Gerard asked, returning to the couch. Triumphantly placing his bowl of corn chips on the coffee table.
"Nope" Ray replied
"Awesome, Mikey owes me 20 bucks."
"We haven't lost yet..."
The next hour and a half was spent sitting uncomfortably in each other's presence, eating corn chips and waiting for Mikey to arrive. The mediocre match of a football game had finally ended. Gerard and Ray sat at the kitchen counter discussing the art of spending the 20 dollars that Gerard had just won whilst Syrin remained perched on the couch, eyes fixed on the 6:30 report.
"And this news has just come in" said the woman in the beige one piece suit, who reported the news.
/"There has been a breakout, a test subject has fled from a lead brand cosmetics lab what would have been early this evening."/
The room fell silent, as the occupants immediately turned their attention to the tv.
/"Authorities believe that escapee jumped from the 2nd floor of the lab, during a routine check up session. The lab assistants who were guarding the specimen were not severally harmed. It has been confirmed that the fugitive is dangerous, and it is strongly advised to not approach, if you have any information about the fugitive's whereabouts contact authorities immediately. We'll keep you updated."/
"Shit...They fucked up. And now we have another fucking reason to fear stepping outside. Another mutant on the loose, That's the second one this month." Gerard commented.
"I think mutants aren't really dangerous. The government just loves to inspire false fear into the hearts of civilians, its another way to enforce curfew."
"I agree with Siren. They make us fear the test subject mutants, they properly aren't anything to worry about anyway." said Ray.
"Jesus Toro. Your saying they don't exist? I know for a fact that they do. In fact I've seen one. Creepy mofos."
"I didnt say they didnt...Liar! You have not." Ray rebutted.
"Your argument isn't very strong Ray, I like for certain can show you where a mutant is."
"You sure about that Gee?" Syrin smirked.
"You don't believe me either. Ok ladies, I'll bet you 50 big ones each that if you follow my direction, you will find a mutant."
"alright" said both Ray and Siren concertedly
"You know that factory that got shut down afew years ago? The big industrial one like a couple of miles down the road, its not all that visible cause its off the main road and all. But they said it shut down because of all this environmental crap, and bankruptcy and all. Well offcourse it wasn't shut down because of the environment because hell we all know the environment is already dead, there's no point trying to resuscitate something that's dead! But the guy that owns the production chain he's a wealthy as all get out! Anyway that was all a conspiracy to hide the fact that workers from the factory had gone missing-"
"Uh..." interrupted Ray "isn't all the work done by robots?"
Gerard paused, and grimaced at Ray "yea well who knows why they needed human workers. I just know that they went missing. The factory got trashed a number of times, and the managers started to freak out. Then the owner's kid when missing. They shut the factory down, fear of it being cursed or whatever-"
" do you know there's a mutant is responsible? You said you saw it right?"
Gerard turned to Syrin,"I was getting to that. Anyway it was on one of my not so frequent attempts of breaking curfew that I found myself walking home along the track between the factory and the huge stormwater grate, drain, river thing. And that's when I saw it. It was there the creepy shit faced mofo eating the skin off....something."
"That's just messed up" said Ray disgusted, he poked out his tongue.
"Yea but you accepted my bet, so you've gotta go down there. Hunting that mutant shit"
"Your story makes no sense Gerard. Why would you be near that factory anyway? And when were you there?" Siren objected.
"I didn't say it was recently. I feel sorry for you guys, seriously though your unarmed combat skills will come in handy, and I'd take some weaponry if I was you, a gun...or maybe two."
Ray and Syrin exchanged looks. They didn't believe Gerard's rambling story on fact that could be entirely fiction. But the two were intrigued, and a bet was a bet right?
They both came to the conclusion that they would head for the factory tonight. They intended on breaking curfew, and they intended on proving Gerard Way wrong.

Ok that's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. I would love some feedback, and are most likely to continue if I get some reveiws ;D
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