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And I Thought Arizona Was Bad

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Let's get fucked up and die.

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So being a small girl in a big city paid off, as long as you had three friends there for you. While Patrick scored me a job to work the afternoon shift down at the record shop he worked at, Pete was helping me with legal business and Joe was helping me with emotional stability.

It was somewhere late August that I decided to move out of the city and find a better apartment...away from the ruckus.

"You know," I looked up from my bills to see Pete shifting through paperwork, stirring his coffee with a spoon.

"What?" I asked and he glanced up, smiling that mischievous smile.

"You could just stay with me; I have an extra bed in my room and everything. My mom would love you, and," I raised my hand to silence him.

"Pete, you live outside of Chicago, and I start school in two weeks," Pete shrugged.

"So do I, and considering we go to the same college now, we'll be fine," I nodded and looked down at my paperwork.

"Pete, what about a job?" Pete smiled.

"Patrick can pick you up, he lives nearby," he paused and dipped his head to see my face. "We'll work a plan out," I nodded and shifted slightly.

"You think maybe I should press charges?" I asked and Pete nodded, flipping through documents.

"I thought you'd never ask,"


A week later I was standing behind the counter of Vintage Vinyl, leaning against the counter and reading a SPIN magazine just waiting for Patrick to arrive from his first day of school. Both Joe and him had started their senior year, and next Monday, Pete and I went back to school as well.

I was changing CD's when Patrick came in, with one of those disappointed frowns on his face, throwing his messenger back to the floor and shrugging off his hoodie. I looked at him.

"What's up, Patrick?" I asked and he sighed, sitting in the chair, he turned towards me.

"Girls," I looked at him.

"Girls?" I smiled. "Does Patrick have a crush?" I asked and Patrick meekly smiled.

"No," I rolled my eyes and looked back down at the magazine.

"Whatever you say, Patrick," I spoke and pressed play on the remote for the store stereo. He smiled.

"The Smiths? Damn you've got good taste," I glanced over.

"Almost in everything," I replied. Patrick shifted.

"No wonder you managed to bag Pete," I whipped my head at Patrick and widened my eyes.

"What?" I asked and Patrick blinked and flinched slightly before looking at me.

"Aren't you and Pete...?" I shook my head.

"No," I replied and looked back at my magazine.

"Oh, cause you know," I sighed.

"Patrick, I'm like that to a lot of people, you know," Patrick shifted slightly and looked at the clock.

"You wanna head out early? We're the last shifts of tonight and I know Pete's band is playing tonight, we can go get Joe," I shrugged.

"I guess," I mumbled and found Patrick standing next to me and looking down at the sticker lined countertop.

"You still shaken up about the law suit?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"If given the chance I'd like to castrate Paul and shove his mushroom in his mouth, and then sew his mouth shut," Patrick looked slightly intimidated for a moment but then smirked at the seriousness in my face.

"Evie, you kick way too much ass than any girl should," I smiled and leaned over, kissing him on the cheek.

"I love you the most, Patrick," Patrick flushed a blush and I ruffled his head, shifting his hat slightly. He kept it there and I let a deep breath out.

"What time do you want to head out?" Patrick asked and I felt my stomach rumble.

"Let's get an early dinner and we'll head over to Joe's work, k?" Patrick smirked and grabbed his bag and keys.

"Fine by me,"


By the time we arrived at the coffee shop, the skyline was darkened, and I could hear the start up of the opening band down at the club. As the bell on the door rang, I saw Joe look up from reading and smiled, waving.

"Hey," I smiled.

"Squishy," I replied and he rolled his eyes as we walked over. That was about the time that a young girl walked from the kitchen area and wiped her hands on her apron to observe us.

"Joe," I noticed her British accent. "Aren't you going to get their order?" Joe looked at the girl and back at us.

"They are friends, so yeah," I rolled my eyes and turned to the girl, offering my hand to shake. She smiled politely and shook it.

"I'm Evie, and I'm sorry you have to work with Squishy," she looked confused as she took her hand back.

"Squishy?" she asked and I nodded.

"He has squishy hair," she lightly laughed and smiled again.

"My name's Imogen, but you can call me Izzy if you want," I smiled and nodded.

"I'm assuming your English, right?" I asked and she nodded before taking a big breath.

"I've lived her about a week now, and got this job first day, and actually," she looked over my shoulder at Patrick who was talking to Joe. "He's my chemistry partner for the whole semester, or whatever it's called," I smirked remembering what Patrick had said earlier.

"Patrick?" I asked and she nodded.

"He's really quiet," she whispered and I rolled my eyes, nodding.

"No duh, but he'll warm up to you," Izzy smiled and took another sigh.

"Is it always slow around here?" I nodded.

"I used to work here, Joe got me fired, and it's always slow on Fridays," Izzy raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" she asked and I was about to reply when Joe jumped out of his chair.

"Arma night! Holy crap, I forgot," I stared at him, shocked and shook my head, looking back at a slightly freaked out Izzy.

"What he said," I told her and she shrugged.

"I can take care of it here if you guys want to head out," Joe smiled and I smacked him as he jumped over the counter.

