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what were mikey and aneesah doing!!!! O_O

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We saw the both of them kissing they saw us and pulled apart.

What the fuck, Mikey? Get a room when you're gonna do that! Gerard said sarcastically

Yeah, what he said aneesah, jeez! I said laughing

Uhhhh, you to weren't supposed to see that! Mikey said.

Ooh, whatever lets finally go get our coffee. I said

Yeah, I bet you the counter people are get mad at us for making them wait so long!!! Gerard said as we reached for our coffee.

Gerard, Mikey, aneesah, and I were walking to the table were bob, frank, and ray were sitting.

Hey, look Ashley here too! Aneesah said

Really where? I said looking around for her.

I'm right I front of you dummy! Ashley said laughing

(She was now dating Frank, she met him while he was working the booths. They hit off well and now there dating they seem almost inseparable and frank is crazy over her.)

Oh, sorry I tend to be a little slow at times! I said laughing with her

At times that's hard to believe. Bob said sarcastically.

Stop, being mean to her bob she cant help it, Gerard said to play along.

You guys are so mean! I said laughing.

So I've been wondering mikey, are you going out with aneesah? Bob asked

Mikey and aneesah looked at eachother.

Yes, we are, you got a problem. Mikey said sort of laughing.

WE NEW IT!!! Me and Ashley said at the same time.

This is lame you guys wanna go some where else? Frankie said

How about we go to a costume store just for fun!!!i said.

We all got up and ran from the rain got into the cars and head to the costume store!

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