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I woke up and jumped out of the bunk in the tour bus, and there are at the table was Gerard smiling at me and on the other side was the rest of the guys and aneesah!

What the hell, are you doing here, aneesah!?!?! I said.

Oh now is see how you really feel, you have all the fun while I do nothing at all! She said sarcastically which made the both of us laugh.

Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if you would like to join us for a drive to Starbucks/Barnes & Nobles and get a drink!!! He said I a British accent and acting like a gentleman.

I will be a pleasure. I said back in a British accent also.

You two are so dumb!!! Aneesah said laughing.

On the way there it started to rain which was weird it felt like the same day he asked me to be his girlfriend in high school and just like how the kiss yesterday felt the same way as the first time I kissed him in the library but even better! We finally got to starbucks we all had to run to the door so we wouldn't get soaked in the rain, we walk in freezing cold and half soaked. Aneesah didn't have a jacket and I saw Mikey give her his extra jacket that he had on and gave it to her, I had a slight hint that he liked her! I went to see the poetry books for a while, since I was waiting on my coffee and I was really into the book then all of a sudden frank comes up and scares the crap out of me!

FRANK, YOU ASS IM GONNA GET YOU BACK FOR THAT, WATCH! I said as he was laughing his ass off.

Well I just came here to tell you that Gerard is looking for you and that your coffee is ready. He said still laughing.

Then why could you tell me like that instead of scaring me you stupid punk! I said before he walked off but I really wasn't that mad any more.

I was walking back and then I heard someone.


I jumped a little as I saw Gerard pop out.

What is with you guys scaring people. I said laughing as he held me by the waist and then kissed me.

Gerard and Andrea sitting in a tree,K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Gerard and I heard Frankie, Bob, And Ray singing in unison.

Okay cut it out guys lets go get our coffee. Gerard said

Gerard and I walked back as we saw frank, bob, and ray race each other back.

Hey Gerard do you know where aneesah and Mikey went?

I had a feeling I spoke to soon when we turned the corner we saw them.....
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