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The Dark Beginning and the Light's waver

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Koji sits alongside his sons and places a spell on them to intertwine their fates. He then begins his battle.

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"Xion,Reion, the darkness shall never claim you as long as you bear this seal," said Koji as he placed his hand against both of their chests. His hands illuminated a soft purple as a seal that looked a bit like a cross between a phoenix and a dragon with a flame tail. The mark vanished, now sapped into their bloodstream."You both are now bonded by this seal, if one goes the other must follow," said Koji as Xion and Reion's red hair gleamed under the moonlight and they gazed into each other's eyes. They looked back towards their father who now jumped from the building they were perched. Koji hitthe ground hard before rushing to the aid of a few humans, hidden in his cloak. He kicked one of the unborn that rounded on them and drew his sword hacking it quickly in half. He smirked as he extended his hand into the air.

"Feel the bite of lightning," said Koji as he was struck by a lightning bolt which now illuminated the area. He smirked again as he fired a ball of lightning into the chest of another unborn which fell to the floor a crispy mess, its flesh burning. Koji soon vanished back to the rootop where Reion and Xion watched on.
"That is the true power of the light," Reion muttered as Xion looked at his brother.
"It seems so cool, I want mother to see it," he said.
"I believe she already has," said Koji as he looked towards the darkend sky where a red moon lurked.

Nagini slowly breathed in the air of the world surrounding her. If she had been told six years ago that she would have to walk in the footsteps of her glorious master, she would have been likely to fall to the ground and never again rise.
But I haven't been alone. Nagini thought, her heart pounding as she surveyed the new tower. No, after all these years, I have not walked alone. She entered the new quarters she had prepared for the recoming of her master. Once an abandoned hotel, the regime of the dark power swelled and grew as the city fell to the ways of demonkind. Nagini stepped behind the desk and pulled back the red velvet curtain, revealing a long mirror.

The reflection she saw was not that of her body. The image was darkened, the outlines warped and scewed as if they were on fire, and her eyes glowed bright with the presence of two souls. This was the power of the great darkness within her.
But no...I am not the great darkness. I must always remember this. She thought heavily, ascending the stairs, two great troll demons as her escourt. She wore imperial robes and walked with a greater stature, as she must to keep the legions heartened. Soon they reached the roof, and impressive sight, as it now easily surveyed all of the city within its view.
The mater will indeed be pleased. Although as Rohi grew stronger within her, she felt his presence, even heard his voice. But he remained weak, blind and world-weary.

Now before her was the group of blood-red-robed etheral demons, the scene before them a spectacular sight. The large, intricate circles in bright red and dark ebony were twisted and ornate, pentacles within pentacles along with many other ancient depictions. In the center was a great stone altar, upon it a small black box. This plain thing was no larger than a brick, but contained no visible hinges or openings. One of the etherals stepped forewords, bowed before Nagini and presented a small black book.
"Thank you Shalom." She muttered, her voice oddly hard to find. "But you must complete the ceremony." Without a word, the hooded demon bowed again and took her place in the cirlce, accompanying the other demons around the flickering torchlight.

Nagini moved forewords like a ghost, the sprit within her now live and wakening in the presence of this great magic making. Silently, Nagini lay down upon the stone altar. The flames surged, and the chanting began.
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