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Chapter 3

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Alright guys, thanks so much for all the reviews.Wow, makes me feel special.
Pete: Hey, why did you run out yesterday?
Me: THAT WOMENS CRAZY! You dont know what she would do.
Women dumps popcorn on her head.
Women: I am not.
Me: Sure..
Frank: Okay, so how a bout some story? Cause I want me and Nevaeh to hook up. Shes one hot peice of a-
Frank: I was going to say apperence.
Me: Shes one hot peice of apperence?
Frank: Yeah..
Pete: Dude shut up and let her post the chapter.

Chapter 3

I didnt have any idea what I was going to do. It had been a good week since me and Pete had actually spoken to each other. Of course we had little hi's and bye's here and there and a couple of hows your days but thats it. No hugging, cuddling, kissing..nothing. You know, now that I think about it, me and Pete never really kissed all that much. Probably because..well I dont know. We were comming to a close on Warped, me never wanting the time I spent with the guys to end, or the millions of fans that I had gained over the two months. We had only a couple of shows left to do, and then..that was it. No more Warped. Its actually hard to even think about it, to even get use to what it feels like to sleep in a bed that doesnt rock you to sleep. I already feel weird just thinking about it. Me and Frank got closer again, like we were in highschool, and that just sent a hot fire poker up Bettys ass. She hated it, and I loved it. Loved it because things were back to normal in a way.
Today I get to go try on my maid of honor dres...woot.Okay that was a fake woot. I was extremely nervous..if it was peach I was going to scream and rip it to peices like the Hulk..except the green part..and me being a it would be more like Hulkina. Yeah, Hulkina. I was going to ride with Betty and Frank to the wedding planners and see her dress that probably cost more then my clothes, the girls clothes, the guys clothes, all our make up and two huge ass tour buses together. As I got over to the bus, I saw Betty and Frank aruging. I wasnt going to pry..but if I happened to be standing really close and overhear things..then well thats not my fault then is it? Nope, I would think not

" Betty whats your problem?!"
" You and her!"
" Whats wrong with us?!"
" Your acting YOUR DATING!"
" We arent!"
" I know your not! But did you see this?!"

I watched as she threw, well didnt even really throw, kinda hit him on the chest with it. But it was a magazine, no not one of those cheesy fake tabloid magazies, but infact People Magazine. I couldnt see what it was because..well I wasnt right next to them! I was I was now damnit.

" So?"
" So, why dont we have any pictures like that!?"
" Because..I dont know, they dont take any?"
" No, thats because you dont take me out!"
" I take you everywhere I go Betty."
" Then why dont people take pictures like that of us?"
" This is all over a stupid picture?"
" Yes."

I heard Frank sigh and throw the magazine down. I hope he wasnt going to choke her..cause if he was..I wasnt going to turn my head..but tell the police I did so they cant arrest him..or say she hit him first and threatened to kill him.

" Betty, stop being so damn childish okay? Think before you speak, and look at your finger and remember whos wearing the ring."

I saw Frank walk away and Betty stomp her feet multiple times and stomp off, probably trying to find me. I looked both ways and made sure the coast was clear, I walked over to the magazine and flipped it to the contents. I had no idea what I was looking for, so I just took it back to my bus and walked into my room, locking the door. I saw indian style on my bed flipping through the magazine. At the top of page 56 I saw the caption of Love Is In The Air, Or Is It? It had many celebraties on it, and one of those being me and Frank. I was sitting in his lap with his arms around me tickling me, our faces very close together. There right beside the picture was alittle paragraph.

" Well, looks like My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero and lead singer Nevaeh McCoy from Vengence Is Over-Rated are looking mighty cozy! They are seen here sitting on the beach realaxing and playing around. A coupld of weeks ago Nevaeh McCoy was seen with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz making out. Wonder which boy her heart belongs too?"

Oh..My..GOD! I have gotten, not only myself, but Frank and Pete in a mess too! It was a cute picture of me, so I decided to cut it out and keep it in my journal. Yeah..I have a journal. Once I got that done, I put the magazine under my pillow and walked out of my room and the bus.

" There you are! Me and Frankie were looking everywhere for you!"
" Oh I just had to freshen up was all."
" Okay, well lets go, we dont want to be late."
" Oh no."

