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I walked in and the first person I see is Gerard...

He stood up to give me a hug, his hug felt so warm, not to mention that it was still raining and cold out side, we both sat down and I noticed that Gerard was nervous. There was an awkward silence and then Gerard spoke,

So... do you want some coffee, it's on me? Gerard said finally breaking the ice.

Uh, sure. I said

What do you want, they have lots of choices. Gerard said

What ever you're having is fine. I said

He came back and handed me my coffee, he was shaking when he handed it to me it was pretty funny but I tried not to laugh.

So what did you want to talk about, since you invited me here, is it about what happened in the library??? I asked

Umm that's partly it well really, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to... never mind. He said putting his head down.

No, its okay you can ask me anything. I said holding his hand.

Okay, well I was going to ask you if, if you wanted t-to be my Girlfriend. Gerard said shyly

Your girlfriend I'll be happy to!!! I said

I was waiting for this question forever and it finally came!!!

So really you'll be my girlfriend?!?!

Yes, definitely! I said with a smile on my face.

So, since we are boyfriend and girlfriend do you want to come to my place, my parents are out of town??? Gerard said.

Umm, yeah sure. I said

We walked out of Starbucks* Gerard gave me his jacket cause it was still raining we both ran to his car and we took off to his house. When we arrived there was a note on the door from mikey It read:

Went to hang out with ray and bob at franks house, see you in a little while.


I guess were all alone in this big house. Gerard said sarcastically.

I guess so. I said back at him

We walked in and we both sat on the couch and then.......

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