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Diet Evie- Now In Stores!

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Chapter 1 questions just exactly what Evie is made of.

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Now Evie, what looks better, coral red or rain forest green?

What is rainforest green?

But then again, what's coral red?

I smell French fries.

Why do I smell French fries in a paint store?

Why am I asking myself so many questions?

"Shut up," I mumbled to myself and shook my head before reaching for the can of /Coral Red/. Sure, I had remembered to bring painting supplies, but who brings paint?

Not me.

Let's get up to speed. In the last week I had managed to find a job at the oh-so cliché down the block coffee shop, make a dent in the wall due to writers block and find the pure joy in bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts again. Today was paint day, if you already didn't know, and tonight was the night shift, which I thought of a good thing.

Chicago coffee shops at night aren't necessarily busy due to the busy streets filled with college students out on their summer break, spending more time in bars or music venues.

Ah, the music venues, from the coffee shop you could literally hear the crowd from the club up the street, with a different performer almost every night. Being here only a week however had its advances and that I'd say was the best, the music scene.

So while you've been listening to me ramble, I've made the liberty of painting my room /Coral Red/.

But the odd thing was that I still smelt French fries.


"Dude, Evie...I have to go," I looked up from my magazine and stared at Jimmy.

See, Jimmy was pretty much my main guy in town, someone I shared the night shift with until lockup. He was a nice guy, cute too, but I swear to fucking god that he's gay, or just gender confused.

"Why? It's nowhere near midnight," My voice grew louder as he got closer to the front door, throwing his jacket on tighter.

"I have a flight tomorrow morning," I widened my eyes and sat up from lounging on the stool.

"/What/?" I called and he raised a hand, a somewhat sympathetic smile on his features.

"I'm sorry babe!" And he was gone. I had rolled my eyes by then and turned fully around, finding his card and punching him out.

"Don't babe me, god...remind me of fucking /Derek/," I mumbled under my breath.

"Who's Derek?" I let out a short, high pitched squeak before whipping my body around and blowing my bangs out of my face and seeing a guy blinking at the cash register. I closed my eyes and stepped over, shaking my head.

"Nobody important," the man blinked and tilted his head slightly.

"I'm curious," I raised an eyebrow.

"Listen buddy," I mumbled and the guy shook his head, raising his hand in front of me.

"I'm Pete," I narrowed my eyes at his hand and shook my head.

"I'm out of bounds," I paused and leaned on one leg.

"What do you want?" I asked and he smiled.

"How much does the girl with black hair cost, and how many calories? I'm on a diet," I rolled my eyes and looked at this Pete guy, shaking my head.

"She costs more than you make in a year, and she's packed full because she doesn't believe in diets," The Pete guy smirked.

"How do you keep your figure?" he asked and I shook my head, turning back to my chair and sitting down, Pete sliding down the counter to face me still.

"I beat the living shit out of boys like you," Pete smirked.

"So that's probably what happened to Derek," I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked and Pete looked up at the menu.

"Cinnamon roll and a water bottle," I turned around, standing and bagged the roll, placing it on the counter before reaching over and grabbing a water bottle from the mini fridge. Handing it over he smiled as our fingertips brushed.

"How old are you?" he asked as he opened his wallet. I blinked at the register.

"That'll be $2.50," I said, voice low. Pete ducked his head down to catch my eyes.

"How old," I sighed and patted my palm.

"Pay up," he handed me a five and I gave him his change.

"Please?" I sighed.

"Eighteen going on extinct," I replied and he smiled, nodding.

"See you," he said and soon was gone. I sighed, landing in the chair and yawning deeply.

Needless to say, that Pete guy was my last customer of the night.


I'll tell you that was the oddest conversation I had ever had with a boy, well, man, whatever Pete was.

Thing was, I was never that...snippy.

I usually gave guys a chance, well, maybe that changed after Derek, but...I never thought of myself to be that much of a bitch.

So that would explain why I couldn't get the words we exchanged out of my mind. Not that I found this Pete guy attractive, even though he was, he was kinda creepy if I do say so myself.

But thinking back on it, I realize that with a new life comes a new attitude, and it was then that I decided that maybe a boyfriend was all that

I really needed to find what the hell happened to the old Evie.

But for now, there's just the night shift at the Café.


The next night was pretty empty, and what was worse was that Jimmy had bailed out, and quit on my ass, leaving me all alone in the big city. Yeah right, as of right now, well, as soon as I came in to take my shift, my boss was talking to another guy who was holding the green tacky aprons that we had to wear.

Other than that, it seemed like a pretty normal night. Up the way I could already hear the opening band for this Friday night and it seemed a bit heavier than usual, but it didn't faze me, it was just the fact I could feel the faint bass line under my feet.

I sat in my usual chair behind the counter and as soon as my boss was out of view and in his soundproof office, I turned on the radio and flipped open a magazine while keeping my head steadily propped up by my hand and elbow.

"Is that all we do around here?" I blinked a few times before I comprehended the fact somebody was talking to me. Turning I saw the kid from earlier, ditching the apron and sitting down in the chair next to me. I shrugged.

