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AU. Kairi just starts eighth grade with a happy life, but soon, one bad thing after another starts happening, making her miserable... until she meets Sora, who makes living all worthwhile for Kairi...

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Life's Moments

Chapter 1

By ChuChu101

A/N: I am pleased to present the first chapter of Life's Moments! Well, anyway, what are you doing reading this? You should be reading the story! Go on now! Shoo! Well, see ya at the end of the chapter!




The buzzing sound of an alarm clock filled the room, and in the bed, under all the warm rumples of blankets, Kairi stirred and groaned while groggily reaching her hand out for the snooze button, letting her arm slip completely after turning her alarm clock off. She grunted and slowly opened her eyes, blinking them a couple times. A lazy yawn escaped her lips as she sat up, seeing her own shadow across the top of her bed coming from the window behind her. Kairi smiled and gazed outside into the sunshine while crossing her arms to rest her chin against.

She sighed. 7:00 A.M.

"Well, another first day of school again. No more summer!" Kairi frowned at the thought, "Good-bye freedom and hello homework... ugh." She flopped herself back down to snuggle in her covers and shield the coldness of the early morning. Her eyelids closed and returned Kairi to sleep... well, almost.

"Kairi! Wake up!" Her Mother's voice rang throughout the house.

Kairi's eyes shot open. She let out a moan when she realized what her mom had just said.

"It's time to get ready for school!"

She flinched at the statement and shouted back irritably, "OK! Gosh..." She muttered and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. After flushing the toilet and washing her hands, she looked up to see her reflection in the mirror... and laughed. Her hair was a total mess! It was as if her hair size doubled overnight and just... just... frizzed out everywhere! Kairi then took her brush and started to work out the knots, her hand quivering with each tug in the process.

After she had taken a refreshing shower, brushed her teeth, and fixed her hair properly, Kairi hurried downstairs cheerfully for breakfast and sat down in a high chair at the counter, waiting as the aroma of scrambled eggs with sausages and pancakes filled her nostrils and made her stomach growl.

"Good morning, sweetie!" Kairi's mom turned around with a frying pan filled with eggs, stirring it a bit with the spatula and smiled at her fourteen-year old daughter. "Ready for eighth grade this year?"

Kairi replied back with a toothy grin saying, "Morning, Mom! I..." she sniffed the air, "...Is the food done yet?"

"Just about! Hold on one sec..." Her mother turned back to the stove and piled the eggs, sausages, and stacked flapjacks upon flapjacks onto a plate and handed it to Kairi. Then, to top it all off, her mom took the syrup and poured it all over, drenching the pancakes with sweet goodness.

Kairi dug in and the only word that escaped her mouth while eating was...


The car door slammed shut and drove off.

"Bye, Mom!" Kairi said, waving. She clutched her backpack straps and turned to gaze at her school. She felt pretty great and thought to herself. Kairi wasn't just in any ol' grade anymore, she was in eighth grade! She was top dog, where they ruled the school and looked down upon the other kids. Kairi looked at the sixth graders, running among themselves while laughing. Sixth graders are SO immature! I can't BELIEVE I was actually like that once! Then again, sixth grade WAS really fun! She averted her gaze to the seventh graders, which she remembered being oh so well. They weren't as foolish as the newbies, but seventh graders just didn't have that... that certain pride that eighth graders felt. The certain pride that Kairi was feeling just then!

"Hey, Kairi!" She turned around to see Yuffie running toward her along with Selphie by her side.

"Hi, guys!" Kairi piped up with happily, "Aren't you guys so psyched about this year? Well, I am!"

Selphie said, "Yeah, I know! I have a feeling that eighth grade's gonna be really exciting!

Yuffie raised an eyebrow. "Kairi...?"


"Where... where..."

"Just spit it out, Yuffie." Kairi urged.

"Where'd ya get those earrings? I LOVE them! Can I borrow them? Please!" Yuffie was obviously lost in the world of jewelry.

Kairi brought her hands up to her ears to touch the emerald earrings automatically. Her dad had given them to her for Kairi's 12th birthday, but...

