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Part 1: "So, you forgot I was coming. Or what?"

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*Fall Out Boy/Green Day Crossover* What happens when two bands and a couple girlfriends atempt a car trip to VanCouver from Oakland California? More importantly, will they make it without killing e...

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"What do you mean I have to drive with Pete?" Emma blurted, putting her hands on her hips. She was standing next to Billie Joe as he and Mike were loading up Mike's car.

"Well," Billie Joe replied, throwing the last of the luggage into the trunk, "you know Mike has to bring so much crap on these things. We ran out of room."

"So, you forgot I was coming. Or what?"

"We decided that, to save the sanity of us all, we would give Tre' and Cheech the backseat to themselves. That's all," Mike explained.

"Yeah, your sanity may be saved, but what about mine? I'm the one stuck in a car with Pete frickin' Wentz for six hours! His friends and I, we have nothing in common."

Billie Joe slammed the trunk shut, came over to her and kissed her. "You'll be fine, besides," he waved his cell phone, "you got me on speed dial. I'm 100% here for you."

Emma frowned. "You're so going to owe me."

"We were suppose to leave, like, five minutes ago. Let's go Chicka!" Pete yelled from his own car.

They both glanced at him.

Emma gave Billie a painful look and hugged him, afraid to let go, because of the chance that he could change his mind and let her ride tied to the roof.

"He's right. We gotta go," Billie Joe admitted.

"Damnit!" Emma blurted and stomped over to Pete's car.

"You're in back," Pete said bluntly before he got into the driver's seat. Stoop was sitting next to him in the middle and Patrick was sitting on the passenger's side.

Emma reluctantly slid into the backseat behind Patrick next to Andy who was sandwiched between her and Joe. Andy had his nose stuck in a comic book and Joe was staring at her, wide eyed, as she got in. It was going to be a long ride.
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