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Fallen Angels

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AU. Kairi just starts eighth grade with a happy life, but soon, one bad thing after another starts happening, making her miserable... until she meets Sora, who makes living all worthwhile for Kairi...

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Life's Moments

Chapter 3

By ChuChu101

A/N: Woo hoo! Chapter 3 is here! I promise more will happen in this one! (wink wink) ;)

CC101: (pant pant) Okay. I'm back from being assaulted by Kairi. Oh, look! It's Riku!

Riku: Hey, baby...

CC101: (cringes) Uh... ANYway! So, what's it feel like to have millions of fangirls crushing on you?

Riku: Why? Do ya want some of this? (shows ripped muscles)

CC101: O.O OMG! Put your shirt back on, boy! There are children reading this ya know!

Riku: Are there any little GIRLS reading this? Hmm? (smirks)

CC101: OK! I think that's enough! (pushes Riku aside) Just enjoy the chapter folks, and pretend you didn't hear this little conversation!

Riku: CALL ME!!! (screams in the background)

CC101: That's it... Security!

Sora kicked the small pebbles as he walked along the path toward home, dust flying everywhere with each step he took. With his hands in his pockets, Sora thought about the only thing that was on his mind, Kairi. It was the first day of school and he already had a crush on some girl, but to Sora, this wasn't just any girl. Kairi was THE girl. She seemed perfect to him. Sora looked up at the sky, birds whistling in the background, and day-dreamed about her eyes and upbeat attitude. Her hair was an astonishing red, too. He had never seen any color like it before, or if he had, Sora couldn't remember.

Thud thud thud. Sora hurried up the steps to the front door of his house, still focusing his thoughts on the oh so wonderful red head, and pulled the key out of his pocket. Opening the door, he stepped in and shouted, "Mom, I'm home!" With that, he kicked his dusty shoes off, ran up the stairs to his room and dropped his skateboard. The spiky headed boy let his green backpack fall to the ground with a loud thump and flopped himself down on his bed, which he hadn't bothered to fix that morning for the pure and simple reason that he was too lazy to. As he stared up at the ceiling, Sora sighed, content with the day's events.

"Maybe I should ask her out sometime. That'd be so awesome..." he thought, "No, wait. I'd need to get to know her better first before I can do anything like that. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll go and talk to her some more. I mean... wow. Kairi's great! What was up with her drawing, though?" Sora wondered about it and thought back to the images on the sheet of paper with Kairi crying. "I'll have to ask her about that... she seems like a really good artist. I wonder what else she's good at. Hmmm..."

While Sora thought, he glanced over at his electric guitar leaning against the wall in the corner of his room. Playing that was one of the things that he was talented at doing. He'd been playing for about three years now, so Sora was pretty good, but not quite the best yet. He planned on mastering this skill, though... eventually. He grinned as he imagined himself doing a mind-blowing guitar solo onstage in front of a crowd filled with hundreds of people cheering him on, and in the middle of all those people, Sora saw Kairi's face, smiling back at him happily.

Without a moment's hesitation, Sora jumped up from his bed, grabbed his guitar, and a sheet of paper with a pencil, and started turning the gears in his mind. He strummed his electric guitar softly, trying to think up a song to write for Kairi. Maybe I can play it for her later on... maybe. And with that, he continued to work out all the right notes and tune, ignoring the fact that he had homework to do. Then again, what else would you expect from your typical eighth grade boy?


"Kairi, go upstairs and empty out Cocoa's litter box. The filthy thing's been sitting there for days now! It smells horrible up there!" Kairi's mom told her daughter, who was finishing up the last few problems on her math worksheet. She groaned as she lost her train of thought. Oh, well, I need a break anyway... stupid little "x." Kairi glared at her paper, which was covered with a gazillion erase marks from all of her work and her mistakes. Although, I really don't think emptying out my cat's litter box is the way I wanna spend doing it...

"Hurry up!" Her mother's voice boomed from the kitchen, which was where she was most of the time, considering that she was always baking and trying out new "experiments." There was always a wonderful, or not so wonderful, aroma drifting from the kitchen around the house whether it'd be her cooking a yummy dinner or whipping up another batter of the mysterious gooey stuff that Kairi never bothered to touch when her mother served it.

Kairi rose from her chair and called back, "Alright, I'm going, I'm going!! Sheesh..." Whatever happened to a little thing called patience? She ran up the stairs quickly in her slippery socks and realized that her mother had spoken the truth... it DID smell horrible up there! Kairi cringed and shuddered, covering her nose immediately when she reached the laundry room, which was where they kept the little stinker.

