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So it was a long drive to get the closest costume store which apparently wasn't so close. We were all at the costume store running from yet again rain we walked in the costume store and shook off.

Why does it have to be raining so much? I said

Eh, who knows! Gerard said

MOTHER NATURE KNOWS!!! Frankie said out loud.

Well I think that's a pretty good explanation! Bob said laughing.

Hey where is aneesah and Ashley? I said I turned around and saw them dressed and they looked like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy.

What the freak? What are you two's problems? Mikey said.

It a COSTUME store what else do you plan to do while in here! Ashley said sarcastically.

Uhhh, yeah I know that! Mikey said with shifty eye and looked slightly embarrassed.

Well, since we all are in a costume store I dare all of you guys to dress in drag! I said in a mischievous voice.

What no!!! bob said

Yeah what he said! And the guys said in unison

Fine, then we will tell everyone you did dress in drag! Aneesah said

But we never did!!! Ray said

But nobody else knows that! Ashley said

All the guys looked at each other thinking whether or not to do it. We weren't really gonna say they dressed in drag if they didn't we just said it so they will do it.

Ummm, okay well do it! Frankie said.

Uh, yeah but remember what happens in the costume store, stays in the costume store! Gerard said kinda laughing!

Okay it stays in the costume store! I said laughing while aneesah and Ashley laughed with me also.

I took them forever to get dressed not to mention that they were a bit hesitant, and we had to push bob into the dressing rooms because he didn't want to do it he tried to resort to crying but he couldn't force him self to cry but he finally broke in and went it to the dressing room.

READY!!! We heard frank yell.

Oh, no I don't want to see! Ashley said covering her eyes.

They all came out one by one and they all looked hilarious and yet so horrible! We were laughing so hard I started crying!!!

Uh, can we get out of this now! Gerard said with an annoyed voice.

Wait, I have to take a picture! I said

snap I took a picture before they could duck.

YES! I said

They all ran back to the dressing room and the funny thing was that they took it off faster than they put it on. They finally came back fully clothed in what they were in before. I looked at my watch to see what time it was.

Holy crap! I have a meeting at work and I forgot about the time! I said

Its okay I'll drive you back. Gerard said

Thank you! I said and gave him a kiss.

We ran to the car and aneesah, Ashley and the other guys went in the other car. We started driving and it was very quiet and all you could here was the pitter-patter of the rain hit the roof of the car and the honking of horns from the street.

So, are you going to be in trouble at work? Gerard asked in a concerned voice.

See, I'm not sure cause I've never been late because josh, never mind. I said hanging my head.

What have I told you, its not your fault. Gerard said

I know but sometime I feel like it was. I said

Stop telling you self that, it's not true. Gerard said

Yeah I guess your right. I said under my sighing breath.

And one thing that you should never forget is that I love you more then anyone else would, To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Gerard said so sweetly.

I looked up.

GERARD, WATCH OUT. I said screaming.

There was a car turning towards us, Gerard swerved off the road and the car flipped up side down. I was unconscious for about 5 minutes it took me a while to realize what happened I could smell gas from the car I looked over and saw Gerard while I was trying to get down I knew he was still alive 'cause I could see him breathing.

Gerard, Gerard! I said as I felt my breath get shorter I kept yelling but no response. I started crying. I was bleeding from my abdomen, I felt my self-getting colder, and my breath was shortening I had I feeling the car would explode any minute. I gave up this was the end of everything but the last weeks of my life was great I spent it with the one and only person that would do anything to make me happy. What I realized is that he never had to do anything to make me happy because he was the one to put the smile on my face, the sunshine in my eyes, and the one to make my heart skip a beat.

gerard woke-up a little and held my hand, i just knew that i would never let go. I could here the pitter-patter of the rain and the siren of the ambulance come closer but it was to late I took my last breath and watch everything around him fade to black.


its not the end of the story so done freak out!!!
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