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Puppy Love

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AU. Kairi just starts eighth grade with a happy life, but soon, one bad thing after another starts happening, making her miserable... until she meets Sora, who makes living all worthwhile for Kairi...

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Life's Moments

Chapter 2

By ChuChu101

A/N: Chapter 2 is here! (Obviously) Now read and enjoy!

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After school, Kairi waved good-bye to Selphie and Yuffie as she walked home. She looked up with a happy mood at the pure blue sky above her. The sun was shining and its rays were beating down her neck, but the wind cooled it off, making it the best possible weather that she could ever imagine. Can this day get any better? For the first day of school, Kairi didn't have that much homework (to her relief). All she had to do was one worksheet for math solving multi-step algebra problems and such. The teachers she had gotten this year were absolutely great.

Except for Mrs. Barterson. (Dun dun dun...!)

I mean, the name itself was bad enough as it was, but her personality was... Kairi shuddered at the thought. Earlier in the day, in her science class, Mrs. B (everyone seemed to call her that for short) gave this huge lecture about her expectations for the class and all about the consequences that she would distribute to those who deserved it. Kairi could just still hear her booming voice...

"I expect the very best out of all of you eighth graders and no less whatsoever. You are not little 1st graders anymore and are responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong and to also take the responsibility for your own actions.

"If any of you fail to do your best or do anything unacceptable not just here in my classroom, but in the whole Parker Middle School, I or any other staff member will take out the proper consequences that you, I HOPE, will learn from.

"It is YOUR choice whether or not you pass this class. It is YOUR choice whether or not you care about how well do in here. You may choose to take the test when we have one...or not, but that is YOUR choice for these aren't MY grades. These are yours. This school isn't here for ME. It's here for all of you students to learn so you can get into high school and eventually college. It is for..."

Kairi groaned. "Ugh... blah blah blah blah blah! That was all I heard from Mrs. B...!"

Roll. Roll. Click. Roll. Roll. Click.

"Huh?" What IS that? Kairi wondered.

Roll. Roll. Click. Roll. Roll. Click.

She waved it off and tried to ignore the weird little noise, but failed to do so as it got louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from behind her and the more Kairi listened, the more annoyed she got until she finally stopped in her tracks and turned around stiffly to confront the irritating sound.

"What the hell IS that!" She spat, but only gasped in alarm as she saw a figure on a skateboard heading straight her way and with no signs that he was gonna stop either.

"Look out!" But he was too late and crashed into Kairi, both of them moaning while on the ground.

She rubbed her head and winced when she touched the scrape she had just received on her knee during her downfall. Kairi just knew her day wasn't going to be perfect. She sat up and looked around her to see her books scattered everywhere and the strange boy that had just ran her over. He was wearing a black unstrapped helmet with his spiky brown hair sticking out, his skateboard rolling faintly by his side. (Only because I'm lazy, I will just say here that the boy, who all you obviously know, is wearing his KH2 outfit... 'cept with a black unstrapped helmet on. Hotness!)

Kairi started gathering her belongings, and then, to her surprise, the guy helped too and handed them to Kairi. Then, the boy stood up.

"Oh my gosh! I'm am SO sorry! Here..." He reached out his hand and Kairi thankfully took it.

She looked into his face, and instantly, her knees became weak on her, partly because the scrape stung like hec, but also because of... him. He was the cutest boy that Kairi had ever seen. Big, blue eyes, not to mention spiky brown hair that was actually SOFT! He smiled at her, and she almost went all bug-eyed. He had a really great goofy grin that was cheesy, but adorable at the same time. The guy's skin was a little on the tan side, but that made him even better.

Kairi blushed, "Um, thanks for helping me. I..."

The boy raised an eyebrow. "Helping you? Sorry, if I misunderstood you, but... I just knocked you down with my skateboard, making you spill all your things, and you're thanking me?"

