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Chapter 1

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Hey you guys!!!
It's me Lizy!
Hope you guys havent forgotten about little old me :)
Okay, this is the sequal to Help Me Be Who I Am.
This story is going to have alot of twists and turns in it, some old suprises and new ones.
I just hope you guys can handle it :)
Well, off to the story.

Women in back: Geeze I cant wait! If Betty and Frank really get together im going to have to take that blue pen you use and shove it up you-
Me: HEY! I told you once before, watch the might read this.
Pete: Yeah, kids. Pass the popcorn man.
Frank hands Pete the popcorn.
Frank: There ya go dude.
Me: Alright then, everyone go to the restroom?
Pete, Frank, Women: Yes
Me: Okay, on with the story now.

Chapter 1

Nevaeh woke up to warmth pressed up against her back. It was a nice feeling to have. She glanced down at the arm that lay rested on her waist. It was tattooed and tan, Petes arm. Rolling over gently she watched him sleep for the second time in their relationship. He was so beautiful, but not as beautiful as Frank, Frank. With that being thought, the memories of the previous night came flooding back into her mind. Nevaeh slowly moved away from Pete, leaving her soft warm spot and tip toeing out of the room. When she walked into the living are, she saw Maggie sitting on the couch, watching cartoons and eating Trix. She smiled at her, milk and Trix falling down her chin. Nevaeh laughed and fixed herself a bowl and sitting beisde Maggie indian style.

" What happened to you lastnight? We all looked around for you when Pete said you might of ran back to the bus. That you werent feeling well."
" I just wanst feeling to good really. Might of had too much to drink is all."
" Mhm."
" What?"
" Nothing. You just were never a good liar is all."

Nevaeh waited until the bowl that Maggie held was placed on the coffee table infront of them. Once she heard the clank of the bowl and spoon, Nevaeh smackd her in the face with a pillow. Maggie sat there, stunned. Nevaeh giggled lightly and fell off the couch. Maggie jumped off the couch and down down on her chest.

" Ha! What now biotch?! Thats what you get for hitting me. What...whats that on your finger?"
" Huh?"
" Theres a thimble on your finger. Why is it there?"
" Because her Peter Pan gave it to her as a kiss."

Nevaeh and Maggie both turned to see Pete standing there, his hair a mess and his ninja turtles boxers handing loosely on his hips. He looked..yummy. Nevaeh smiled at him and punched Maggie in her boob,causing her to scream in pain, but most imporantly, roll off her her. She stood up and walked over to Pete, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his chest gently. He squeezed her gently and they heard Maggie scream aw and walk into the bunk area and close the door. Pete took her hand and lead her to the couch, him sitting down first and then pulling Nevaeh into his lap. They both just sat there in silence, not saying a word and holding each other. About 10 minutes later, Tara and Gerard walked into the tour bus, Gerard falling on the floor.

" Hangoverrrrrr."
" Baby, I warned you about drinking all that tequilla. I said it was going to give you one hell of a hang over didnt I?"
" Oh hush."
" Well, one day you will learn to listen to me. Oh wait! What am I talking about? That will never happen."
"Wow, you are good. Can you like, tell the future?"

They all laughed and decided to go out to breakfast at alittle cafe just around the corner from the buses. Nevaeh and Pete got dressed and walked over to the cafe with Gerard and Tara. As they were walking over, they noticed Betty and Frank walking out of the cafe. Betty waved her hand and walked over to the group, pulling Frank behind her. She ran up to Nevaeh and gave her a huge hug, which caused her to just stand still in total shock.

" Nevaeh! Will you please be my maid of honor?!"
" Wha!?"
" I need a maid of honor and I thought of you. Please be it?!"
" Um."

