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pt 50 Let's get this party started

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'Well well look at you?' Mikey comments when you walk into living area
'What do you think?' You ask spinning 360 so they can see you.
'You look really nice Zero' Frankie
'Go change your skirts too short' Bob says teasingly
'No way it's easy access' you joke.
'It better not be' He replies
'Ok so I'll see you guys at the hotel, I'll come find you okay' you say kissing each of them.
'Have fun Doll Face' Gerard calls before you close the door behind you.

Benji's p.o.v

I just finished in the shower. Reign was going to be here soon. I quickly dried myself and moisturised when I heard the bus door close.
'I'll be right out' I said pulling on my trousers, socks and trainers. I grabbed my t-shirt and walked into the living area.
'I know I know I'm running...what the hell are you doing here?'

Normal p.o.v

Ok this was it; you had no idea why you were so nervous it's not like you'd never been on a date with him before. Don't be nervous, this would be a perfect opportunity to talk things through. 'Where the hell have they parked' you say to yourself looking for their bus.

Benji's p.o.v

'Aren't you happy to see me' Alyssa asked
'No I'm not happy to see you, what the hell are you doing here?' I answer getting annoyed.
'You would know if you'd bothered to call me back' She shot back
'Well since I didn't I thought you would have got the message.'
'I thought you were just playing hard to get' she says walking over to me.

Normal p.o.v

'Finally' you say out loud when you spot their bus. You quickly get your compact mirror out of your bag and give yourself a once over, not that you can see much in the dark.
'Reign' someone shouts from behind you, you turn quickly to see Ray waving at you.

Benji's p.ov

'I'm not playing hard to get so don't come any closer just stay where you are' I reply moving away from her.
'Why not? Scared that I might turn you on' She says
'No I'm scared that you might ruin everything' I say glancing the clock.

Normal p.o.v

What's the matter' you say when you reach him
'You forgot your cell phone' he says handing it over
'Oops' you say slipping it into your bag
'Oops indeed, well have fun and I'll see you later' he says
'Thanks Ray' you reply heading back to meet Benji.

Benji's p.o.v

'I really think we should talk' Alyssa say coming closer
'Sure we can talk just not right now' I say backing into a wall. Idiot Idiot Idiot!!!
'Why not now?'
'Because I'm busy' I reply looking past her
'You don't look busy to me' she retorts closing the gap
'Well I am very busy' I say grabbing her shoulders and turning her around.
'What are you doing?' she asks as I guide her to the door.

Normal p.o.v

You get to the door and quickly smooth out your dress. You take a couple of deep breaths to calm yourself.
'Just be cool' you whisper to yourself

Benji's p.o.v

'Seriously you have to go' I say to Alyssa loosening my grip on her
'Ok fine I'm going' she says facing me
'Well what are you waiting for?' I say looking from her to the door.
'This' she says kissing me full on the lips, prying my mouth open with her tongue.
'Now tell me that didn't turn you on' she finishes kissing my neck.
'Yeah tell her Benji' a voice says from the door. I look over to see Reign standing by the door looking amazing.
I look at her then at Alyssa whose hands were all over me.
'Reign this is not...'
'What it looks like right?' she finishes for me
'No no this is not...I can explain.' I stutter stepping away from Alyssa
'Enjoy your evening' she says slamming the door.

Normal p.o.v

'Reign Mercer you are so stupid' you say to yourself as you run down the steps.
'Reign wait' Benji calls out to you running down the steps 'Reign please' he says grabbing your arm.
'Don't touch me' you scream pushing him back 'Don't talk to me.'
'Please let me explain' he says 'It's not what it looks like'
'Its always what it looks like' you reply turning to walk away.
'Just give me a minute' he says running in front of you and blocking your path 'I know this looks bad but I'm not with her I swear.'
'Oh really it didn't look that way to me.' You retort
'I know, but she just came over and threw herself at me.'
'So why are you topless and how did your arms end up around her?'
'I was getting dressed and my hands were on her because I was pushing her away.' He says
'Bullshit' you say
'It's not. She doesn't mean anything to me. I swear I would never do anything to mess this evening up you know that.' He says tilting your chin so you're looking in his eyes

Benji's p.o.v

'Please don't leave' I say letting her go 'let me make it up to you'
'I can't...'
'Please I'll do anything just don't go like this, I promise you it's not what...nothing is going on between us' I say hoping to convince her. 'Give me five minutes to get rid of Alyssa and we'll go okay.'
'Yeah that's her.' I said looking at the bus

Normal p.o.v

'The same Alyssa that called earlier' you enquire
'OMG You must think I'm an Idiot' you say heatedly walking around him
'Where are you going?' he asks.
'Away you asshole, for a fleeting second I nearly went to dinner with you.' You reply angrily
'Reign what's the problem?' he asks catching you and grabbing you.
'The problem is you, you told me you and her were not together' you cry
'We're not together' he replies
'Then what is she doing here?'
'I already told you I don't know. She just turned up'
'What a coincide she calls you up this afternoon and then mysteriously turns up out of the blue in the evening.'
'I didn't ask her here if that's what you mean.' He cries
'You must've thought your day was going pretty well. Ask me out to dinner, fuck Alyssa while you wait, then kick her out and spend the evening with me.' You say
'It's not even like that' he replies 'you have to believe me'
'You know what I don't have to do anything, I'm outta here.' You say marching off
'Go to hell, I want nothing more to do with you.' you shout over your shoulder.

