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The Rebirth of Rohi

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Rohi returns due to the Ritual of Darkness. Eve and Koji also head out against a hunch.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Erotica - Published: 2006-10-18 - Updated: 2006-10-18 - 581 words

Koji grabbed both of his children and warped towards a small apartment building where Xion and Reion yawned.
"Time for bed," they said in unison as Koji nodded.
"Get some rest," he said as the boys headed towards their room where an aura raised itself over the door.
"You shall be safe,' said Koji as he sat on the couch and looked out through the window at the shadows ever tormenting the endless night.

Eve walked up to the apartment building, fumbling to find her keys amisdt the other items concealed by her long leather trenchcoat. A wakizashi sword and handgun sat in sheaths around her waist, along with the throwing stars stuck to her thigh with a thick elastic band. It was quite the arsenal, but unfortunetly necessary for these times.
Much less one to raise a family in. Eve thought gravely. Reion and Xion are becoming more like their father every day. She wasn't sure how much she liked that. Every night ran the risk of their family falling apart. But that's what you get for marrying the last savior of humanity I suppose. Eve thought, laughing to herself. But then again... She thought, stepping into the stairwell and beginning the trek up the stairs. I suppose this unit is anything but normal.

Eve herself was no ordinary demon. She didn't speak often of it, she doubted even that Koji, or even she knew the full extents of her lineage. One of the last Ancient Demons, Eve was given the sacred right at birth to choose the path of light or darkness. These ancient demons were from a time long past, when the covergences were something far different than they were today. When it wasn't human versus demon, but the truly good verses the evil. Slowly, dismally, this balance seemed to shift. And Eve knew it.

On the unhallowed rooftop, drums pounded and fire flared. The chanting from the etheral demons seemed to distort the air around them. It wavered and shifted, as the fabric of the spirit and mortal world was torn to the threads. Five red-hooded demons approached, carrying between them a long and lethal-looking spear. The pole was carved from the darkest ebony, the head a deeb, probing red. Thier chanting grew seperate from that of the bacround. They each took their places around Nagini on the alter, who watched, and waited. The five raised the spear above her, each grabbing the staff of the spear with both hands. At once, the backround chants came to a sudden halt, the shifting air stopped sluggishly, as the five shouted the twelve sacred words to the heavens, and plunged the spear into Nagini's heart.

The lines between etheral, spirit, and mortal were breached.

Eve screamed, falling to the ground on the staircase, her one hand clutching the banister fearfully while her head was bowed low, feeling the balance ripping and and shifting. Finally, after all these years, it was pulling itself together.

A pillar of black fire engulfed Nagini, shooting out of her from all sides. The five demons fell backwards, clutching their hands as if burned. The twisting flame shot forewords, landing in an ashen heap. After a long moment, the burned debris moved and writhed. Then, they formed a body. A man stood there, his features young and handsome, his hands motled and black, the form of two black talons.

Robed in darkness, like a phoenix straight from hell, The Dark Lord Rohi had risen again.
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