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Moo. It's short.

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Peter was a panda, and I was bamboo. Except he wasn't eating me. Oh god, that sounded wrong. Anyways, fluttering my eyes open, I found the black and white fuzz of the TV and yawned, feeling Pete beneath me. He made a sound in his sleep and I shifted slightly.

"Damn, I wanted to watch the rest," I glanced up at him and blinked before leaning back, sitting up.

"You're not so comfy, Pete," Pete pouted and rested his hands on his chest.

"I'm sure Andy would be," I blinked.

"What?" I asked and Pete shook his head.

"Nothing," I paused momentarily and looked skeptically at him before standing and awkwardly walking up to the guest room where most of my stuff was.

Biting my lip, I spent half an hour finding an outfit to wear. And just because I could, I was going to flirt, because that's what I do when I need to vent. Yeah, I wonder sometimes why I'm not some feeble whore.

"Oh /Evie/!" I smiled at hearing Joe and Izzy singing up the stairs. I looked out of my room and snuck downstairs, jumping on Joe and hugging him.

"Squishy," Joe smirked.

"You're going to forget my real name eventually," I shook my head and hugged Izzy who smiled.

"Who you trying to impress, missy?" she asked and I shrugged.

"Pete's acting weird. And I flirt when I need to vent," Izzy smiled.

"Maybe I should pick that up," I rolled my eyes.

"Don't taunt Patrick," Izzy knitted her eyebrows together.

"What?" she asked and I patted her on the shoulder before turning around and jumping on Patrick's back, kissing his cheek.

"Leprechaun!" Patrick laughed, holding my legs while I wrapped my arms around his neck, glancing over at Pete who looked worn, while Andy smiled.

"So when do I get a nickname?" he asked and I shrugged.

"You said you were vegetarian, right?" I asked and he coughed slightly.

"Vegan," I nodded.

"You can be Andy, my favorite vegetable," Patrick laughed and I rested my chin on his shoulder while Andy talked about it. I eventually stood again, but was shuffled away by Izzy while the boys talked about, what else but music.

"Is Pete ok? He's being all..." I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Moody. I hate moody men," Izzy smirked.

"At least you don't have to deal with Patrick and his shaky hands. Science is hell with him," I smiled.

"Don't be so hard on Patrick, he's shy," Izzy looked at me.

"He's cute too. But I wish he would talk more," I shook my head and pursed my lips together.

"What do you think of Andy?" I asked and Izzy shrugged.

"I think Pete's jealous," I frowned.

"Of what?" I asked and Izzy shrugged.

"How should I know?" I frowned and sighed, throwing my head back.

With good comes the bad, ugly and down right dirty.

And Dirty.


About a week later I was back in the record shop, pretty much used to waiting for Patrick to come back from school. This week marked his third week of school down the drain, and the third week he had gone with not asking Izzy out. It saddened me to see her bright smile and his nervous one watching her as she walked off with /anybody/.

Today my smile went from welcoming to worry as he fell exhausted with a crushed frown on his face. I rushed over, flipping the closed sign before kneeling before Patrick and cupping his face.

"Patrick, what happened? Did she shoot you down?" I asked and he shook his head, scrunching his face up.

"Worse," he mumbled and I looked at him.

"What could be worse?" I asked and then noticed the wrap on his hand. "Did...she beat you up?" I asked and Patrick shook his head.

"She should have," I looked at him and he pouted. "I set her favorite hoodie on fire in Chem.," I pursed my lips together before smiling, holding back a laugh.

"Pat," that's all I got out before I burst out laughing, my mouth muffled into his knee.

"Ev, it's not funny," I looked up at him and tried to calm down before watching as a smile came onto his face. "Ok, maybe it is, but I ruined my chances," I shook my head and kissed his forehead.

"You'll be fine, Patrick...just..." he bit his lip and his shoulders dropped.

"What?" he asked and I shook my head.

"I would say be yourself, but then you'd set her car on fire," Patrick glared and I laughed before turning the sign back to Open, the door automatically opening.

"I was wondering why it was Closed, I could see you guys talking," I glanced up to see Andy.

"Hey," I breathed and looked back at Patrick, pinning his name tag to his shirt and adjusting his hat.

"What are you, his mother?" he asked, leaning over the counter. I looked over at him for a moment.

"He had a...accident," Andy smirked.

"Patrick, what happened?" Patrick shook his head and stood up to start stocking shelves.

"Set crush on fire, not a good idea when you're heading to ask her out, ehh?" Andy laughed.

"Not exactly, but at least he didn't burn Izzy's hair," I laughed slightly and scribbled a stick figure on a receipt.

"What brings you here?" I asked, curious and Andy blinked.

"Are you and Pete," I heard Patrick laugh and we both looked at Andy.

"No," we said at the same time. Andy sighed.

"Cause I was wondering," I smirked, not listening to the rest of his sentence.

"A lot of people do, it's weird," Andy shook his head.

"Not that wondering, Ev," I blinked and heard Patrick smirk lightly.

"Huh?" I asked and Andy shrugged.

"I know this really cool vegan diner, greatest veggie burgers you'd ever taste," I smiled.

"Are you asking me out on a date, vegetable?" Andy rolled his eyes.

"Maybe," I bit my lip, looking over at Patrick who shrugged, and pressed play on the stereo system.

Smiling as I heard Wang Chung over the speakers. But then I remembered Mr. Moody Pete. I smiled and nodded at Andy, grabbing my purse.

"I'd love to,"
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