What the hell could she say? I mean really. The girl that she hated with every inch of her soul wanted her to be in her wedding...not only her wedding but be her MAID OF HONOR!? WHY NOT JUST MAKE HER THE MAID OF HORROR! Maid of honor in hers and Franks wedding. Nevaeh looked at Frank, he had his head down and wouldnt even look at her. Pete gave her waist a small squeeze, knocking her out of her daze.

" Um, really?"
" Yeah, I mean, you have been there for me and Frank and we are practically sisters!"

Nevaeh really didnt know why she would think that and she really didnt care. She couldnt be rude though so she just smiled and patted her shoulder. Note to self: Take a long hot shower and scrub roughly until blood forms. Just to make sure im clean, I dont want any diseases.

" Why of course I will. How could I pass this up?"
" Oh joy! This is like totally awesome!"
" Totally!"
" Alright well were off to the wedding planners! TOODLES!"
" Oh my god toodles!"

Nevaeh waved frantically and once she was gone, she fell against Pete. He chuckled and picked her up bridal style. She shrieked and wrapped her arms around Petes neck, holding on for dear life.

" Pete, what the hell are you doing?!"
" I am carrying you."
" No shit!? Why?"
" Because your acting like a baby."
" I am not!"
" Are too, you shouldnt do it for Betty, but for Frank."

Nevaeh sighed and leaned her head on Petes chest. Once they got to the cafe he set her down and they all walked in, hand in hand. They got stopped by many people, wanting pictures, autographs and crazy road stories. Nevaeh really didnt have any crazy stories, this was her first real time on the road. They ate and talked about the night before, how drunk and crazy Gerard and the guys got. They even got Ray to make out with some old women who took out her teeth before the hot and steamy make out session. Nevaeh almost choked on her sandwhich, she could just see him now doing it. Ewwie.
They walked back to the bus and began their road trip to another state for the warped show. Nevaeh was excitied. She loved playing new places, loved seeing all the new people and getting to see their reactions when they played for them. Its the most wonderful feeling in the world.
Nevaeh felt abit tired and decided to lay down. When she walked back into her room, she noticed she had a new text message on her phone. She flipped out her sidekick and recieved it, seeing that it was from Frank. She smiled abit and read it.

Im sorry for lastnight, it was out of line. Its just that in the moment you looked so beautiful and I felt as if I just had to kiss you, one last time. But what am I saying? Im about to be a married man. This is probably the longest text message I have ever written to anyone so feel special. I dont want things to be weird between us. Im glad your going to be Bettys maid of honor, maybe you guys can get closer. I hope so. I hope things work out with you and Pete, he is a great guy and you deserve the best. Maybe thats why I wont let myself be with you. Im not that great and have too much drama in my life. Anyways, you dont have to write back but I would like it if you did.
- Frank.

She decided to reply to it. What was the worst that could happen?

Im glad you did decided to write me and I do understand. I just want the best for you and I dont want Betty to hurt you again. I understand that we cant be together and its fine with me. I will always love you like a brother and I will always be here for you no matter what. How about we go to lunch tomorrow yeah? I saw this great veggie cafe on the way here. Say 11:30?
- Nae

Nevaeh put the phone on her nightstand and kicked off her shoes. She soon heard her phone play Seize The Day by Avenged Sevenfold. She picked it up and read the text message.

I would love to go to lunch, meet you at the gates. But right now im off to sound check with the guys. Come over later and I will kick your ass at cards.
Love you bunches.
- Frank.

She smiled and decided not to reply back. Her band had a soundcheck to do today too so she decided to lay down and take a nap. Once her head hit the pillow she fell asleep dreaming of her one true love.

Well, thats the first chapter.
I know its kinda short, but I do wanna know what you guys think of it so far.
It wont be as long as the first story I can tell you that lol.

Me: So guys, how was it so far?
Pete: Pretty good.
Frank: Yeah, but when do we get to the part where she-
Me covers Franks mouth
Women: I liked it, but there will be more soon right?
Me: Yes, there will be.
Pete, Frank, Women: GOOD!
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