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the dream!!!

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My alarm clock rang!

Oh, jeez I was dreaming about him again I need to stop but I can't I still love him. I said to my self.

Is everything okay? My boyfriend josh said to me.

Yeah I'm fine, I have to get dressed for work. I said taking a deep breath at the same time.

Recap if your confused, I am now 28 and I am a writer living in New York and it been a long time since I've seen Gerard we were dating for about three months. Until I found out I had to move ever since then I never spoke or heard from Gerard, until one summer in like 2003 when my friend Aneesah spotted him in a AP magazine, he was now in a band called My Chemical Romance and they were big. I read the article and I could still recall the day where I used to hang out with Gerard and all of them, I read it and started to ball out crying. I have a new boyfriend now josh but I couldn't tell him that I loved another man more than I loved him it just began to be all to difficult, but still I all ways wondered if Gerard still loved me???

-----Back to story-----

I got dressed to go to work, I left in a cab and then stopped in time square I went walking to my job when I got there, there was a package with no name of who I was from, all it said was:


I opened it up the box, there was a letter, and some other stuff but I opened the letter first to realize there was any thing else in the box, the letter read:

Dear Andrea,
I haven't spoken to you in a long time, I hope you're not mad at me but I wondered if you wanted to come to my concert that I'm having at Madison Square Garden today, I now its short notice but I wanted to catch up on old times you know. Come early before the concert starts and don't worry I got everything covered.


I started to cry a little, them I looked in the box and there was a Backstage Pass and a shirt with a note on it that said:

Sorry if this is too much!:)

I laughed, was ready for work to be over since the concert started at 7 o'clock and plus had to be early and get dressed.

It was 4 o' clock and I was out of work, I called josh to tell him that I had to stay late at work. (Yes, I know I was lying to him but what else would I say to him) I got to Madison Square Garden. It was around 7:45 I went back to where the tour buses were and I had to show my VIP pass to the security person. The first one I saw was Frankie.

Oh my... Frankie WOW! I said speech less.

Hey, how are you doing? Frank said giving me a hug.

I'm doing well. I said.

Oh so I know you're here for Gerard let me go get him, you know he has been freaking out all day cause of you, it pretty funny yet annoying actually. Frankie said laughing. So I'll be back okay.

Yeah I'll be fine. I said.

I was starting to get nervous I'm sure he was too, my heart started beating faster and faster. Then I saw him.....
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