"It's not like we get any real business here on Friday nights," I observed as he played with a sugar packet, slouched back in the chair. "What are you even doing here?" I asked next and his shook his head, turning it to face me.

"Ever since Jimmy..." I raised an eyebrow.

"You know him?" I asked and the guy nodded.

"He's an ass. But I don't really want to be here," I let a lopsided smile sneak on my face.

"It pays," The guy shifted and leaned forward to catch a better view of my face.

"You want to sneak out?" I had to take a double take.

"You do realize I could get fired, right?" and then I realized something. "I don't even know your name! For all I know you could be doing this just to rape and murder me in an alley way," I quickly let it go and the guy laughed, putting down the sugar packet.

"No, I'm thinking that's more of Pete's thing," I blinked and thought back to the guy that came in a few days ago.

"I knew it," I muttered under my breath. The guy looked at me oddly.

"What?" he asked, curious. I shook my head and turned to him again.

"Where exactly are we going to go, stranger?" I asked, slipping off my apron. The guy shrugged.

"Do you like music?" he asked and I stared at him like he had just asked what 2+2 was.

"What person doesn't?" I asked and he held up his hands.

"Just asking, geese," He then smiled and held his hand out.

"I'm Joe and I'll be your escort tonight up the road, my friend's band is headlining tonight," I shook his hand and nodded.

"Evie, and...I know karate," I replied.


Walking up the street, I noticed the sound getting louder, the bass pumping under my feet growing shakier by the minute like I was going to fall over any moment and roll down the slightly slanted sidewalk.

I was glad that Chicago summers were cooler, the fact I could wear spaghetti straps and not be cold, but not have to risk sunburn.

It was clear as soon as I stepped into the club that I realized that this band was quite a catch, whoever these kids were coming to see were good, considering the enormous size of the crowd.

Feeling a bit lost, I turned to Joe who cupped my elbow and led me through the crowd to a cleared space near the side of the stage where there were only a bit of people in front of us.

"So what exactly does your friend do?" I asked and Joe smiled at the stage.

"You'll see," I sighed, rolling my eyes and looked back up at the stage in time for a guy to come out, black hoodie up and covering his eyes.

A few people followed him out to their respective instruments and I blinked before the rift started and the crowd completely burst like wildfire.

I jumped slightly and backed into Joe who laughed lightly and pointed up at the 'singer' who in a split second pushed back his hood and surprise, surprise, the singer turned into a /screamer/.

"Pete," I hissed. And Joe looked at me crazy.

"You know him?" he asked, well, more screamed over the rather loud music. I nodded and pursed my lips together.

"He hit on me at the coffee shop! The bastard," I mumbled and Joe laughed, nodding.

"That's Pete alright," I rolled my eyes and shifted a bit.

"What's the band name?" I asked and Joe leaned over to my ear while I watched.

"Arma Angelus*," he paused and nudged me. "Why?" he asked and I bit my lip.

"Their good," I mumbled.


The show went on like any show would with band introductions and a stage dive in which I had to duck as to not be kicked in the face.

As the music soon ended, people started to shuffle out, due to curfew or parents rules, but as I turned, I felt a hand cup my shoulder and step me back. Turning I stared at Joe and creased my eyebrows together.

"What?" I asked and he tilted his head towards the backstage area where a few band members were standing behind the yellow lines either talking to people or signing things.

"You didn't expect just to come and then go back, did you?" I sighed as he dragged me over and Pete noticed Joe.

"Dude! You came! And you brought a /chick/," I narrowed my eyes.

"I have a name," I mumbled and he smirked.

"And an attitude," I huffed and he smiled. "Nice," Joe shifted slightly.

"Evie tells me you've hit on her before," Pete shrugged and stared at me.

"Possible," He smiled. "Yeah, I remember, no hard feelings?" he asked, sneaking under the yellow tape and offering his hand. I shook it and rolled my eyes.

"Yea, whatever..." I mumbled and crossed my arms as the two guys talked, somewhat excluding me from the conversation.

It's not like I was being antisocial, it was just they were talking about music, like playing music, and which was something I had no talent in.

So I stood there, fidgeting every few seconds and stifling a yawn. Something told me I wasn't going back to work that night. I clutched my purse closer to me and chewed on my bottom lip for a moment.

"What you say, Ev?" I blinked and looked up.

"Huh?" I asked and Pete smirked.

"We were saying we've made a new friend, it's time to freeload off of her," I creased my eyebrows together.

"Who says you can be friends with me?" I asked and Pete smiled, linking arms with me and Joe and leading us towards the front doors of the club.

"I do. Now...where do you live?" I sighed and raised a hand, pointing to the left. Pete smiled and waved a hand in the air.

"/Taxi/!" soon a car slowed down in front of us and I closed my eyes and clenched and unclenched my hands.

I remember I told my self I would take chances, but for Christ's sake, this was getting out of hand. Before I could protest with myself, I felt my arm being tugged into the Taxi and literally toppled in, the door closing and car speeding off before I was even properly sitting. Leaning back, I took a deep breath and looked up at the car roof.

Is this your curse, Beverly for wishing you dead?


*Dearest appologies if it's spelled wrong.
But frankly, it's not that important. It's a small minor thing in this story. Yay
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