"Come with us. And if you get fired, you can work with Patrick and I," Izzy looked unsure for a minute and I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Come on, the only person that bites is Pete, and he'll be tired and sweaty by the time you meet him," Izzy smirked and lifted her apron off before jumping over the counter. I turned to Joe.

"Piggy back ride, Squishy!"


An hour into the show and Joe had managed to score a pack of cigarettes from one of the bartenders that still felt sorry for me. At that I rolled my eyes and followed Joe out to bum a smoke off of him.

"I never knew you smoked, Ev," I rolled my eyes.

"It runs in the family. After divorce both of them smoked a pack a day and my aunt said that back at my dad's house there were fourteen of those ten packs left," Joe widened his eyes.

"Junkie's paradise," I smirked.

"Kinda," I blew out some smoke.

"I started after dad died," Joe nodded.

"I started this last summer, so yeah," I rolled my eyes and put it out, getting another while Joe took a deep breath and looked back towards the doors.

"You gonna go back in?" I asked and he nodded before slipping away. So there I was left alone and about a foot away was an alleyway.

I bit my lip to stop the laughter from creeping up my throat. It was like one of those stories Beverly used to write. It was the only thing she was ever close to being good at, even though each story pretty much was the same plot, they still intrigued me.

Girl in alley gets jumped and raped and out of nowhere comes prince charming.

But, as I thought to myself about it, I realized I had a knack for thinking too much and it actually happening. Right as I hitched my breath and took a step to run back into the club, there were arms around me and a hand plastered over my mouth.

Being dragged into an alley is not what every girl wants out of life.

Slightly turning my head, I saw Paul with another guy holding my arms. Rolling my eyes I groaned and shifted as the other creep felt me up. I had the urge to say something harshly sarcastic, but considering the fact my mouth was covered, it wouldn't sound right.

As it grew darker, I grew more fed up, but then thought back to all those stories, how did it end? The girls were all weak and vulnerable, while the guys that got her were large and stronger, usually getting their way. I smirked. I had beaten Paul up before, considering he wasn't all that built up and looked at the other guy.

He was a twerp.

Kicking my legs, I got him off me and broke out of Paul's grasp before ducking from Asshole #2's punch and getting back up to grab his arm and swing my leg over it, kicking him in the face.

Needless to say, what a nice night to wear a stiletto, ehh?

As he toppled to the ground, I heard the rip and looked down to see the bottom of my halter ripped. I glared up at Paul and kicked him hard, right where it hurts.

"You asshole/, I /loved this shirt!" Paul groaned and leaned towards me again and it seemed as though everything slowed down as I heard the gunshot.

Holding my breath I waited for any pain. But then, Paul screamed out and held his arm. Looking over at the guy on the ground, I screamed on the inside, seeing as he had a gun.

But horrible aim.

There was so much shuffling at the end of the end of the alleyway and I heard sirens from far away. The little Evie inside of me was rolling her eyes at every ironic situation, but never would I have imagined being in one like this.

I heard my name, and then heard Pete. But then I heard the second gunshot.

The gunshot that ended my life.

Just kidding.

But it did hurt like a mother fucker.

And that's what I said in that moment as I clutched my arm and sunk down to the ground.

"Mother fucker," I hissed and widened my eyes as I heard thousands of footsteps, rushes of color in front of me until I comprehended police officers grabbing the guy and getting Paul out of the alley, Pete and Izzy of all people appearing before me.

I heard the rushed heals of Izzy's almost matching stilettos and Pete's rushed breathing as he toppled next to me and tore my hand away slowly, hissing as he saw the blood on my hand. I was blinking fast and my breathing was heavy.

I wasn't /dying/, but was in just in an unbearable amount of pain, a pain I would rather have taken the death over this any day. I groaned as I saw tears forming in Pete's eyes and raised my leg to the best ability to kick him.

"Don't you fucking cry, Wentz," Pete whimpered.

"Don't you fucking /die/, Wenz," I took a deep breath and turned my head towards Izzy.

"I'm sorry, I don't make good first impressions, do I?" Izzy lightly laughed.

"You just got shot Evie," she blinked and shook her head, obviously still shaken up. "You are one amazing chick," I smirked and let my head fall back.

"I'll high five you when I don't have blood on my hands," That's when I saw the stretcher and felt Pete scoop me up, placing me on it as I started to be wheeled back. I saw Paul being pushed into another ambulance and I flipped him off.

"I've said this once before Paul, but for gods sake, next time you feel the urge to fuck something, please stick your dick in a steal industrial fan!" a lot of people around me laughed and I saw a breathless smile on Joe's face as he stood next to Patrick who looked really, really squeamish. I waved to my best ability and sighed as the doors closed. The paramedic began to wrap my arm up and I grunted.

"The bullet's still in there, you know," I said and he smiled.

"Oh, I know, but we need to get you to the hospital, first," I rolled my eyes and leaned back, closing my eyes.

So, in one month I've gotten sexually harassed, been in a bar fight, am in the middle of being sued and now, for god's sake, been /shot/.

What next?

Is Pete going to be pregnant with Joe's baby?
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