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Joe is my hero. Yayyy

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Waking up with the guys is like waking up with a hangover.

You're not exactly sure just what the fuck happened last night, and you're throat is dry, and you can feel your brain rattling around in your skull.

It took me a while to find the floor, and to find my limbs for the matter. Fluttering my eyes wider I found myself squashed between the guys, Pete practically in my lap and my legs jumbled up with Joe's. Sighing, I found the floor and attempted to stand up.

Key word here: /attempted/.

With a shrill squeak, I was on the ground, wide eyed with a hand beneath my head, keeping me away from the carpet. I heard some shuffling and soon was faced by Pete who had jumped and rolled himself to the ground.

"Hi!" he smiled and I smacked his head.

"I'm hungry," I said and sat up, hitting Joe's knee. He jumped and yawned. Pete stood and sat back down on the couch.

"You wanna go out? I mean, it's almost noon," I shrugged and looked at Joe.

"You wanna?" I asked and he yawned deeply while nodding and ruffling his hair.

"Can we stop by our places? Change?" he asked and I shrugged before using the couch to stand up.

"Then let me change too," I spoke and ruffled my hair as I walked to my room. Hearing footsteps behind me as I entered my room, I turned to see Pete.

"What size pants to you wear?" he asked and I waved around my hips.

"A lady never reveals her pant size," but then I remembered what my dad used to say. "Wait. 4, women's," Pete smiled the biggest smile in the world.

"Can I borrow some jeans?" he asked and I smiled the dorkiest fucking smile in history, running and jumping on Pete, wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing his forehead with a big wet one. He stared at me in bewilderment and I heard trampling, Joe soon standing in the doorway.

"What the fuck did you do to her, Pete?" he asked and Pete laughed, shrugging as I held the sides of his face, smiling wide.

"I have no idea!" I shook my head.

"Daddy always used to tell me that I'll know I've met my best friend forever if they wear the same sized jeans as me and they bear the same last name!" Pete punched the air and I held tighter so I didn't fall off. I saw Joe pout.

"Where does that put me?" he asked and I smiled at him, dropping back down to the ground and squishing his hair.

"Joe, you're my squishy," Joe knitted his eyebrows together.

"It sounds weird," I smiled and kissed his forehead.

"I shall call you Squishy and you will be my squishy," Pete chuckled from behind me and Joe smiled.

"Squishy it is," I smiled another dorky, open mouthed smile and grabbed a pair of jeans for Pete and myself, not bothering to excuse myself as I changed.

Hey, my halter was a breezy halter, one that went past the belt line.

I loved it.

Pete changed in the same manner and I heard Joe smirk.

"Pete, what's with the neon boxers?" he asked and I turned while pulling a belt on to see Pete smacking his butt. His neon pink butt.

"Yeah, I'd like to know why I'm being blinded," I replied, placing my sunglasses on. Pete glared as he covered them up with my jeans and shook his head.

"Everything else was dirty. And these I have no idea how they got in my underwear draw," I rolled my eyes before walking out of my room.

"That's what they all say," I mumbled and felt Pete whack my arm.

"That's not nice, Wenz," I rolled my eyes and looked at him.

"You owe me a piggy back ride, Wentz," I replied and Joe sighed, taking my keys and locking the front door and walking ahead of us.

"Ok, I'm glad I'm just Squishy," I smiled as he pressed the elevator button and Pete walked ahead of me. I ran to catch up and held onto his shoulders before hoisting my self up and wrapping my legs around him.

"Could you tell me when you're gonna do that?" I smiled, holding on around his shoulders as we entered the elevator where there was a rather creepy looking guy with wandering eyes.

I blew out an annoyed breath and snuggled my face on the other side of Pete's head so I didn't have to look at him. Walking out of the elevator, I sighed and groaned.

"I'm sick of being checked out by freaks," Joe looked up at me.

"What can I say, Ev? You're attractive and that attracts guys," Pete smirked and I looked at the back of his head.

"Too bad you're with the worst," I shook my head and we continued our walk until we came to the small café on the corner.

We entered and I dropped down from Pete's back to see it not so packed and only three people ahead of us in line. Joe looked a bit confused and I looked at him.

"What's the matter?" I asked and he shook his head before tapping the guy in front of us on the shoulder. The guy seemed a bit hesitant to turn around, but when he did, he timidly smiled and waved at Joe.

"Patrick! What are you doing in the city?" he asked the kid and I took the time to take this...Patrick kid in while Pete rested his arm around my shoulder, looking up at the menu.

Patrick was clad in regular jeans, but even for a summer in Chicago, it was odd for him to be wearing a hoodie. He seemed like the shy type and he kept glancing over at Pete and me as he talked to Joe casually.

I couldn't hear him, and frankly, I couldn't see his face either, with his hat shadowing his eyes. But if there was one thing to notice about this Patrick fellow were the /sideburns/.

Pete seemed to notice the same time as me.

"Whoa," was all he said and I shifted as the line moved. Joe turned back to us and smiled, presenting Patrick with a hand.

"This is Patrick, Patrick," he paused to point at Pete.

"You've heard of Pete before, but Evie, she just moved here from Arizona like about a month ago," I smiled and offered my hand for him to shake and I felt his nervousness as his hand rose from his side, shaking. We shook hands and Pete smirked.

"You look like Peppermint Paddy," he said and I caught first glance of Patrick's face as he looked up at Pete.

"Huh?" he asked, blue-green eyes slightly filled with an unknown fear. Pete shook his head and nodded his head at the counter.

"Lunch is on me," he said and left my side to order. Patrick stood next to me as Joe got our orders.

"What you want, Ev?" I bit my lip.

"Iced tea with a cinnamon roll, yeah. That sounds yummy," Joe rolled his eyes and looked at Patrick.

"What about you?" he asked and Patrick shrugged.

"Water and..." he skewed his mouth to one side. Joe blinked.

"You know, they have giant cookies," I saw a small smile sneak onto Patrick's face.

"One of those, I guess," he said and I watched as Joe ordered for us.

Pete came back over and led us to the table. He sat next to me while Patrick shifted in the booth and smiled politely and began the habit I would never tire of seeing.

Patrick picked up a napkin and as the conversation grew, there were multiple pieces of tissue confetti in front of him.

I was quiet that lunch, and became the observer of how Patrick worked until our meals were finished and it was around two. I sighed as we exited the café and stopped everyone.

"So, Patrick," he looked at me.

"Yes?" he asked slowly and I smiled before hugging him.

The kid was only a year younger than me, and still was so much shorter than me. He was hesitant to hug back at first, but patted my back, with his shaking hand.

"You wanna be my new best friend?" Patrick looked bewildered and I soon heard Pete whine.

"But I'm your best friend," I sighed and rolled my eyes before patting Patrick on the head.

"See you around, Patrick," he nodded and disappeared around the corner. I turned to Pete who looked down at his watch.

"I gotta jet, I have work in an hour," I nodded and he too was soon in a Taxi heading south. I turned to Joe who shrugged.

"Video games?" he asked and I smiled, nodding.

"You read my mind, Squishy,"
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