Benji's p.o.v

FUCK!! What the hell just happened? I walk back to my bus shaking, playing back what just happened over and over.
'I'm so sorry' Alyssa says when she sees me
'Your still here' I state not looking at her.
'Maybe I can talk to her I'll explain.' She offers
'Don't bother you've done enough' I say pulling on my t-shirt
'I really am sorry, I didn't know...'
'Just leave.' I say
'Please Alyssa just go away' I say sinking in to the couch.

Another p.o.v

I really am a genius, not only have I found out what hotel she'll be in, I manage to score my self a room and get my name on the guest list. Things were running smoothly.


Normal p.o.v

You head back to your bus, but change your mind last minute. If the guys saw you upset it would ruin the whole evening. You decide to avoid them now and meet them at the club later.
The only thing is you didn't know how to pass the time. You walk back in the direction you came when you spot Adam's RV.

Joel's p.o.v

'Hurry up' I say
'Joel what's the rush' Billy asks
'Something is wrong' I reply
'What do you mean?' Tony says studying me
'Something is wrong with Benji' I say jogging back to our bus
I was on Mest's bus chilling out before we had to go to the hotel. I don't know why but I got a really bad feeling all of a sudden and I know it was Benji.
'Shouldn't he be on date with Reign' Tony says
'Yes but something is definitely wrong' I say climbing the steps to our bus.
'Benji' I call out flinging open the door, I spot him sitting on the couch looking defeated.
'Dude what's up' Tony says sitting next to him.
'Where's Reign?' I ask
'She's gone' he replies
'What happened?' Billy says sitting on his other side.
'Alyssa happened, I was getting ready and she just appeared out of no where and threw herself at me, I told her to leave but she kissed me and Reign saw.'
'Crap, where's Reign now?' Billy asked looking concerned
'I dunno she took off' Benji answers
'Did she let you explain' Tony says
'Well yeah but when she found out that the girl was Alyssa she flipped out.'
'So what do we do now?' Tony says
'I'm going to try and find Reign, I'll meet you at the club' I say
'So we're still going' Billy asks
'I don't see why not. If we don't find Reign now she'll definitely be there.' I say
'Fuck it lets all go' Tony says.

Normal p.o.v

You climb the steps to Adams RV and knock on the door. You wait patiently but after a few minutes its clear that he's not home. You decide to go to the rave now instead of later, hopefully by the time the others get there you'd be in a better mood.


'I'll have a cosmopolitan' you shout a the bartender 'and keep 'em coming'
You perch yourself on the bar stool and look around. You'd been there for about 45 minutes and it was slamming, definitely your kind of place.
The bartender hands you, your drink and you down it in one handing him back the glass. 'Fill her up'
'Maybe you should take it slow miss.' He advises
'Maybe you should pour me a drink and while you're at it I'll have a tequila' you say smiling sweetly
'Well look what we have here a girl without an escort' a guys says sitting to your right. 'What's your name sugar?'
'Not interested' you say looking him up and down.
'Don't be like that baby you don't even kno....'
'Look dude, I'm just trying to have a drink here, I'm not interested in you at all, not even a little bit so here' you say handing him $10 'take this and go buy yourself a drink, over there at the other end of the bar.' you say harshly. 'Bye now' you say when he gets up to leave.

Gerard p.o.v

We got to the party and it was in full swing, we managed to grab a table and order some drinks.
'They have dancers here' Mikey says pointing to a stage that had three girls dancing around poles.
'Ohh maybe they'll strip' Bob says 'I'll love strippers'
'Oh my god this place is crawling with skanks' Frankie says 'If I was single I'd be in my element'
'Well you know what, I'll take a few for you' Bob offers grinning
'I second that' Mikey says laughing.

Another p.o.v

There she is perched at the bar knocking back the booze, this was good if she kept drinking like that she'd pass out eventually. I'd spotted Gerard and his merry band of men at a table over in the corner; I don't think they know she's here. If they did they wouldn't let her drink the way she was now. I'll give it another hour or two before I make my move.

Joel's p.o.v

'LADIES MY NAME IS TONY LOVATO, I'M SINGLE AND SEXY. WHO WANTS ME?' Tony screams loudly the minute we enter the rave.
'Ok' Lisa says looking at Tony like he's derranged. 'I'm going to get a drink anyone want one.'
'Yeah we'll all have JD and cokes' Joel says 'and keep a look out for Reign'
'See you in a minute' Paul says walking off with Lisa
I scanned the room looking for Reign but I couldn't see much there wasn't much light but that's how raves always were.

Normal p.o.v

'I'm Reign' you say slightly slurred
'I'm Chris, you drinking alone?' he asks
'Not anymore pull up a seat' you say pointing to a stool
'So what's a nice girl doing in a place like this?' he says raising his hand and catching the bartender's eye.
'Who says I'm nice?' you flirt flashing him a smile.
You've had a few too many but your enjoying yourself that's what your supposed to do, and the guy sitting next you looks pretty good, but that could be the drink taking effect.

Another p.o.v

I can't wait anymore I gotta do this now.I just spotted Benji and the others walking in. Plus she's getting a little too cosy with a guy at the bar.
All I have to do is slip this tiny little pill in her drink and watch her body gradually shut down. Actually make that half a pill I don't want her completely unconscious, I want her to know what's going on.
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