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Chapter 4

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys whats up? I hope you all are enjoying the storys that I have..because people are.
I understand that I cant stop people from writting stories, and that everyone has a brain like myself.
But when I find that stories have parts of mine in them, it pisses me off to no extent.
Infact, it hurts my feelings and makes me not want to write anymore.
Yes, I said it.
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Its just..really pisses me off and it takes alot of time and alot of energy to write, and keep adding suprises and suspense.
How would you feel if someone took work that you worked extremely hard on and claimed it as their own?
Pissed too.
Im giving those that have my items in it, a couple of days.
If it is not written in there that the work is originally mine, I will report you to the site admin and you will be banned.
You can think im acting like a bitch all you want, but this is serious things to me. so pissed off I cant even do my women, Pete, and Frank right now.
So heres the story.

Chapter 4

I ran to the only person that I could..Tara. She was my best friend and knew what I could do. But ofcourse..she would be making out with Gerard or something. But hey, its worth a shot..right? As I walked in the bus, a puff of smoke spewed out towards me. I figured that there was a part going on that someone forgot to tell me about. Ehhhh apperences, I must make them! Plus, Pete might be there, and I really kinda didnt feel like seeing him and looking at him pout at me. I cant help the way I am and I sure as hell cant help the fact that my heart is telling me to love Frank. You know, it isnt even about his money or his looks, although the looks is a plus. Its about who he is and what he makes me feel when I am with him. I just..I cant explain it. You have to feel those emotions, they are unspeakable and I just cant seem to find any words for them. As I walked in I saw Tara and Gerard, but wanst really sure who to talk to..maybe both. I walked up to them and got close to their ears, the music was too loud and I was extremely sure that I couldnt be heard.

" Can you guys come back in my room please? I really need to talk to you about something."
" Sure."
" You okay?"
" Mhm, just..really need to talk to someone."
" Alright."

I walked in, openeing the door for them both of them as they walked in and flopped down on my bed. I locked the door to make sure that no one would bother us, this was some serious things I needed to talk about. The music was muffled abit, but it was still alot quieter then it was originally outside my room. I began to pace back and forth, almost making grooves in the carpet.

" Whoa, whats going on there girl? You look as if you took alot of speed and are twitching."
" No, im not on drugs Gerard...I have..issues."
" What kind of issues?"
" Boy issues."
" Pete?"
" Frank."

I stopped and just laid on the floor looking at the ceiling. Tara walked over and layed her head on my stomach, like we use to do back in Louisiana. When I think about it, I wonder what would of happened if we never moved to New Jersey. Would things be different? Well duh of course it would be, I wouldnt be a rockstar, never would of met Frank, my mom would of never died. Things would be completely different.

" Whats wrong with Frank?"
" He isnt with me."
" I know, and thats fucked."
" Plus ontop of it all, Betty has the most..horrid dress for me in the world. Fuck, it isnt even a dress."
" Then what it is?"
" More of like..a jump suit."
" Ew."
" One soild color, blue."
" Double ew."

Gerard got up and left, guess he figured this was more of a girl talk situation, which just left me and Tara laying on my floor. I felt as if I wanted to cry forever, but I couldnt..I just didnt have any more tears left it seemed like.

" And then, I was just watching Frank get suited for his tux when the wedding planner guy Mark walked up to me and asked me how long I had loved Frank. Is it that obvious?"
" Yeah, it kinda really is."
" Then why cant he see it?"
" I think he can see it, hes just too damn pussy whipped by Betty."
" Well, that isnt fair for me. Shes everything Im not."
" No she isnt."
" Yes she is Tara, I cant compete with that."
" You dont need to compete with it, you beat her. There isnt any compitition from her because she isnt even close to you."
" You are a good friend."
" I think I am."

We hugged and she walked out. I layed on my bed and closed me eyes, drifting off to sleep. When I woke up, I felt a paif of arms around me and just figured it to be Pete. I felt so bad for him, I cant believe I hurt him and now he wanst even talking to me. Keeping my eyes closed I rolled over and kissed his lips ever so gently. He didnt even move, so I guess I kissed him too lightly.

" Im so sorry."

I didnt even feel him stir, but could feel his breath on my face as he slept. Someone came in and took a picture of us and I noticed it to be Mikey. He was grinning like an old man who had just won the lottery. I couldnt help but giggle lightly and roll back over, facing away from him and going back to sleep. I woke up the second time to someone shifting on the bed next to me, guess Pete was waking up. I decided to announce that I was awake.

" Sleep well?"
" Yeah, I did. I havent slept so well in awhile."

Oh holy shit no. I opened my eyes to see Frank looking at me, his shirt off and him in some black pants. What the hell? Where did Pete go?....It wasnt Pete in my bed, it was Frank. I kissed Frank and told him I was sorry..and Mikey took a picture of us. FUCK! I groaned and pulled the covers over my face.

" Whats wrong?"
" Nothing, just dont want to wake up is all. Im not a morning person."

I heard him laugh and walk out of my room. I sure as hell hope Betty isnt in the living room. This..was the last day of the tour. I wouldnt get to see Frank as much anymore, unless hes coming home to visit. I hope he does, without Betty.
I got up and dressed real fast, slipping on some flip flops and grabbing a Billabong hoodie. I threw it on and walked out and outside. Everyone was outside taking pictures.

" Get your ass over here!"
" Im coming Mikey!"

I ran over there and jumped on him, his skinny self catching me bridal style. It was all of us, like the day of graduation..when I would never see them again. I was dreading this day from the very beginning. Wait, they were going to have to keep up, I was the maid of honor, in Bettys and Franks wedding. After about 50 pictures we all decided to go to lunch. Guess where? Hell yeah, I know where you thinking, IHOP. We all piled in the car, Me, Frank, Gerard, Betty, Tara, Kayden, Mikey, Ray, Alexandra, Bob, Maggie,and Audrey. It seemed like everyone hooked up on this tour. Audrey and Ray got together, Gerard and Tara, Bob and Maggie and then Frank and Betty. Why cant I have someone? I was singled out. It was pretty much one huge date, and I was alone with myself, to wallow in my self pitty.
After we ate we had to get back to the buses. Performing was the last thing on my mind, I wasnt nervous, just didnt want to forget the guys and didnt want them to forget me. Na, I dont think they would, we have too much important stuff to do with the wedding of the season. PFT my ass.

" Nevaeh you in there?"

It was Mikey knocking on my door.I was standing in the bathroom just staring at myself, I didnt even notice I was crying until I saw my mascara running down my face.

" Yeah, I am."
" Can I come in?"
" Sure."

I sat down on the toilet and watched him walk in. He was in his make up and stage clothes. He was such a cutie, he decided not to wear his glasses today.

" You alright?"
" Yeah, of course. Why?"
" You just..seem out of tune."
" Out of tune?"
" Not really..with us today."
" No, I am. Im fine."
" You sure?"
" Yeah im fine Mikey."
" Alright, just checking on you. Can you do my eyeliner?"
" Of course."

He walked over to me and I moved from the toilet, letting him sit down there in my place. I helped do the liner on his bottom lid and poked him when he wouldnt stop blinking. I handed him the pencil back and he walked out, me following behind him. My last concert at Warped.


I walked out with the girls and sand my heart out. This was my best preformance yet, the girls too. We played our asses off and even got an encore. The buses were going to take us back to our apartments in New Jersey, the guys bus following behind us.
I was going to sleep in a real bed and be home sweet home.

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