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Part 2: "Haven't you ever seen someone sniff a candybar?"

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An hour in and they're already having problems...

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One hour later, in Pete's car

Hip hop maybe poetry set to music, but being stuck in a car with it blaring at her for an hour, Emma was starting to doubt both the poetry and music aspects of it. No one found it funny when she had asked Pete, about 20 miles in, to unlock her door just in case she wanted to jump out. For the most part they ignored her, it was just as well because Pete tended to talk like a white, rich girl from MTV's Laguna Beach and whenever she did happen to hear a snip of conversation, usually between Pete and Stoop, she couldn't understand him anyway. Realizing she was hungry, she dug around in her purse and pulled out a 3 Musketeer bar. She brought it up to her nose and took a long, slow sniff.

Joe, who had been still staring at her, probably waiting to see if she'd do something weird like that, raised an eyebrow and with a small, triumphant laugh, turned to look out the window.

"What?" Emma asked. "Haven't you ever seen someone sniff a candy bar?"

As soon as she said "candy bar," it was like the hip hop song on the radio skipped and everyone was staring at her. Even Andy and Patrick, who had managed to keep themselves completely isolated from the rest of the group, looked up from what they were doing.

"You ARE going to share with us. Aren't you, Ema?" Stoop asked.

"You've completely ignored me for an entire hour, and you expect me to share my Musketeer bar? No way!"

"I'll pay you for it," Patrick offered.

"How much?"

"What do you want?"

"Your soul."

Patrick quickly turned back to the front, looking slightly ashamed.

"That's not a fair thing to ask from Patrick," Joe admitted quietly, "Pete already took his soul from him." He shifted his eyes nervously before he asked, "Can I have some? I wasn't ignoring you."

"No, you weren't ignoring me, but you were really creeping me out." With that, she unwrapped the chocolate and brought it to her mouth to take a bite, but she stopped herself. Whether it was the fact that she felt sorry for Patrick losing his soul to Pete, or the fact that Stoop was the only reason she hadn't killed Pete and stolen the car, or she thought Andy should get some because he was the only one who didn't ask her for any, she decided to break it apart and share with everybody. So, instead of enjoying one 3 Musketeer bar, she enjoyed one sixth of it. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

"Hey, your pocket's singing," Andy pointed out.

A little bit earlier, in Mike's car.

Dirnt was getting bored, and when Dirnt got bored she flailed her arms randomly. One of her misplaced arms hit Billie Joe in the face.

"Mike, keep your woman under control," he snapped, tightening his grip on the steering wheel.

"Batteries! I need Batteries!" Dirnt exclaimed.

Billie Joe kept his eyes on the road and squinted, "Why?"

"Because I do!" Dirnt blurted, she calmed down slightly when she noticed a billboard, "World's largest battery!" she read. "Billie! We have to go! It's like my Mecca!"



"Because it's a waste of time and it's stupid."

"You let Emma see the world's largest sea sponge!" she pointed out.

"That was different," he explained. "She got car sick and we stopped so she could throw up in the ditch in front of it."

"I still have that picture," Mike admitted, smiling at the memory.

"Mike," Dirnt whined, pulling on Mike's arm. "Make Billie stop for me," she pouted.

Mike sighed. "Come on, Billie. We've been driving for an hour, and I think Tre's going to need to go..."

"Billie, I need to go potty," Tre' said from the backseat, shifting uncomfortably.

Billie Joe frowned, frustrated, and pulled out his cell phone. "Fine, just let me call Emma to see if Pete's passed the exit yet."

Back in Pete's car

"Yay, Billie Joe!" Emma squealed, sounding a little more "fan girl" then she meant to.

"Hey! Someone's excited!" Pete mimicked and rolled his eyes.

Emma reserved herself almost immediately and answered her cell phone looking slightly embarrassed. "Hi."

"Listen. Have you passed exit..." Billie Joe started.

"40! Exit 40!" Dirnt yelled in the background.

"Exit 40? I don't know," "Emma admitted, she covered her receiver. "Pete? Have we passed exit 40 yet?"

"I don't think so," he replied.

"Do you wanna turn on it?" Billie Joe asked.


"Dirnt wants to see the world's biggest battery, and Tre' needs to piss again."

"Pete, turn on exit 40," Emma commentated.

"Well, we're passing it now..." Patrick said.

"Damnit!" Pete blurted and cut in front of a semi truck.

The girls screamed as tires screeched and a couple horns sounded.

"You okay?" Billie Joe asked, not sounding too surprised.

"Yeah," Emma replied, giving Pete a nasty look. "Pete's trying to kill us, that's all."

"It's okay Patrick. You can let go of me now," Stoop said calmly, carefully pushing Patrick away from her.

"Let's do that again!" Joe exclaimed.

Everyone groaned.

About one hour later, Pete's car

"Tell me again why Dirnt's in here?" Pete asked.

Stoop ducked to avoid one of Dirnt's flailing arms, "I don't know. Billie just said something about her being annoying."

Meanwhile, in Mike's car

Emma sighed happily as she leaned her head back into the seat, "Finally, I can talk to somebody," she giggled.

Suddenly, with a little help from Tre's now empty bladder, loud groans and other pleasurable yells could be heard from the backseat.

Mike gagged, while Billie Joe and Emma looked at each other.

2 minutes later, Pete's car

Cheech and Tre' sat quietly, as their mood was ruined when they were violently grabbed and thrown into the back of Pete's car. Tre' looked around before he admitted to his new driver, "Billie says you're crazy."

Pete groaned and slammed his head into the steering wheel.
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