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Miss W-E-N-Z

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Let's explore 20 questions with Evie. And find out what Joe's hair is made of.

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"Holy cow," I smirked as I placed my purse on the kitchen counter, kicking off my shoes and turned to see Pete's expression.

"Did you just move in?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"What does it look like?" I asked and pointed to the fridge. "And I have no food, so don't ask,"

Pete had taken the liberty of kneeling on the couch, facing the back and straining his neck to look at the picture collage I had plastered to my wall. His finger soon pointed to a girl and he took a double take of me.

"That's not you," he mumbled and I sighed, Joe following me as I walked over and kneeled in-between them.

"That's my twin sister," I mumbled. Joe blinked.

"Where is she?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Hell, hopefully," the boys looked at me and I let a laugh escape my lips. "I never liked my twin sister considering the fact she got more of everything in life," Joe blinked again.

"So where is she?" he asked again and I sighed.

"Six feet under thanks to a birthday wish gone bad," Pete snickered as we observed photos, me telling me the stories behind them.

"Well what exactly happened?" Joe asked and I shrugged.

"Mom and Beverly, my twin left me alone in the house and I took the liberty of making a cupcake and wishing them dead. Around midnight I got a call from the hospital telling me there was a car crash, no survivors," Pete gulped.

"Ok, I'm not going to get on your bad side," he mumbled quickly and I let a laugh escape my lips.

"I never expected it to happen," I whispered and looked over at the one picture that I did keep of Beverly, only because it was the one day she looked, /normal/.

"What did you have against your sister?" Joe asked and I shook my head, winging my hands slightly.

"She got a lot more things then me. Clothes, money, friends, /boy/friends. I'll never forget the day she teased me about losing her virginity before me," Pete nudged me.

"Why?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"She lost it at a party, she was drunk and high," Pete paused from looking up at the photos.

"What about you?" he asked and I stared wide eyed at him.

"I stay away from alcohol and drugs, Pete," I replied and he shook his head while Joe grunted.

"That's not what he means, Ev," I twitched an eyebrow up at stared at Pete. He let an eerie smile come to his lips.

"Virginity," he simply said and I smacked his arm, hard.

"None of your business. I've known you for one day and you have the /audacity/!" I glared and all I got was the two laughing. Joe shook his head at Pete who just laughed harder.

"Please don't tell me you're a virgin," I bit my lip and smacked him harder.

"You are a /bastard/! You know that?" I gritted my teeth and Joe shook his head, struggling to turn me to face him.

"I think Pete can change that," he managed between laughs.

I smacked him next and huffed before slamming down on the couch, facing the TV with my arms over my chest, lips tightly pressed together. Pete and Joe locked eyes above me and I soon felt lips near my ear.

"You know, you can ride for free," I closed my eyes and didn't reply. I heard Joe smirk.

"But there are side effects," I could imagine Pete's glares. "Like insanity from not getting more," I felt hot breath on my neck.

"Seven inches..." I widened my eyes and smacked him across the face, making him laugh harder than before as he flung back across the couch, legs landing in my lap.

"It'll be one inch in a minute," Pete blinked at me.

"What are you going to do? Castrate me?" Joe smirked.

"You should," I turned to Joe.

"Glad to know you're on my team, young Joseph," I replied and he rolled his eyes.

"I'm probably older than you," he said and I tilted my head, Pete sitting up now and accompanying my lap.

I didn't mind much, plus, his hoodie smelt good, like a show, which was the best smell in the world.

"How old are you, Joe?" I asked and he smiled wide.

"Sixteen," I sighed and shook my head.

"Eighteen, sorry!" Joe pouted.

"I'll be seventeen in September!" he pleaded and Pete smirked.

"Yeah, that's three months, buddy," Joe pouted and I poked his hair.

"Joe?" I questioned and he slightly turned his head.

"What?" he asked and I smiled.

"You have squishy hair," I replied and in that split second I was jumped by a wild hyena. I was squashed against Joe's chest, with Pete hugging my back and lying over us.

Playing human Tetris wasn't something I had planned for today.

"Aw! We're going to be best friends forever, and /ever/!" I widened my eyes and looked up at Joe to the best of my ability.

"How the fuck do you deal with this?" I asked and he shrugged and spat out my hair from his mouth.

"I'm on happy pills," I rolled my eyes.

"I think Pete is too," I mumbled and felt him squeeze my back more. "What are you /doing/?" I asked and heard a muffled reply.

"You have a comfortable back," he replied. I sighed and relaxed a bit.

"I'm not moving now," I spoke and felt somebody shrug.

"Let's play 20 questions," I raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, Joe. Do you have a lisp?" I asked and he looked at me like an idiot.

"No, I just like to talk like this," he glared and Pete nudged me.

"It's time for last names!" he smiled and I rolled my eyes, before looking at Joe. He blinked.

"Oh! Trohman," I nodded.

"Wenz!" I smiled and heard the pause. Looking at the guys they blinked at me.

"How do you spell that, Ev?" Pete asked and I arched an eyebrow.

"W-E-N-Z," I spoke and blinked. "What?" Pete smiled and shook his head.

"Wentz," he paused. "With a 'T'," I whacked him.

"It's really my dad's last name, but I hate my mom. So I don't use her's," Joe looked at me.

"Parents divorced?" he asked and I nodded.

"I was ten. Beverly kept the artificial last name that I don't even remember and I kept my dad's last name," Pete looked like a kid in a candy store.

"We can be last name buddies!" I rolled my eyes and leaned back into the couch.

"Its late guys," I mumbled and Joe looked down at his watch.

"It's only 1AM," he said and I shook my head.

"But I want to sleep. It's the weekend," Pete poked my face and I smacked his finger away.

"We're gonna go now, but expect us when you least expect us," I blinked at him.

"That made no sense, Pete," I said and he smiled.

"It's just you," Joe stood by me as we walked towards the door.

"It's me too, Pete," Pete glared.

"Shut it Trohman," Joe smirked.

"Hey, Evie?" I turned to him.

"What?" I asked and he smiled.

"Are you gonna start college this year? Or are you waiting?" he asked and I sighed.

"I start in September, unfortunately," Pete jumped.

"So do I!" he smiled wide and I looked at him.

"What year?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.

"Junior," I nodded.

"Now, Pete. Last question," he blinked.

"What?" he asked and I poked his chest.

"How old are you?" I asked back and he patted my head.

"I'm legal. 21, babes," I glared.

"Don't call me that. Mom always did," he shrugged and the two snuck out into the early morning.

I closed and locked the door before taking a deep breath. In one night I had let my guards down and made two friends.

A squishy haired lisper and a gender confused, cynical screamer.

Life as I knew it was going to take a huge change, and I hoped for the better.
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