She giggled as giddy feeling built up inside her, "Uh, I meant helping me with my things and all and... ow!" Kairi grimaced as she felt the pain zing into her knee all of a sudden. It felt like it was on fire. "Damn this cut!" she muttered.

"Aw, man... I did that didn't I? Darn it... We need to get you a band-aid and..." the boy stopped himself, as if realizing something just then, "...Oh! I forgot! My name is Sora."

"Mine's Kairi." She held out her hand and Sora shook it.

"Hey, do you want me to go back to school and get you a band-aid for that? 'Cause it'll only take a sec ya know, and..."

Kairi waved it off and shook her head. "Oh, no no. I'm fine. Really!"

Sora looked uncertain.

"It's OK!" Kairi grinned.

"Ok, ok... So, you don't want a band-aid. Alright, then do you want me to walk you home?" Sora mentally slapped himself. He had just met the girl for God's sake! What if Kairi thought he was a perverted stalker or something? Me and my big fat mouth...!

That caught Kairi off guard, but he looked nice enough, and he wasn't exactly a stranger either. So...

"Sure! I don't mind at all!" She said, "... but are you sure you want to? It might be a long walk back from my house to your place, wherever you live."

"Nah, it's fine." And with that the pair started walking side by side. Sora carried his skateboard with his hands, but then noticed a slip of paper on the ground. He picked it up and inspected it. It was a very well-drawn sketch of something or other. It had a picture of Kairi herself at the bottom, crying with her face buried in her hands. Above her, in the sky, was an angel looking down upon her from the heavens. And in the background were hills with long shadows from the ginormous sun casting its rays against the scenery.

"Hey, Kairi. Is this yours?" Sora asked without taking his eyes off the drawing.

She turned to see him holding one of her many sketches and tried to wrench it out of his grasp, but he asked, "Did you draw it? 'Cause it's really good." Kairi sighed.

"Yeah, I drew it. Now, can I have it back?"

Sora handed the paper back to her and commented, "I only wish I could draw like that..."

Kairi blushed for the millionth time.

The rest of the walk to Kairi's house was mostly in an awkward silence, which made both very uncomfortable, but able to wander within their own thoughts. Sora was thinking just how great it'd be if Kairi was his girlfriend, and how beautiful her eyes were. Kairi was thinking about Sora's hair and was wondering how it could be soft and spiky at the same time. Finally, just to break the silence, she asked, "How do you do that?"

Her voice broke Sora out of his daze. "Huh? Do what?"

"How do you do that to your hair?" She asked again, "How do you keep it soft and spiky at the same time like that?" Kairi took a playful poke at his porcupine of a head, and giggled as she found it was bouncy.

"Hey!" Sora rubbed his head, and he thought about the question. Well, there wasn't much of an answer except for, "I don't know. It just is that way."

Disappointed at the answer, Kairi said, "Oh. Well, this is where I go." They stopped in front of a big, blue two-story house with a small, black metal gate in front. She turned to Sora and resisted the urge to give him a quick peck on the cheek and said, "Thanks for walking with me all the way here."

It was Sora's turn to blush, "Ah, no problem!"

"See ya around, then!" She opened the gate and waved to him.

Sora put on his famous goofy grin and said, "Bye!" and watched her disappear into her huge house, but he just stared where she had just been for a long time and felt like he was floating on air. It just had to be fate that they met.

A/N: Chapter 2 is done! Yay! I know, not much happened... boo hoo. But chapter 3 might be up late tonight or tomorrow afternoon so stay tuned and review with lots of constructive criticism please!

CC101: Well, that concludes the sweet little walk Kairi and Sora had together!

Kairi: What! How come I didn't get to kiss Sora! Hmm? Why!

CC101: Um... because you guys have just met.

Kairi: What! That's no excuse! I don't give (BEEP) if we have just met! Sora is HOTT with a double "T" That's should be enough reason!

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Kairi: (Hisses and produces keyblade)

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Kairi: (goes crazy)

CC101: Uh-oh...
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