Selphie's sudden shriek of joy interrupted Kairi before she could finish her thought. Kairi alerted her attention back to reality and asked her friend what she was shrieking about.

"Oh my gosh! Kairi, Yuffie...! Look!" Selphie pointed urgently toward something in the distance... No! Wait, she was pointing to someone, Kairi realized as the image of Tidus and his buddies came into view, his blondish/brown hair swishing in the wind with each step he took. Selphie sighed dreamily, thinking of the possibilities... Kairi had to admit that he WAS kinda cute, not to mention a little hot, but she just didn't like him that way. Sure, he had really nice-looking tan skin and the hair to go with it, but to her, Tidus was obnoxious and rude. Still, that didn't stop Yuffie and Kairi from teasing Selphie about it!

"Ooo! Here comes Tidus! Selphie! Loook!" Kairi cooed.

"Yeah, I know..." Selphie replied, still staring at him.

Yuffie giggled, "C'mon!" She took both Kairi's and Selphie's arms and started dragging them along, "Let's go talk to them! Heh heh heh...!"

Selphie gasped and stuggled to set her arms free of Yuffie's unstoppable pull.

"No no no! NO!" Selphie pleaded.

"Oh, YES we are!" An evil laugh escaped from Yuffie.

Selphie gave one last tug and stumbled free of her grasp, and she was just about to get up and run, Kairi caught her by the hand and dragged her back saying, "OOH no you don't! Come on!"

Once all three had reached Tidus and his friends, Yuffie spoke, "Hey, Tidus! What's up?"

"Um... hey pretty ladies!" A cheesy grin painted his face.

Smooth, real smooth... Kairi thought.

"Yeah, well, we just stopping by to say hello and my friend here..." Yuffie kept on smiling as she tugged on Selphie, "...wanted to say hi to you! Isn't that right, Selph?" A smirk plastered her face.

Selphie blushed and said faintly, "Heh heh... Hi, Tidus."

He smiled, "Hey, Selph! Well, we gotta run. So, catcha guys later!" And with that, he and his friends left.

Immediately following that, Selphie gave her two best friends the evil eye, "Don't EVER drag me out like that again, guys! Grr!" She swung her backpack toward Yuffie, who easily dodged it. Then, she and Kairi joined together against Selph, laughing with each other. Kairi thought to herself, "The year's already starting out great!"

At luchtime, Sora sat his tray down next to Riku's.

"Hey, check it out! Hot chicks coming our way, man!"

Sora glared at his perv of a friend, "Is that all you ever think about?"

"No, seriously, look." Riku pointed at three girls. Sora rolled his eyes and looked to where he was pointing and immediately, his eyes shot wide open. Dropping his sandwich in mid-air, he gasped, "Whoa..." There, walking, were the three girls that had come up to them and Tidus just that morning. It was only now that Sora noticed them in a different light. He gazed at the one with short red hair and dark blue eyes. She was laughing, making Sora's heart melt. He could hear the angels singing in his head already.

All of a sudden, Tidus, along with Wakka, plopped down next to him and said, "Well well! Looks like Sora's got the hots for one of them girls over there!"

"Shut up!" Sora took a whack to Tidus's head, but he ducked in time. He turned back to look at the beautiful he had just seen and thought to himself.

I have GOT to meet her!

ChuChu101: Whew! I finally got that done!

Sora: What? That's it!

CC101: Hey? Where'd you come from?

Sora: I wanna meet Kairi! I wanna meet Kairi NOW!

CC101: You must have patience, young grasshopper.

Sora: But I...!

CC101: (whacks Sora in the head with a hammer to shut him up) Well, stay tuned for chapter 2... whenever that'll be! Oh, and REVIEW! ...or else! Mwahahahaha! (thunder noises in the background)

A/N: Yay! I got chapter 1 done! I can only hope that I stick with this story! It's my first try at a KH chapter story, let alone an AU one... Well, anyway, please, PLEASE (...and I mean REALLY PLEASE!) review!

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