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Chapter 2

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me:Hey, thanks for the 2 reviews from Laura and Pants.
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Pete: Whats so special about being written in the story?
Me smacks Pete
Pete: HEY! Why be so mean?
Frank: Because, its important to be in a story. Makes you feel special. Well....atleast me it does.
Pete: Yeah but thats because your special ed.
Women: Kids, must I take you in the bathroom and spank you?
Pete: ..I dont know. Sounds pretty kinky to me.
Women: Ugh, boy I will break you.
Pete: Sure.
Me: Oh yeah, and to me its way easier to write in first person so uhh..ANYWAYS! On with the story

Chapter 2

Have you ever, in your enitre life had someones moans wake you up? If not, well you should try it. It happened to me. Actually, not a great wake up call. I rolled over and saw that it was Tara and Gerard, jumping and pushing the bed, trying to make it seem like they were doing things that they really werent. Infact, it looked kinda funny. Gerard was WAY more into it then Tara was. She was just sitting there, yawning now and then.

" I dont think its going to work Gerard."
" Huh?!"
" Oh no, it worked. Nevaeh is up."

I rolled over and threw a pillow at them both, causing laughter from them . The two of them jumped in the bed and snuggled closer to me.

" Whats the plan today Nae?"
" Well, Gerard my love, Frank asked me to go to lunch today."
" Ugh! Must you say that name?!"
" Tara chill. We worked things out."
" No, you havent. He is engaged to Betty, and not to you. He is blinded by her blonde shinny hair!"

They all laughed together, causing Gerard to fall off of the bed and hit his head on the floor. That only made us laugh harder. Once Tara and Gerard left, I got up and walked to her closet. I grabbed a old Misfits band tee and some torn blue jeans. I slipped those on and grabbed a pair of flip flops. As soon as I walked out of my room, I ran into a hard body. Noticing the hands I saw it was Frank. We just...smiled at each other and didnt even bother to say a word.
When we got to the little veggie cafe Frank pulled out my chair for me and I sat down, him sitting right across from me. I couldnt think of anything to say..this was really weird.

" So..hows the wedding plans comming?"
" Eh, okay I guess. Betty wants this expensive huge wedding. My poor credit card is now a condom."

I laughed. Hey it was funny if you get it. I can just see it now: Frank handing Betty his beautiful credit card and then her returning it all limp and noodly like a condom. Ahh cracks me up. We both ordered eggplant caserole and ate in silence. It felt really werid to be sitting with Frank again, extremely weird. Who would of thought that we wouldnt be together, but instead remain friends. Well, I guess you can only ask for so much right? I would rather be his friend then not have him at all in my life.

" So how is you and Pete?"
" Were good I guess. He bought me this Tinker Bell outfit thats pretty cute. Since halloween is coming up I think thats what I will be. Tinker Bell."
" Cool, I want to be a vampire. I found this place here that gives you these custom fangs. Its pretty wicked."
" Awesome."
" Yeah, I went in for this fitting. The stuff they put in my mouth tasted nasty."

Just to show he really ment it, he shivered lightly. I laughed abit and began to run my fingers over his halloween tattoo on his fingers. I stopped when I came to the wedding band on his ring finger. We both just sat there in silence until the ringing of his phone went off, causing us both to jump out of our seats alittle. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out, signed and picked up.

" Hello?"
" Hey baby!"

It was Betty, her loud ass mouth could be heard all the way in thats kinda far. I just sat there, quietly listening, or atleast trying too.

" Where are you at?"
" Lunch with Nevaeh."
" Oh."
" What?"
" I thought we both agreed that you were going to be spending less time with her and more time with me."
" I know but its just-"
" Baby, you promised."
" I know, but I mean, its just lunch. I havent seen her inawhile."
" You saw her lastnight."
" Yeah, but not the same."
" Whatever."
" Why are you so mad? Jealous or something?"

Then thats when I heard it. Bettys shrill screaming.

" Excuse me?"
" Baby, imsorry I yelled at you, dont forget we have the wedding planner today at 3. Okay love you bye!"

Frank didnt even get the chance to say bye before she hung up. He put his head down and threw some money on the table. We both got up and walked back to the buses. He had to go get ready for the wedding planner, and I had to get ready for soundcheck. Joy! I ran over to stage B and up to the mic. I saw the my band, Pete and Gerard. I wanst going to give the song I had written to the girls yet to preform. I just couldnt. That was a song for me, and me alone. No one else would read it.
After the sound check Pete and I walked around the bus area, just holding hands and getting to know each other more. Well, actually him getting to know me. Asking me silly questions like what my favorite food is and all that shit. By the time we got back to the bus, I was about to be late, if I didnt hurrry and get dressed to preform. So I changed quickly into this extremely short black skirt and a white corset top that had bullet holes in it dripping blood. Yes, yes my own design thank you. I actually shot it. Thanks dad for the gun lessons.
Our show was the best show so far, infact they only seemed to keep getting better and better. We all just collapsed on our bus, me in Petes lap and Tara in hers. Maggie and Alexandra collapsed in beds. Lucky them. All of a sudden Betty and Frank came walking in, no excuse me, Betty came in DRAGGING Frank.

