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Chapter Six - Legality (prompt: Prescient)

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A look at the time and life of one Kiros Seagul. ~A Series of Shorts for Fated_Children on LiveJournal~ (Rating for certain chapters; warnings include sex, alcohol, language)

Category: Final Fantasy 8 - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Kiros, Laguna - Warnings: [!] [X] - Published: 2006-10-16 - Updated: 2006-10-17 - 987 words

It came to pass, the week before of my twentith birthday, that Ward and Laguna decided to throw me a party of sorts. From what I'd heard-mostly from Laguna-Ward had it in his head that Majority birthdays were a cause for celebration of a more raucous and psychologically damaging fashion, for "one such as myself" (apparently, a lot of drinking and drugs and scantily clad women-or men); whereas Laguna's idea would be to have a small, quiet affair, with perhaps some mild alcohol, and perhaps a bit of "enjoyable activities" (which, no doubt, would include sex that didn't make Laguna feel like a pervert, or make him all guilty about the fact that I wasn't legally an adult in Galbadia).

They wanted me to decide, and I told them that I'd never really celebrated a birthday-on Centra, we don't; we celebrate the births themselves, weddings, and mourn the dead-and that if they wanted to throw me a party, they'd have to come to some sort of compromise on the situation that would celebrate my birth.

I should have known, then, that it was going to be something embarrassing at the very least. But, alas, all prescient thought had left me at the idea that I had friends who wanted to celebrate my majority with me.

There was a group of ten of us, in the end. Our squad, and two others who had members I had trained with. We went to the Deling City Hotel, to the nightclub there (where Julia Heartilly was not playing, for which I was thankful), and had dinner and began a quick trip to being well and truly plastered.

A couple of the other men were still a few months from their own Majorities, so they went home with escort, back to the barracks, and it was then five of us who caught one of the busses out to a more risque district of the City.

Laguna seemed suspiciously accostumed to the red-light district, but I told myself to chalk that up as being a young soldier who had reached his Majority in due course, and who had no doubt seen the scant district in his own Timber, when he'd been young and before he'd left for the City. There was nothing funny here. Nothing. But my anxious nerves were-well, still anxious.

We hung out in a seedy strip club (a "Men's Club", but not really, because there were some women in there too, and I figured a "Men's Club" would be classy, which this wasn't), and began the second half of the journey to becoming well and truly plastered. Eventually, the other two guys wandered off, back to the barracks, and it was just me, Laguna, and Ward.

And Laguna was paying far too much attention to the stripper, for my tastes. So, with an appropriate amount of coaxing and teasing, I got him out of the club, back on the busses and back to the barracks, where we stumbled drunkenly back to his rooms.

As we stumbled back into his room, he leered at him, and drunkenly murmured, "You're legal," which just made me shyly smile as I stepped back toward his bed-the same bed I'd come to that first time, when we'd first started doing this. But now, he wouldn't have to be guilty about any of it. And that lifted a bit of weight off my chest as I sat on the edge of the bed and he stepped very close to me.

His hands were going through my hair, and he didn't notice what I was doing until I had his fly undone and I was touching him. Then, he looked down, lifting a brow and laughing as he asked, "Wha'cha doin' down there?"

"Performing my first illegal sex act as an adult," I murmured, and tried not to act as shy as I felt.

I knew that the night was going to end like this, about the time we'd set out. The way I had it figured, it would go like any other night, and after we'd finished I'd be able to sneak out and make my way back to my apartment.

So after the blowjob, and after sex, when we were lying there and I was starting to get antsy, like I wanted to leave, his arm wrapped around my waist and he tugged me back against him, already beginning to slip off toward sleep. I was sweaty and sticky and it didn't feel good, but he was warm and comfortable, so I settled back until my nerves couldn't take it and I had to look for my clothes again.

"Stay," he ordered. I just grunted and kept looking for where I'd thrown my pants in my haste to get undressed. His arm tightened around me. "That's an /order/, Seagul."

"I can't find my pants."

"Find them in the morning." He nuzzled against my back, muttering inanely, mouthing butterfly kisses along my shoulders. I peered over my shoulder at him, anxious but slightly elated.


"Go to sleep Seagul."

I chuckled, flopping down next to me, and just whispered, "Yes, Sergeant Major Loire, Sir."

He chuckled slightly, muttering stupidly about how he liked my voice when I said things like that. His arm slid high, so it was slung over my chest protectively. And then his leg slid up, draping over my thighs, obviously in a ploy to keep me in my spot.

I smiled, and watched him until he had finally fallen asleep. Then, content and calm from the rhythm of his breathing, I hunkered down beside him, pillowed my head on his shoulder, and sighed in the sharp smell of the military soap. My arms slid slowly around him, and I wondered if this was a good idea, getting so attached.

Studiously, I shoved aside my doubtful thoughts, shut my eyes, and let sleep claim me, curled around the warmth of my lover.
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