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I ran out of the house. I was in the giant white area again.

"Ooooh Adam. It's your best friend." A rusty voice said.

I looked down to see the dog.

"Now...GIVE ME MY CIGGARETE!" He yelled. "Before I turn really, really huge and eat you in one bite like a skittle."

"What do you want from me!"

"I just want one! Just one. Or I'll go into a 15 minute transe of your c-d and sing it really, really bad!"


He took a breath. "Yoooooooooooooouuuuu'vvvvvveeeeee goooot THIS NEW HEAD FILLED UP WITH SMOKE!"

"You're singing it all wrong!" I yelled. I sank to the floor. " need singing lessons!"

"Don't make me continue."


"You asked, I just wanna break you down so badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. WELL I TRIP OVER EVERYTHING YA'LL SAYEEE!"

I stood up and started stomping on the floor. "Stop, stop, stop, stop!" I yelled. "You're REALLY, REALLY bad!"


"I-I-...I don't have any...I quit a long time ago."

The dog was silent. "What?" He asked. "You...don't?"

"That's why I couldn't give you any!"

"Oh....why didn't you just say so?"

"I was afraid you might eat me...."

"Well...okay. Bye. Sorry if I caused you any trouble."

The dog left.

I gave a confused look. "Confusing..."

So I walked down my street. I saw Ray.

'Oh no...' I thought.

With my luck he yelled my name. "Adam! Sup?"

"gahhhhahh...nothing you?"

"I was just looking for you. I'm having a new cereal come out and I want YOU to be the first to taste it."

" it called?"

"Afroot Loops."

"You gotta be kidding me."

"No...they're WAAAAY better than Bren Flakes." Ray grabbed a spoon out of nowhere filled with...Afroot Loops and shoved it in my mouth.

I was ready to hurl. I was trying to tell him to stop but...NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MUMBLERS!

"gfdhghhg!" I yelled.

"You want more?"


"They're that good?"



I finally was able to talk. "RAY! They are really bad! What is in the recipe!"

", peaches, Peaches, parts of my afro, apples and red dye."

My eyes widened. "I gotta go." I said. I ran off.

Far enough to see...Fall Out Boy...again.

"Adam..what are you doing on our Fall Out Boy property?' Pete Wentz asked.

"I-I live in New can I be in...where ever you live?"

"You took an airplane! Don't you remember?"

"No... I don't."

"'re standing on all our groupies." Patrick Stump said.

"it's grass!" I yelled back.

"Look again." Joe the drummer dude replied.

"Oooweeoo." The...other guy in the band said.

"He said you have to're killing them." Pete said.

" that way." So I walked off a cliff and was flying next to Brendon Urie.



"! I starting again!" So I ran off into my house.

"MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Fred yelled. "Your wife is now a TBS fan."

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"Then she's gonna get jealous of all of the groupies and kill you...then I can become the lead singer."


The end. Hope you enjoyeeed.
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