" Excuse me Nevaeh. Can I speak to you?"
" Sure, uh whats up?"
" I saw you, you dirty bitch!"
" Saw me what?!"
" I saw you rubbing on Franks hand!"

Oh shit, so now shes stalking him, great. I cant even touch my best friend anymore! I got up and walked to her, I wasnt going to punch her so dont even get that idea!

" Uh Betty, it wasnt anything, just an innocent touch was all."

Betty sighed and let go of Frank.

" Im so sorry Nevaeh, I dont know what got over me. Its just..with this wedding shit I have been such a bitch lately. Forgive me?"

Bitch lately? Try forever.

" Yeah, I understand. Your under alot of stress and it happens."
" Thanks so much for understanding. Your like my BFF!"

Bff? As friends forever? How about...Best fork over Frank? No, that she dont work. Damnit, why cant I think of anything when I really want to. Betty pulled me into a hug and I saw Frank give me alittle smile.

" Okay, so tomorrow your going to have to come and get fitted for your brides maid dresses. Im thinking a peach or a moca color. Sound good? Oh and also I want matching shoes, finger nails, toe nails AND jewelry."
" Think your going overboard?"
" Its MY wedding. Remember that."
" Okay.."
" Alright! Well, off we go! Come along Frank, we have to go get you fitted with your tux."

The look on Franks face was priceless. He actually had to wear a tux and was regreating it. I know that face anywhere. Here let me describe it to you. Ever had to do a really nasty job, one of those that just make you go...AHHHHHHHHH HELL NO! KILL ME PLEASE!? Yeah, that was the face he made and I had to hold my nose to stop from laughing. Once they walked out it was just me and Pete. Tara and Gerard had managed to sneak into the bunk area and have some...special time alone. Yeah, thats what we call it, special time alone.

" Nevaeh?"
" Hmmm?"
" Can we talk?"
" Sure."
" In your room?"
" Uh..okay."

We walked into my room and sat on my bed.He picked up my notepad that I had written my song to Frank in a couple of nights before. He gently placed it on the bed and I looked into his eyes. There was some emotion there that I couldnt quite put my finger on. But I have a feeling that I was about to figure it out. Pete placed his hand on my and entwined out fingers. We just kinda sat there, staring at each other until I was the first one to say something.

" Pete..I..I dont know what to say."
" Just..explain to me. I need to know whats going on."
" Alot of stuff that I just..cant explain."
" Just, try please."

I took a deep breath in and picked up the notepad, looking over it. One the paper was my life. Everything that had to do with Frank and what I felt for him. What was I going to tell Pete? Oh yeah hey! I am stuck between you guys! Pft yeah right. I wasnt stuck, I knew where my heart belonged but my heart couldnt belong to Frank. Betty wasnt going to let it. But I couldnt go on, I just..had to tell Pete, I didnt want him to get hurt. Oh we go.

"Pete..I am in love with Frank. I am sorry. Its not that I dont have emotions and feelings for you because I do. But I have come to realize that Frank doesnt want to be with me. If he did want to be with me, then he would dump Betty and be with me. Its just so hard because I was trying to get over him and just..move on pretty much. But it seems that I cant. Im so sorry Pete and I understand if you dont want to be with me."

We just sat there, quiet. He wouldnt even really look at me, and I knew why. The emotion that I saw in his beautiful eyes was hurt..pain. I hurt him..I Nevaeh McCoy, actually hurt someone who never deserved it. Thats not cool at all. Pete didnt even say anything, he just got up..and left, leaving me alone with my notepad and the tears that fell.

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Me: So, was this good so far?
Pete: You hurted me?
Me: Im sorry Pete, it just had to happen.
Frank: Its cause im hotter and have bigger muscles.
Pete: Liar.
Me: Wait...wheres the women?
Frank and Pete look at each other.
Frank: She said something about writting something on her own..I dont know.
Me: Oh shit!
Me runs off!
Pete: Okay, shes gone now.
Women comes up crying.
Women: Poor Pete...
Pete: I know. Now tell Frank my muscles are bigger.
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