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It's Just A Little Turbulence

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I winced again as the doctor continued to dig through my arm, searching for the bullet. Pete was on the other side of me, Izzy sitting by my feet, Patrick standing by Joe as a nurse filled them in on what to do with me. Right as I heard the clink of the bullet, I sighed and looked down to see them wrapping the wound.

"Alright, now the officer will be in here momentarily," I nodded and rested back in the bed, Pete climbing up to sit next to me.

"You kick ass, you know that?" he asked and I scrunched up my face as he tweaked my nose and left a wet kiss on my cheek. Izzy laughed from the foot of my bed and I glared.

"Hey missy, I have a foot!" Izzy laughed again and I pushed her slightly. Joe sighed, taking a seat in the chair next to me and observing the bandage.

"So, now you can officially say you got shot," I rolled my eyes and smirked lightly while Patrick groaned.

"It was a horrible sight, Ev..." he mumbled and I laughed again.

"Patrick, you're too squeamish for your own good," he rolled his eyes as he sat on the other side of my feet. Pete squeezed my knee.

"You gonna stay at my place tonight?" he asked and I shrugged.

"Yeah, considering I'm almost moved in now," Pete nodded and Joe sighed.

"You think now Paul is going to leave you alone?" I was about to enter when I saw the officer from before with a slight bewilderment on his features.

"Hi," I squeaked and he smirked, pulling a chair up next to Joe and offering his hand. I shook it and he sighed.

"Officer Bradley if you don't remember. Now, Miss Wenz," I sighed.

"Are you going to castrate Paul?" I asked and Izzy giggled lightly. Officer Bradley laughed lightly but shook his head.

"I do hate guys like that, but we can't really do that. We have to make him drop the case of suing you however, and now he's pretty much going to hell if you press charges," I blinked.

"But there were two guys," I responded and Officer Bradley nodded.

"Exactly. Only one shot you, but Mr. Henderson is downtown being held for potential rape," I shuttered at the word and gulped.

"I'd be stupid if I didn't press charges," Officer Bradley nodded.

"I need names, all of you," he turned to Izzy.

"Oh, Imogen Reed, Izzy for short, I guess," Officer Bradley smiled and shook her hand before pointing at Patrick and poising his pen over his paper. Patrick shifted slightly as Izzy turned her head to look at him.

"Patrick Stumph. Uh, there's an 'H' at the end," I giggled lightly and Patrick smacked at my calf. I shifted my leg slightly and kicked him. The officer turned to Joe and he blinked.

"Joseph Trohman," Pete smirked next to me and I looked at him as he parted his lips to respond to Officer Bradley.

"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third," I blinked and looked at the Officer who looked like he was slowing down he glanced up.

"Wait, are you two?" I blinked but then shook my head.

"No, no. His is spelt with a 'T'..." Pete smirked and Izzy and Joe laughed while Patrick rolled his eyes. Officer Bradley sighed and nodded, standing up and shaking my hand again.

"Take care, Miss Wenz," I sighed and leaned back again as he left.

"Take care Mrs. Wentz," I glared at Joe and bunched my fist into his shirt.

"Don't make me fling you into a bar, Joseph," Joe widened his eyes and I heard the first laugh from Patrick that night. I took a deep breath and observed the sling my arm was in.

"You good to go?" Pete asked. I looked up and nodded, smiling.

"Like a taco at Taco Bell," I raised my hand and did the gesture of rolling my wrist. "Good to go,"


After making plans with Izzy the next night to go shopping, Pete escorted me to his car where we play fought over what to listen to on the hour drive back to his place.

It ended with me whining after he accidentally whacked my arm and I managed to left my leg up and kick him in the crotch with him still driving. Needless to say he locked me out of the house for a half an hour until I found the key under the mat.

I didn't expect to find him asleep in one of the twin beds and sighed, shaking my head as he snored lightly. I stuck my tongue out at him and sat down on the other twin bed before shuffling out of my jeans and observing my ripped halter top.

I took a deep breath and lifted it to my best ability over my head before sneaking under the blankets and turning the lamp off. I found that lying on my stomach actually was the most comfortable position with the sling and closed my eyes.

"Evie?" I grunted and opened my eyes to see Pete in the distance sitting up.

"What?" I asked and he stepped over.

"Are you wearing the sling?" he asked and I nodded.

"Why?" I asked and he turned the lamp on, the dim light illuminating my bed. He shifted the blankets off my back and I smirked as a pink tint came to his neck as he observed the back of my black bra.

"Your not supposed, to um...wear it to sleep," I smirked and kneeled up, facing the headboard and took it off before lying back down. Pete stood the there for a while and I blinked at him.

"What? Do you want in?" I asked and Pete shook his head before stumbling back and sneaking back into his bed. I closed my eyes and yawned.

"Night, Ev," I hummed in my sleep.

"Night panda,"


Next day I was looking through racks and racks of clothing, helping Izzy completely re-do her wardrobe.

"Do I look good in pink?" she asked and I turned to see her holding a pink halter to her chest, biting her lip as she tilted her head. I sighed and fingered her hair.

"Maybe if you changed your hair," she huffed.

"I knew it," she rolled her eyes. "Damn gingers. Let's die our hair," I widened my eyes as she picked up a dark drown barrel.

"What?" I croaked and she smiled.

"I'll go blonde if you'll do something drastic," I bit my lip.

"But...I've kept my dad's look all my life," Izzy sighed, and placed her hands on her hips.

"That's not an excuse, Evie," she paused and tilted her head again. "Go black, but keep some of your dark brown," I bit my lip and she gripped my good arm.

"But," Izzy shook her head and grabbed the shirt again.

"Were seeing the guys tonight, apparently Pete wants us to meet somebody," I swallowed and followed her as she bought the halter.

