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Ego Crushing Law Suit

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I really love this Paul guy. He adds some kind of twisted humor to this story. Brings out the best in me.

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"Ok, when you get pregnant, one day," Joe cute Pete off.

"Like she'll ever get pregnant," I glared and smacked him. Pete went on.

"Ok, let's re-word this. What candy bar do you eat on your period?" he asked and I rolled my eyes before leaning back up and wiping my hands on my waist apron.

"Butterfingers, but I need to get back to work, and Pete, you need to get on stage. Joe, JD with Pepsi?" I asked and they both nodded, Pete smiling before heading towards the show.

Joe smiled as I walked off and grabbed a glass. Paul was still around amazingly and he had kind of backed off, for the time being. It had been about two weeks since the incident and I was going on two months in this town.

I hadn't seen Patrick again, but Joe said something about him coming down after lock up at his job down at Vintage Vinyl. Thinking about it as I walked back over to Joe I sighed and got a straw from my apron pocket.

"Slow night?" he asked and I nodded, yawning.

"For an Arma night, yeah," Joe smirked.

"It's not," I raised an eyebrow.

"Then why..." Joe shrugged.

"He said something about tricking Paul or something," I rolled my eyes.

"Trying to get me fired, right?" I asked and Joe nodded.

"Probably," I patted his head and gave his hair a light squish.

"So where's the leprechaun?" I asked and Joe shrugged, batting at my hand.

"Don't know," he turned and then pointed at Patrick who lightly waved, walking over.

"Hiya, Patrick," I greeted him and he politely smiled before sitting next to Joe.

"Tell me that's a Pepsi," he told Joe and he nodded.

"It's got JD in it, Pat," Patrick hit him lightly.

"I told you so many times not to call me that," I smiled.

"You want a Pepsi, Patrick?" I asked and he nodded. "JD?" I asked and he shook his head. I turned around again and ran right into Paul. I narrowed my eyes.

"Excuse me," I said and he shook his head.

"I know you're not going out with that Pete guy. So, how bout that date," I took a deep breath in.

"Listen, I'm not interested, thank you," I said and walked around him. He stood next to me while I saw Joe filling Patrick in, him nodding as he looked over.

"Come on, Eviez," I cringed at the nickname, Beverly loved to call me that. I stopped filling Patrick's cup up and turned to Paul.

"Don't call me that," I spoke and he knitted his eyebrows together as I walked back to Patrick. He followed right on my tail.

"One date, Ev. One date," Patrick and Joe both blinked up at me as I paused, Patrick's drink literally a centimeter from the napkin in front of him. Biting my lip I turned to him, taking the drink with me.

"One date, huh?" I put on a huge fake smile. Paul smiled and leaned forward a bit.

But then I frowned and raised my hand and right when he looked up, I dumped the drink over his head, making quite a lot of people stare. He narrowed his eyes and I smiled.

"Oops," I said and shifted to walk back to Patrick and Joe. "Sorry Patrick, I'll get you..." if my arms weren't strong enough, they would have broken.

Joe and Patrick both stood up and I saw Pete from the side of the stage exit his conversation and run over as well. Realizing Paul had a hold of me, I huffed and got out of his grip, whipping around and earning a fist coming at my face. God, daddy taught me well. I grabbed his fist in my hand and through it back, punching him in the gut.

"You never hit a girl," I hissed and soon saw all the barflies' whooping, chanting like high scholars would.

Paul looked up at me and actually managed to smack me in the face, and I felt his pinky nail scratch my skin. Blinking and restoring my vision, I saw police in the entrance, catching the offence. He threw the first punch, of course, and I smiled to myself as he came at my face again.

I twisted his arm and turned around before ducking and flinging him over my shoulder and right onto the bar where he slammed, glasses breaking and wood splinting. Widening my eyes, I let go of his arm to see the police just as surprised as they started to clear the area. I gulped and exited the bar area as I felt two arms around me.

"Evie! For god's sake!" I looked up at Pete and bit my lip. He smiled wide. "That was /kick ass/," I took a shaky breath and looked at Joe.

"What happened to Patrick?" I asked and he nodded at a cop.

"The cop made him clear the scene. It was rather mean, though," I pouted and sighed before wincing as Pete's thumb ran across my cheek bone. I shot my hand up and held his, pulling it away.

