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Add Ons

by ClassoftheTitans_fan 14 reviews

Okay i start of with a story then you give a review and continue it. So everyone who reviews is making up the story. so go and review!!!PLZ!

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Okay I start off with something then whoever gives the next review can add on. So you have to review and lots!

Theresa was on her way to have a date with Jay.

They were meeting at the park at lunch time.
Now you Add on (by Anon.)

She was excited and nervous at the same time, thoughts kept reoccuring through her head about what Jays surprise was, it was their first date! She wanted to look special for whatever surprise so she put on some blue caprees, a orange tank with a brown v-neck over top. She headed out the door with out a purse and a gray sweater


Add on more (By Always a legend)

Jay was waiting for Theresa by the pond. What if she doesn't show up? What if she rejects me? What if...Jay was so lost in thought that he doesn't notice Theresa coming up. Jay looked thoughtful so she decided to scare him. She snuck up behind him and scream as loud as she can near his ear. AAHHH! Jay jumped about a foot high. Theresa! he cried.



by Rainpaw

"I didn't scare you did I Jay?" she asked, putting on the cutest face she could muster.
"Just, startled me that's all" he replied, smiling with relief that she had come, and not left him standing there all night like an idiot,
"Where too then?" asked Theresa, moving a little closer.
"The docks" Jay said taking her hand and leading her in that direction.

MORE! (by RainPaw) ohh you guys are making it better than i could ever have made it! That's why i choose this idea!!! AWESOME now everybody likes it in their own way!!!

They reached the dock the sun was setting over the sea, causing it to turn pink, and gold.
"What are we doing here, Jay?" asked Theresa
"You'll see" he smiled; the sun slowly sank behind the horizon.
"Wait for it, Wait for it, There!" he pointed up at the sky


OMG this is my story..kinda and i want MORE!!!


(i want to add on to my own story)

Theresa saw the sky turn into night. The stars...they were amazing! Theresa had never seen so many stars in her life. By the park hiden from the city's lights made such a facinating view of the still calm sky. Theresa couldn't speak but just stare. No wonder why Jay loved the stars...they were the most beautiful bright thing to see.


ADDD! ON!!!!

By Chickiedeedo

The two sat on the docks together for a while, many stars were out now and they gave a nice glow. There were no clouds in the sky tonight and the air was romanticaly warm. Theresa rested her head on Jay's shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Crickets could be heard off in the distance. Theresa gazed up at Jay, he gazed down at her. They were both thinking the same thing, Tonight was perfect.

Oh that was great!(ClassoftheTitans_fan)


I want more!!!

By chickdeedo

Too bad the same can't be said for the other couple back home at the dorm.
" No you're wrong!" An angry teen girl shouted.
" nu-uh" The boy shouted.
" oh yeah then prove it?" She yelled.
" Fine I will," He said as he rushed upstairs.
" Fine!" She shouted, not really at him more so in general. The dorm was silent after that, nobody dared speaking so they just shut themselves in there rooms. Behind there doors they could talk all they wanted. The only bad thing was that Atlanta's room was conected to Archie's.

Okay people PLEASE add on!!!!

Just review to add what you want to happen in the story. Now go ahead and start reviewing!!!

By Theresa599

Back at the dock...

Theresa felt weird like she wanted to......No she brushed that thought away just has she felt something hit her and someone pick her up.

"Leave her alone Cronus!"She heard Jay shout.

"No I think i'll take her with me."Said Cronus leaving with Theresa.


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