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A series of stories set outside continuity in a pub, featuring our favourite Supermarionation characters

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I am aware that this is not a particularly good fic. It was the first one I wrote and is more a scene setter than anything. Keep reading because I promise it DOES get better.

If you fancy having a go at writing your own SSB fic then please do. Let me know as I will be putting together an archive sometime.

Disclaimer: All Supermarionation characters belong to whoever the current licence holder is now. The idea of the bar comes from Kellies Subreality cafe.
I own neither!

This is the pub, in America it would be called a bar. It's a place where people go to drink and get drunk, not always in that order. You may find something horribly familiar about the clientele.

The roar of jet engines shook the bar to its foundation stones. The wind kicked up by Thunderbird Two's arrival caused the US flag to flutter madly, and the sign above the door announcing that the bar was called "The Star Spangled Banner" to swing wildly on it's rusty chains. The giant green bug shaped craft touched down in the huge car park, already occupied by a WASP jet, a pink Rolls Royce, an SPV and several unmarked black stealth planes.
Inside the bar the chat, which had dimmed slightly with the noise of the new arrivals returned to it's usual level. The Hood and Captain Black were playing darts in one corner and plotting world domination. Troy Tempest was trying to get Marina drunk on various alcopops, he had high hopes of being able to "take her home" at the end of the evening. A hand of poker was being played out in a corner. Parker, Captains Scarlet and Blue and Phones were loosing impressively to Lady Penelope who had a big pile of chips at her elbow. The four were now extremely glad the proposed game of strip poker had not got off the ground. The five Angles were having a girly chat over their G'n'T's about the relative attractiveness of Hugh Grant vs. Captain Scarlet. Currently Hugh was winning on points, those points being his accent and nice bum.

Just your average night out at the local then?

All five Tracy brothers entered, arguing furiously about who was getting drinks, and who was driving back. Alan lost the drinks debate and Virgil; much to his disgust lost the driving one. Mind you, drunk in charge of a huge green transport plane type thing is a serious offence, the continuity police come down hard. Usually making the accused watch Star Trek movies for several hours, or worse Titanic straight through.

Alan returned from the bar and, with bad grace gave his brothers their drinks, all five proceeded with their current argument, this time about who got the worst deal in Attack Of The Alligators. Alan was attempting to prove it was him before Scott or John laid him out.

Up on the notice board, alongside the bar rules, (No spitting, No using the chairs as offensive weapons, etc). was list of stories, both fan-fic and official currently in production, along with a plot summary and cast list. Atlanta was gloomily scanning it for ones which included her and Troy getting passionately involved, but was having very little luck as usual, most authors being engaged in writing Thunderbirds prequels. Muttering something about "Bloody authors." Under her breath she stalked over to where the poker game was in progress and asked to be dealt in next hand.

There are pubs like this all over the cosmos. Wherever people write fan fiction a place like this will be born. Somewhere that the abused characters can kick back, relax and air their grievances with their authors. Oh yeah, and seduce girls, and take over the world. And even get drunk if the mood takes them.

Tonight was quiet though, no pub brawls, and no authors messing around on their laptops and rearranging the décor in the process.

No I tell a lie, Marina slapped Troy, hard, and walked out with Captain Magenta. Penelope cleaned Scarlet out, causing him to swear never to play poker with her again, (Come to think of it he said that last week, and the week before!). Alan got so drunk he had to be dragged into the car park and doused with cold water, (The barman keeps a full basin under the bar for the purpose.). The Hood won at darts but the takeover plan failed because he and Captain Black couldn't agree who to get rid of first.

Things like that happen every night, almost.
As you leave the SSB you will take notice of the sign saying Karaoke nights, Thursday's won't you? The management cannot be held responsible for damage to your sanity caused by sitting through tuneless renditions of "Angels" and "Love is All You Need." You have been warned!
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