"Oww," I complained and Pete hissed, teeth slightly clenched. I raised an eyebrow and he sighed.

"You have a bruise forming, Ev," I sighed and closed my eyes, leaning back against his chest.

Joe patted my back for a while until an officer came over with a pad of paper and pen. He smiled a sympathetic smile and sighed, escorting us to sit down in a booth. I complied, and sat between Pete and Joe while they held my hands, Pete careful of the cuts that had formed from throwing Paul.

"That was a mighty fight you put up, Miss," I blinked.

"Wenz. W-E-N-Z," I replied and he smiled, scribbling it down.

"Now, what exactly happened?" I sighed and shifted slightly before locking eyes with the cop.

"Well, Paul, he's an ass. Always hitting on me and..." I shook my head. "I poured a drink over him and he advanced on me," The officer nodded and looked at Pete and Joe.

"Did you guys witness this?" he asked and the two nodded.

"Paul made the first move, but Ev blocked it, so, yeah," I lightly smiled at Joe's loss for words. The officer nodded and closed his book.

"Alright, well," as we stood up I noticed Paul glaring from where he sat getting bandaged up. "Would you like to press charges? It's considered sexual assault, and," I shook my head.

"I just want to quit my job and...go on with my business," I spoke and heard a grunt of disappointment from Paul. The officer looked at him and he smiled.

"I want to press charges," I knitted my eyebrows together and leaned on one leg.

"Press charges for what? Crushing your ego?" Paul huffed and looked at the cop.

"I can press charges, right? For her pouring a drink on me?" The cop looked bewildered but sighed, looking at me.

"I'm sorry miss, but he can," I pursed my lips together and whipped around, taking my purse from Joe's hands and walking out of the club. Taking a deep breath, I turned the corner to run into Patrick.

"Patrick, what are you doing here?" I asked and he shrugged, looking over my shoulder at Pete and Joe.

"I waited," he replied and I sighed, looking down at my feet.

"Listen," I heard Pete and I turned my head to glance at him. He pointed at me. "Let's get Evie home, stay with her and we'll figure something out," the two nodded and I shifted uncomfortably before nodding and pushing hair out of my eyes.

Taking the lead I walked ahead of them and down the street. I heard fast footsteps and before I knew it, I was hoisted in the air, bridal style, squealing. I blinked at Pete and he smiled.

"Calm down," he assured and I took a deep breath before nodding and glancing over at Joe and grabbing at the air.

"Squishy," Joe smirked and came over, holding my hand while I squished his hair for a moment. Patrick looked a bit uncomfortable, but I smiled at him as he walked near my legs dangling off Pete's arm.

"So, Patrick," Joe started and he looked down the row at him.

"What?" he asked and Joe shrugged.

"What do you think about Evie here?" he asked and Patrick glanced down at me as I flashed a smile and wiggled my fingers. Patrick smiled.

"She kicks ass. Literally," I smiled wider but soon replaced it with a yawn.

"I'm sleepy," I spoke and Pete smirked before pausing, and I felt Joe going through my purse for the apartment key.

"What's the password?" he asked and I flung my hand over to the voice box, pressing in digits until the screen door opened.

"Sleep," I mumbled and the guys laughed as we made it up to my floor and through the apartment doors. I flung my arm at the couch and smiled.

"Joe, do whatever, Patrick, make yourself at home," I tilted my head and watched as they disappeared, closing my eyes as I felt my mattress come in contact with my back. Shuffling noises were made and I felt a hand come in contact with my forehead, brushing hair away.

"You are going to be ok with this dumbass law suit?" I groaned lightly and fluttered my eyes open.

"You could have just asked if I was going to be ok, you know," I heard Pete smirk and I shifted slightly under the covers. "If he wants to press charges, let him. I've got you guys on my side," Pete smiled though I couldn't really see it and stood up, patting my head.

"Get some sleep, Ev," I nodded and rolled over on my stomach before raising a hand.

"Don't let Squishy make fun of Leprechaun," Pete smirked.

"What about Best Friend Panda?" I rolled my head over and yawned.

"Its hardcore panda, Pete,"

Closing my eyes, I was out and the last slight noise I heard was the click of the door.
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