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Written in the Stars

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Jay and Theresa go out to their first date....pretty bad but i dont care! first story ever please be nice! r/r later! ADDED MORE TO IT!!

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"Jay hurry up!" Theresa called Jay from her candy apple red convertible. Jay came running out of the brownstone and took the seat beside her. He looked at her and smiled sweetly.
"You ready for our first date?" Theresa smiled seductively and nodded.
"You bet i am...c'mon we better go or we will be late for our movie." Jay nodded.
"Yeah....lets go." He couldnt take his eyes off of her as she backed the car out of the driveway and they drove off to the movie theartres.
(after the movie)
Theresa and Jay left the movie theatre, both looking disapointed. Jay looked at his feet.
"No offense that movie kind of sucked." Theresa nodded in agreement.
"The actors were gotta admit." Jay agreed.
"I bet that the director was desperate for someone and got a bunch of no name actors to be in it." Theresa raised an eyebrow.
"I would have made that movie ten times better if i had starred in it!" Jay laughed and looked up at the sky; it was night. Jay grabbed Theresa's hand.
"C'mon i have to show you something." Theresa looked at him curiously.
"Okay where are we going?" Jay didnt answer as he started to run while dragging her with him. They ran for a few minutes and Jay had led them to the docks. Theresa walked down to the edge and looked at her reflection in the water. Jay came behind her and put his arm around her waist. Theresa looked into his chocolate brown eyes and could feel her knees go weak. Jay smiled and could feel his cheeks turning red. He hoped she didnt notice so he pointed at the stars.
"You see the big dipper there?" Theresa looked and saw it and nodded.
"Its beautiful isnt it?" Jay nodded in agreement.
"Yeah just like you." Theresa looked at him with wide eyes.
"What did you just say?" Jay realized what he just said and began to blush.
"uhh nothing....i said i think so too." Theresa smiled and then she turned to Jay. She took both of his hands and smiled.
"your hands are so big and strong....i like it." Jay blushed and he let go of her hands and put them on her face. He could feel himself getting lost in her emerald eyes as he began to stroke both of her cheeks with his thumbs. He smiled.
"Theresa....I love you. Every time you walk into the room or even talk to me, i blush everytime." theresa smiled.
"I love you too....everytime you touch me makes me feel good....i dont want this moment to end Jay....I dont want it to end." Jay stopped stroking her cheeks and just left his hands on her face. He smiled at her.
"I think i can do that." He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Jay's hands were still on her face and Theresa put both her hands on his broad shoulders. They kept kissing, neither one of them wanting to let go. Finally after many minues of kissing, they let go of each other. Jay's hands were still on her face and Theresa's hands were still on his shoulders. They both looked up at the stars and saw a shooting star. Jay smiled and then looked at the beautiful redhead infront of him.
"I guess it's written in the stars that we should be together eh?" Theresa smiled and kissed his cheek. She smiled.
"It always was Jay....It always was." They both smiled and they kissed once more and then they went back to the brownstone. They both loved each other and knew that they always could depend on each other....that's true love.
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