We walked to Franks car and got in, of course me in the back. He kept looking at me in the mirror and I looked back. Once Betty realised we were doing this she reached a hand out and grabbed Franks, smiling at him. Now, I found out on the way over to the wedding planners that he follows us around so they could keep their shit up to date..that had to be causing Frank a pretty penny. Now that I think about it, I never heard Betty say she was paying for anything. What a bitch. But wait! That was Betty for you, Betty the bitch.

" So are you nervous Nevaeh?"

I looked up and it was Frank talking to me.

" Nervous about what?"
" Well, about seeing your maid of honor dress I guess."
" Oh my god Frank, you totally just rhymed."
" Oh hell yeah I did!"

Me and Frank laughed, and I looked over to Betty who was looking out the window with a look on her face like she just ate somethinge extremely tart. I stopped laughing and so did Frank. Once we got there we walked in and was greeted by a bunch of...over eager people I will call them.

" Oh my GOD! Betty! How are you doing?"

Betty ran to the girl and gave her air kisses..I wanted to vomit. They walked off talking when some very nice looking guy walked over to us, shaking Franks hand.

" Ah and this must be out maid of honor huh? Well, its nice to meet you. I am Mark Magraff and I will be planning this wedding. Shall we fit you now?"
" Sure why not?"
" Right this way please."

Me and Frank walked behind him, us picking up our legs and trying to hit each other in the ass with our heel..he won. Damn him and his tallness and long legs! Once we got into a seperate room I noticed mirrors all around and dresses on a rolling shelf. Mark walked over to the bottom shelf and picked up the dress and handed it to me.

" Please, go try that on."
" Where?"
" You can just go behind the mirrors."

Once I walked back there I took off my clothes and put them in a pile on the floor. I took the dress out of the plastic that it was in and began to put it wanst a dress..more like a jump suit with plazo pants attached to it..and it was a dark

" How is it?"
" Im not coming out."
" What why?"
" Frank..Betty hates me."
" She does not."
" Then why the hell would be put me in this ugly peice of shit?!"

I walked out and Franks eyes went wide. I looked wait..I didnt..but the dress did. Yeah, Betty did this shit to make me look stupid, I know it. I just grumbled and sat down, looking at Frank as he was trying to finished getting measured for his tux. I looked at him..I mean..really looked at him. He looked so beautiful. With not make up and his hair not even done, the brown of his hair kinda showing through the bleach blonde and the black mixing in with it. Mark came over to me and gave me a bottle of water and sat down.

" How long?"
" Excuse me?"
" How long?"
" How long what?"
" How long have you loved him?"

I was taken back for a moment. What the hell was this guy talking about? Wait..most importantly, how does he know?! I just took a swig of my water and closed it up, looking back to Frank. I guess Mark was waiting for my answer because he was still there looking at me.

" 6 years."
" Wow, so long and he doesnt know?"
" No, I think he knows..I told him I loved him more then what he thinks."
" And he said what?"
" Nothing, he got scared and ran."
" And Pete?"
" I dont really know what we are now."
" What do you mean?"
" I mean that he found a song that I wrote about Franka nd read it, pretty much confessing my love to him."
" And?"
" He asked me about it."
" And?"
" And...I told him I really loved Frank."
" Ah."

We sat there quiet until Betty came running in with her wedding gown on spinning around.

" Isnt it beautiful?!"
" Yeah, how much is it?"
" Extremely expensive. Best money can buy."

Frank groaned and rubbed his head.

" Baby, its worth it. This is our day..forever."
" Yeah, I know."
" Oh my god, Nevaeh you look beautiful!"
" You think so?"
" Oh yes."

Your a fucking idiot, I look like a clown.

" Well, we better get going."

We all changed and went back to the buses. I had to talk to someone about what the hell Betty was putting me through..hell. Thats what it had to be, hell.

Me: Alright guys, how was it?
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Pete laughs
Me pouts
Me: Shut up.
Frank: But shes a hot clown.
Women: I want the suprise.
Me: Just wait, not yet.
Women: NO NOW!
Frank: Hey, its okay..woosaaah?
Women: Boy dont mess with me, I am pre menapause.
Me, Frank, and Pete step back and run.
Women: Much better, I hate when people talk during the stories.
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