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Peter Punching Paul

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Enter creepy guy #1. Note: This is a slow moving story.

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About two weeks later my life was turned somewhat upside down.

Almost every night Pete was jet setting on my couch, eating all my ice cream and hogging all the blankets while he slept on my couch. Sure, I liked the company, but it usually ended up with a mess in the kitchen.

It sucked mucho grande.

And, I had managed to get fired from the coffee shop.

This also sucked mucho grande.

But, it wasn't as bad as Joe and Pete both sneaking into my house and finding me exiting the bathroom with the smallest towel wrapped around my body.

I thanked all heavenly forces I was clothed, but unfortunately, Pete wouldn't get off my case about it.

So as of right now, I pretty much worked as a bartender. This was odd, considering the fact I wasn't even legal enough to drink.

Pete said it was probably because I had a cute toosh.

I smacked him, hard.

My boss at the club did stare at me often, and I mean /often/. I had grown accustomed to seeing Pete's band play every Friday and Joe stopped by when he was done with his shift at the coffee shop.

And then they would all come over and usually stay the night, with Joe cooking us breakfast in the morning. Tonight wasn't any different as I poured drinks for legal show-goers and when my boss wasn't looking, spiked Joe's Pepsi's.

He thanked me every time.

As of right now, I was trying to get away from the always creepy 'Go-Ahead-And-Slap-My-Ass,-I-Don't-Care' Paul. Joe didn't like him either, but right now, was nowhere in sight.

Usually one of my two knights in rusty armor would get me out of it by ordering a drink, and chatting me up to get his eyes off of me, usually worked, but for now, I was screwed. And if nobody came soon, I would be, /literally/.

That, or raped.

Just as Paul took a stand next to me, I spotted Joe and turned to walk over to the end of the bar when Paul stopped me.

"You know, that kid has been here almost every night chatting you up, I wouldn't be trusting of him, he leaves right after you do," I blinked up at Paul.

It was purely the fact Joe walked me home every night, after we realized that Paul was a bit...creepy. I sighed and tilted my head to one side.

"And what makes you the boss of what I do with myself?" I asked and he smiled that grim look before patting my side. I smacked his hand away and he frowned.

"I wouldn't want you to get hurt," I narrowed my eyes.

"Frankly, I could kick his ass. Excuse me," I said and walked around him before literally rushing towards Joe before any other bartender could get to him. He looked worried.

"Maybe you should get out early," he said and I shook my head.

"No such luck, its Arma night. Bar's packed, plus, I'd have to do something I would highly regret," Joe smirked and I patted the space in front of him. "What do ya' want, Jew boy?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.

"Hardy, har, har, har. Regular," he paused and his eyes drifted to the stage. "Hey look, Pete!" I jumped slightly and glanced over before shaking my head.

"I'll be back, Joe," I said and had to slim past two other bartenders to get to the fountain drinks. And of course slip some Jack Daniels. I was passing Paul when he smiled and took the drink from me.

"I'll give it to him, you go take the under kids," I rolled my eyes and walked around the bar before running into another vulnerable girl, Jemez.

"It's done back here," she mumbled and I sighed through my nose before leaning against an empty space and taking a glance at the show.

" know him?" I turned and crossed my arms before looking at Paul.

"Pete?" I paused and shook my head. I had a plan. "Kinda," I replied and he smirked.

"He's a bit gay, wouldn't you say?" I hated that word.

"Gay isn't an adjective," I narrowed my eyes and he smirked.

"You always play hard to get?" he asked and I looked away before staring back up at the show. "What? Don't tell me he's more attractive," I smiled.

"He is. A man who wears eyeliner and uses more hair products than me is /sexy/," I don't think Paul sensed my sarcasm.

Not that I didn't like that, but I'd choose Pete over Paul any day.

Hell, I'll take any single person in this club over Paul.

"You deserve so much better," he whispered, leaning towards my ear.

I first considered my will as a woman.

I then considered my job.

But then I saw Pete during a break of a song widen his eyes and shake his head.

But then I smiled.

As the show started the wind down, I stayed and listened to what Paul would tell me and even when he played with my hair, completely making me throw up in my mouth.

I saw Joe out the corner of my eye and he shook his head and that's when I noticed Pete with him, the two now walking over. I felt breath on my ear and I could smell the really bad mouthwash on his breath.

"So, now that our shift is over, let's say we blow this joint and head to the backseat of my car," I had the urge to beat the living shit out of him, but that never got a girl anywhere.

Instead, as Joe and Pete stopped in front of us and Paul stared at them skeptically I grabbed Pete's collar and pulled him over the bar space and right out kissed him. I pulled back and darted my eyes to Paul who looked appalled and Pete caught on.

"Hi babe," I smiled and Joe caught on too. He bit his lip, stifling a laugh and I took a deep breath.

"I'm off work now, you ready to go?" I asked and Pete smiled, grabbing my side and picking me up, bringing me over the bar and placing me over the bar.

We turned to leave but Pete stopped abruptly and turned to Paul who was glaring. In one blink Pete's fist met his jaw and I was bent over, hanging off of Joe, laughing my ass off. We then jetted out of the club and I smacked Pete in the chest.

"Your going to get me fired!" I yelled and Joe looked at my weird.

"Isn't that the point?" he asked and I shrugged before stopping him.

"I want a piggy back ride," I stuck out my bottom lip and he sighed, rolling his eyes and crouching slightly.

I smiled wide as I usually never got my way. Pete watched as I came up to view with him and zipped up his hoodie.

"Are we staying at your house tonight?" he asked and I nodded, my arms tightening around Joe's shoulders as he sped up. Pete ran next to us and I yelped, pointing towards a Taxi stopped in traffic.

"Let's gooo!" I yelled and laughed as we weaved through traffic to get to the car. I sat breathless between the two as Joe instructed where to go and leaned against Pete's shoulder.

"That was a thrill," Pete said, examining his knuckles that were slightly bruised. I smiled and poked his ribs.

"I think rationally," Joe smirked and rolled his eyes.

"Thank god too, but we need to be careful next time we go there," Pete nodded.

"And now we have to act like boyfriend and girlfriend," I scrunched up my nose and he copied, as we pushed at each other.



Note: This story is going to be rather dragged out and a slow paced thing. You have to be paitent with character development, as well as romantical development. And that means you have to bear with the fact I'm writing my character in it. It's going in as well of a chronological order as possible, meaning, it's going over from July 2001, till...about Janurary 2007.


But Sit tight, relax, and enjoy it while it lasts. Patrick is coming soon. YAY!
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