As she "handled" the work needed to be done, Kairi's cat, Cocoa, the kitty behind the smelly crime, passed down the hallway, tail held up high in mid-air and head poised proudly as if to say, "Yes, that's right. Bow down to me for all of you are all inferior to ME!" Kairi laughed at the thought of her beloved kitty actually saying that. Then, she stood up and grabbed the spray can out of the top cabinet and pressed down on the trigger, letting all the air freshener the room could take out in the open. On her tiptoes, she sniffed the air, "Mmm... lemon fresh!"

Kairi walked back down with Cocoa in her hands, meowing like crazy. "Ooh, do you want to be let down, baby? It's okay, Cocoa," she cooed, "It's okay." And with that, Cocoa the cat jumped nimbly right out of her arms and headed back to strutting with self-pride.

After finishing her math problems and eating her dinner, Kairi went upstairs to her bedroom and changed into her sky blue PJs with with the little puffy clouds on them. She had a ton of different pajamas with their own designs and styles, like her purple, silk ones, her Christmas pair, and the ones with the Barbies on them, but Kairi never wore those at all. They were a gift she had gotten for her birthday from her aunt once when she turned seven, but her aunt had gotten them MUCH bigger than she had intended to. So, when questioned about her present to Kairi, she would just say that Kairi would eventually grow into them. Typical.

"I'll call Yuffie and Selphie and tell them about Sora. It was kind of weird, him being nice to me and all. Boys are NEVER like that... Hmm, maybe he likes me!" Kairi thought about it for a second and then waved it away, "Oh, what am I saying? How could he like me? We've only just met!" She jumped on her bed, grabbed the phone, and dialed her friends' numbers, but was disappointed when greeted by their answering machines. She hung up and didn't bother to leave a message. Kairi was the type of person that just pushed the "end call" button when faced with having to talk to a person's voice mail. Only when she had tried calling a couple times already, did she leave a message.

For a few minutes, Kairi lay on her bed, staring up into the nothingness of her white ceiling, thinking... thinking about the day, eighth grade, Cocoa's litter box, and Sora. Finally, fed up with the dumb boredom that had been overcoming her lately, she fiddled with the zipper of her backpack and yanked her sketchbook out of it. Kairi flipped though the pages filled with numerous drawing of all her thoughts, emotions, and everything else she had ever stuffed into the darn thing, and stopped when she had reached a clean page. Kairi pulled up her chair and scooted in, eager to start. Taking a pre-sharpened pencil, she got busy.

First, she started with just one simple line, but as her imagination grew, Kairi made swift movements and more elaborate strokes. At about 11:30, she had completed her work and set everything down, not bothering to put them back in their proper places. To no surprise, Kairi had drawn Sora... just a close-up of his face and shoulders. He was looking down with his eyes just almost shut. She was satisfied... although it could use some touch-ups, but I need to get to bed.

That night, Kairi had a dream...

Kairi was eight years old again. Short, sweet, and cute as can be. She was sitting on a swing, the one hanging from the big oak tree, and soared high while laughing happily.

"Higher, Daddy, higher!" Kairi yelled, giggling as she came up toward the blue sky again.

"Alright, then! You asked for it!" A man's deep voice chuckled as he shoved his daughter even harder into the air.

The little girl kicked her legs, feeling absolutely great. "Whoo!"

It was times like these that Kairi missed.

She gasped and tightened her grip when the swing jerked to a sudden stop. Dark ominous clouds slowly started to cover the sky.

Her little voice questioned, "Daddy?"

The only reply was a low growl/breath going down her neck. Kairi shivered and slowly turned around, seeing her dad a slumped and shadowed figure, the glint and shine of his glasses winked, shielding his eyes away from view.

Kairi backed away from the swing, her eyes wide with pure fright. What was happening to her daddy?

"Daddy?!" Kairi's tiny voice quivered more than ever.

As if being controlled by puppet strings, his head flew back, stretching up and the sound of a sudden "whoosh" was heard as Kairi watched in horror, her father, flex black angel-looking wings.

Darkness seemed to overtake the scenery almost automatically. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed, little droplets of water hitting her cheek.

Taking a step behind herself, her foot caught on to a root of the tree, causing her to slip and fall. Kairi gazed upward at the figure before her. He, or more like IT seemed to be deteriorating and rotting.

"DADDY!!" Tears started falling.

It only snickered... and rapidly, rushed toward the poor girl, yellow eyes glowing in what had turned into night.

Kairi shut her eyes and screamed.

The fourteen-year old bolted forward, beads of sweat dotting her face. She brought her hand up to her forehead. Kairi was burning up. She looked around, and to her relief, found she wasn't outside, wasn't by a swing or tree, and she didn't see any monster-looking angel type thing or whatever that thing was in her dream. "Aw, man... that was so messed up." What did it mean, though? I really shouldn't stay up late drawing anymore...!

Kairi took a quick run to the bathroom and after splashing her face with cold water to cool herself off, she went back to bed, noticing it was nearly two in the morning. Can't I ever catch some shut-eye? With that, snores were heard from her room for the rest of the night.

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