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Four Cases Of Karma

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So maybe I underestimated Chicago. Sure, moving here was completely random, but did I care? No. In under a month I had made four friends including a gender and age confused ring leader, a boy who s...

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There have been four eventful highlights in my life that probably led up to this.

First: My Sixteenth Birthday Wish

That night while my mom was taking my twin sister out for a 'shopping spree' I sat at home on that kitchen counter, wondering what the hell I did to deserve this. It's not the fact I didn't want to go, it was the fact that /I wasn't invited/.

Score one for mom!


It was on April 28th 1999 that I wished that oh-so famous wish.

"I wish mom and Beverly would die,"

I never expected it to come true.

Second: Getting Dumped At Prom

After my aunt that just loved me adopted me into her already chaotic household, I managed to turn a new leaf and try wearing a smile, a smile that landed me a boyfriend, well, for a while.

His name was Derek Miles and on junior Prom 2000, he kicked me out of the car, in the rain after I told him to shove his dick into a steel industrial fan.

Needless to say I know a certain someone who didn't lose their virginity that night.

Third: Finding Out My Real Father Died, and Left Me All His Money

Ok, so it wasn't a bad thing, but if my mom had never kicked the bucket, I would have never seen the big wad of cash that my dad had left me. Even if Beverly was still around, she wouldn't get one penny. Ok, maybe one, but she'd probably whine and complain like she used to.

I was 18, and just in time to become a millionaire. Needless to say I did the smart thing and packed my bags, investing in college, far away from this city.

Fourth: Ok, So I Lied.

On June 14th, 2001, I packed my bags and put all my money on two debit cards, picked up a dart and through it at my map, blindfolded. It took two tries (curse you aim), but when I pushed back my blindfold, I smiled at the place I was to call my new home.


Now I may have only been 18 and gotten the chance because, bluntly, my parents and family decided to abandon me, but I took it as a good sign, that maybe life was going to turn around.

Well, that was before I realized that some of that money did belong to somebody else.

My Aunt.

Remember how I told you she loved me?

Yeah right.

She freaking hated me.

So she ended up taking most of the money that I needed. Fortunately for me, I still had my college fund, which still wasn't much, and...surprisingly, my aunt let me have enough money to buy the apartment and plane ticket. Apparently she wanted me out of Arizona more than I did.

So due to delays, my bags had been packed for over three weeks, and on July 1st, 2001, I waved my life goodbye from the only 1st class plane ride I would ever take to a new life that I had managed to fabricate in two simple months. I smiled to myself and opened up my laptop before starting a new blog.

Once upon a time in Chicago there lived a girl named Evie...
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