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CHP10 (last one)

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boo hoo last chp.

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RING RING! I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, in my bedroom really, really confused, what happened it was all just a dream! I didn't know what was going on at all I pinched my self to make sure I was awake and in deed, I was. It was the most weird and horrible dream I've ever had. I cannot believe I was dreaming about a man, that I love so much and to die in such a tragic way with him. I looked at the clock and I noticed I was late for school it was 10:30 and classes started at 7:40, not to mention I missed all of first and second hour. I got up, dressed quickly, and grabbed my bag and headed out the door I had to walk since I had no ride I was pretty sure Gerard was there all ready with the guys. Aneesah and Ashley were there I'm sure too. By the time I got there lunch barely started, and I saw aneesah and Ashley running with excitement to give me a hug.

Where have you been you like half of school! Aneesah said.

Gerard has been looking for you all day by the way! Ashley said

Really, um why? I said

Why? Aneesah said. He is your boyfriend, you now!

Yeah, since yesterday! Ashley said. Are you okay cause, your acting really weird?

Yeah I'm okay, I just had this dream and it- never mind it's a long story anyway! I said.

Well, what ever it is a dream or a FEVER, we hope you get better! Aneesah said

Just then, I heard a very familiar voice.

SHE'S HERE GERARD!!! Frankie yelled from a distance as he was running toward us.

He came by, grabbed Ashley from the waist, and kissed her. Soon mikey came by only to do the same with aneesah.

Umm, where is Gerard? I said

Uh, I think he is at the vending machines getting a drink. Ray said.

Yeah, he is over there, and he knows you're here too, just so you know. Bob said

Okay, is he avoiding me or something? I said

No, it lunch you now, you have to get something to eat if you're hungry.

Oh, uh yeah I guess I will go meet him. I said

I walked to where the vending machines were, I didn't see him? I was starting to think I did something wrong but what, but I was trying to convince myself I did for some reason. Then I heard someone.

Andrea? Is that you? I heard a sweet soft gentle voice say.

I turned around slowly only to see the one person I love the most.

GERARD! I screamed, you don't know how happy I am to see you. I hugged him so tight, I never wanted to let go.

Jeez, I saw you yesterday, you kinda making it feel like I haven't seen you in forever! But I have no problem with this at all! Gerard said laughing.

Sorry, I had this dream and well it along story. I said as we headed out side, and sat at the soccer field.

What was it about? Gerard asked and there I told him every thing from start to finish. Then after I was done talking, he looked at me almost as If I were crazy.

So, A car crash, huh. Gerard said slightly sarcastic and confused.

Don't say it that way, you make me feel like I'm a psycho! I said giving him a little hit on the arm.

I'm sorry, it just kind of weird since we've only been dating for only 2 days now. He said laughing a little.

I'm such an idiot! I said hanging my head down.

Hey, no your not, you just I don't know. I guess your just the unexplainable that's kinda what make you mysterious. You're quiet, well most of the time. Gerard laughed, you're not afraid to be who you are, and your definitely beautiful.

I lifted my head and smiled. It was about to rain.

I love you, Gerard said

I love you, too. I said back.

Then kissed he me, it was pouring rain but I didn't care nothing else existed but me and him, it was like a moment suspended in time.


did you like it??!?!?! i hope you did sry that there arent that many chp. but the next story im writing gonna be even better!!!haha did any of you recognize the last part??? A Moment Suspended In Time-by UnderOath [great band by the way] LOL
oh and in my next story i was wondering if any one of you want to be with Bob because he the only one avaliable so any takers??? feel free to ask!!!
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