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I'm The Narrator and This Is Just The Prologue...

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Brendon Urie in a towel...need I say more?

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I sat up on the mattress, the old springs groaning creakily as I did so. Swinging my feet over the front of the bed I leaned to my right noticing the moving figure distantly adjancent to me. His toned back was faced to me as he bent over the sink, brushing his teeth with foamy ferocity. Satisfied with his scrubbing, he tossed the plastic red toothbrush to the side and squeaked on the faucet, filling his rough hands with tap water. Dumping the water into his mouth, he loudly gargled the remaining toothpaste and spit it into the sink.

After wiping his moist lips with his right hand he stood upright, facing his reflection in the slightly dingy mirror. He smiled at his mirrored image, shining his newly minty pearly whites. I giggled. Too loud. He turned around to face me. He looked me up and down and crossed his arms over his freshly showered body. His hair was still slightly wet and the tan hotel towel hung low on his waist, gave little to the imagination.

I tugged at the cuffs on the ruffled long sleeve shirt that covered my small form. A crooked smirk spread across his face and I couldn't help but blush. He dropped his muscular arms and meandered over to my side. Putting his hand on the towel he proceeded to try and take it off.

I put my hands over his. "Brendon, don't!"

He tightened the towel around his torso. "And why not?" He laughed heartily. "It's not like you haven't seen it before."

*A/N: Please tell me if this story is worth continuing. I've never written a Panic! of course any feedback is appreciated. Thanks. :)
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