"So you're saying I have to impress?" I asked and Izzy shrugged.

"We're girls for god's sake, Ev. Live a little. Shake it up and be...what do you Americans say?" I looked at her.

"Sexy?" I implied and she nodded, gripping the bag and gripping my elbow.

"Yea, sexy. Let's have fun," I pursed my lips together and sighed, rolling my eyes.

"Fine, but you have to help,"


"Told ya," I looked at myself in the mirror and shifted slightly, running a hand through my hair.

Izzy had slightly longer hair than me, and now that it was that blonde that was easy on the eyes, it looked better with the pink halter she was sporting with skinny black jeans and high heels. I bit my lip.

"It looks really good, Iz," she smirked.

"Thank you," I smiled.

My natural barrels ran slightly past my collarbone were now a black, with some of my natural strands of dark brown slipping through. Blinking I ran my eyes down the full length mirror and smiled, seeing the usual past-hip halter and skinny jeans, ending with a pair of Izzy's high heels, silver to match the lining on my halter neck. I looked back at Izzy and she nodded.

"Let's go," I stifled a laugh.

"You're going to send Patrick into cardiac arrest," Izzy looked confused.

"Huh?" she asked and I shook my head.

"Never mind," I smiled as she turned and walked towards her front door. Taking one last glance at a hall mirror I nodded.

First impressions would be good tonight.

I didn't even have a sling!


Walking through the crowded bar more uptown with Izzy was crazy. It was one of those clubs where you could sit in a booth, rather than stand all night at the bar. I could see the guys all in a booth with another gent I had not had the pleasure of meeting yet and waved my arm in the air, Izzy knocking it down before they noticed.

"If they don't notice us, it'll be better," I smiled and nodded, letting her lead me over towards the guys.

Patrick was the first to look up from sipping on his straw to coughing, and choking on his drink.

"Dude, Patrick what the fuck oh I'd hit that, wait, /Evie/," If I wasn't smiling so hard at trying to make a good first impression, I would have smacked Pete.

Oh, I lie.

I smacked him, making Izzy giggle and slide in next to Patrick who was blushing madly and I noticed his hand shaking before he picked up a napkin and proceeded to rip it into pieces. I slid in next to Pete and I smiled.

"So you'd /hit that/, ehh?" Pete flushed red and I smirked before looking at the person next to him. "Who's the cutie?"

I have a knack for making people blush, but never expected people to be hurt by that comment. While Pete paused, a frown slightly hitting his features, he turned to the guy who seemed bewildered before smiling.

"This is Andy. Andy, this is Evie," I smiled and shook his hand. I also have a knack for hand reading.

"Andy the drummer," Pete seemed bewildered and Andy dropped his jaw slightly.

"How did you know?" he asked and I smiled, looking back at Izzy, taking a sip of Patrick's drink.

"You just told me," The night pretty much continued like that.

Joe cracking jokes like he used to, me eventually sneaking under the table to sit in between him and Andy while Izzy joked and without much to her knowledge, taunted Patrick.

I noticed his timid hands, like I always did. Glancing over at Pete, he seemed quiet but returned the smiles that were given.

Too bad I'm not a mind reader.

"Are we ready to head out?" I blinked having a hard time pining voice to name. Looking up I saw most of the attention turned towards Pete. Joe nodded and he yawned.

"And I have to study tomorrow, so I'm not exactly free," I blinked and smacked my head.

"Pete, don't we have that essay due in Advanced Writers?" Pete shifted uncomfortably.

"I think," I sighed and looked over at Izzy who was standing.

"Patrick's gonna drive me home, and we're taking Joe too," I looked at Andy.

"You got a ride home?" I asked and he nodded at Pete.

"He drove," I nodded and shifted out of the circular booth, standing next to Pete.

"You gonna give me a lift?" I asked and Pete looked at me like I was crazy.

"You live with me, Ev," I blinked hard.

"Sorry, lost it there for a minute," I heard a chuckle and smacked Joe.

"But Evieeeee," I squished his hair as we came outside and began to part ways.

"Bye Squishy!" he waved and the three walked one way while Pete took us towards his car. "I'm sleepy," I mumbled and rubbed my tummy. "And hungry," Pete smirked.

"We'll pick up some vegetarian to go after we drop Andy off," Andy looked over at me while Pete fished for his keys.

"You vegetarian?" he asked and I nodded, smiling. "Why not vegan?" I pouted.

"I love ice cream too much, the real stuff. And it was really bad for my diet," Pete smirked.

"Tell that to the Butterfinger wrappers littered on your side of the nightstand.

I let out a laugh and climbed into the passenger seat. I don't really remember falling asleep until I felt the breeze to my left and hands shaking my shoulder slightly and pushing hair out of my face.

"Evie, Ev," I blinked and yawned as Pete came into view, behind him the pathway to his house. I smiled and shifted slightly as he helped me out of the car.

"Where's the food?" I asked and he nodded to the open front door.

"On the coffee table. Parents are out, wanna watch something?" I shrugged and kicked my shoes off before slicking upstairs.

"I'm gonna change," Pete nodded and I took time, hearing him shuffling around downstairs for a movie.

Yawning, I grabbed my quilt and shuffled back downstairs in my cow pajama pants and kept my halter on. It was comfy. Pete had changed, oddly enough as well, now in his boxers and a different t-shirt.

"Nightmare, please?" I smirked and shrugged as I grabbed at my Styrofoam box that revealed a veggie burger. Hearing Pandora, I smiled as she jumped up next to me on the quilt, Pete soon returning and grabbing his own.

"Since when are you vegetarian?" I asked and he pointed at my cows on my legs.

"Since I realized how cute cows can be," I smiled.

"But I'm your cow," Pete rolled his eyes and turned the TV on.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...
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