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Chapter 5

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Pete: Hey you guys, its me Lizy.
Me hits Pete.
Me: Liar. No really, its me. I just want to thank everyone for trying to help get my reviews higher.
You make me so happy.
Women: We are back?
Me: Yes, your back.
Women: I like this Laura women.
Frank: Me too.
Me: WHY!?
Pete, Frank, Women: GOOD!
Me: I hate you.
Pete: Wait..tights in this one?
Me: Ohhh yessss this is my halloween chapter :)

Chapter 5

I went on one more little stroll before it was time to leave. As I was making my way back towards the bus, I heard someone call my name. At first I didnt recognize the voice, but then the figure came closer and I saw that it was...Pete.( Me:I had you guys going there for a minute huh? Women: Get back to the damn story. Me: Sorry.) He came jogging over to me, still in his preformance clothes and his make up messed up from his sweat. I stopped and waited for him to catch his breath for a moment. I wonder how long he was running to catch up to me.

" Pete, are you okay? Do you need some water?"
" N-no..just..let me catch my breath."
" You shouldnt of ran at night, your never know what you could trip over."
" I know..its just..important."
" Alright. Just come sit down okay.*

I walked him over to a bench that I noticed many nights ago when I was on a walk late one night. I sat down, facing him, waiting for him to catch his breath. After awhile he finally caught it. Before he began to speek, he took one long breath.

" Alright, before I start I want you to wait till I am finished okay?"
" Alright."

He sighed lightly and I was about to start.

" Okay. Im really sorry about just all around being an asshole okay? What I did wasnt right and I know that. Its not right that I just ran out on you like I did. It was completely fucked up and im sorry. I understand that you love Frank and have for a very long time, but I just..I wish you would of said something from the very beginning you know? Not let me get so involved with you and just..dump me like that. I know you didnt dump me, infact we having even broken up yet. You are my Tinkerbell and always will be. No one will ever replace you, and I will always be your Peter Pan and you know that. I just..I cant be with you knowing that your heart belongs to another. Im sorry if that hurts you."

I smiled and gave him a heartfelt hug. I understood everything he told me and knew what he was saying. He would date me, but only if he knew for a fact that I didnt love Frank. That wasnt ever going to happen..I loved him. With everything in my being. He was who I wanted to spend my life with. Who I wanted to have a wedding with, who I wanted to live in a two story house that has a walk in closet with a white picket fence, who I have a child with, who I cry with when they go off to first grade, who I watch grow up and marry and have grandkids. I want to grow old with Frank and die together. He was my soul mate. But he didnt see that.

" Of course I know what your saying Pete. Im sorry that I did you the way I did. It's just..I wanted to try to get over Frank with you. It was wrong of ME to use you like that. I should of gotten over Frank and then decided to start a relationship with you, or atleast of told you what you were getting into. Its just..I have had these emotions for along time and..I dont know. Friends?"

Pete smiled that beautiful full face smile and hugged me.

" Best friends."
" You have to come to New Jersey for my halloween party."
" Only if you will be my Tink."
" Only if you will be my Peter."
" Well dur!"

We gave each other one more hug and walked out seperate ways. When I got onto the bus, it was time to pull out and go home. The girls were already asleep so I walked back to my room, proceeding to start packing my bags. I opened up the window and looked out to see the MCR driver Jim behind us. I gave him a small wave and he waved back, saying something to someone. I turned back around and started to fold the clothes that I had thrown on my bed. Soon after I packed one bag, I heard a extremely loud thump on my window. I looked to see a HUGE toilet wad on it. Hitting it a couple of times it fell off my window, leaving a wet spot. I saw who threw it then, hanging half way out the window and waving like a mad man, it was Frank. I mooned him and kissed the window, waving goodbye and closing it. I got done packing everything, leaving clothes out for tomorrow. Laying down on my bed, I drifted off to sleep, having pleasent dreams.I woke up to Tara shaking me gently.

" Were home girl."
" Huh?"

She smiled at me and pulled the covers off.

" Were New Jersey."

I smiled back at her and rolled out of bed, almost falling on the floor. I noticed alot of my stuff was already gone, I figured the guys must of taken it to up to my apartment already. I grabbed my messenger bag and walked out, turning and giving my home of two months one last look. Sighing I walked off the bus, taking the memories with me to remember forever. I walked out to see the boys shuffling back and forth, trying to get all the suitcases and everything out of the bus, in our apartment. Awhile ago me and the girls agreed to share mine, since it was so big. I still had to idea what I was going to do with my moms house, we might move into it...I sighed I didnt want to think about that now, I was having a good day and I didnt want to ruin it now.

" Thanks so much guys. Really."
" No problem, Im your muscle man."

I laughed and patted Rays head. We all got hugs and walked into our apartment. It was still the same, still smelled the same, looked the same, and felt the same. I collaped on the couch, falling asleep as soon as my head touched the cushion.


Women: Lizy if you dont going to kill you.
Me: Alright then, moving on.
Women: Thank you!
Me: Since I have no paitence im fast forwarding to the Halloween party.


It has been almost two more months since we had last seen the guys and even Pete. We decided to have the Halloween party at my moms house, the apartment was too small for all the girls plus the boys. As I put on the long blonde wig the doorbell rung, the guys were here. I heard Maggie greet them at the door. I quickly threw it up in a ponytail, leaving some bangs down. I threw on the matching shoes and grabbed my wand, running down the stairs. I saw the guys, who came came as pirates ( Me: What a suprise!) and the girls were many different things. Maggie was a pirate wench. Alexandra was a dead druggie. Audrey was a emo kid gone crazy, Tara was Gerards slave and Me..well..Tinkerbell. Pete walked in with his official Peter Pan outfit on..including the tights. He looked so cute. That night, we had so much fun, completely getting drunk and passing out.

But I wasnt prepared for the next couple of months that was to come.


Me: Okay you guys, yes I know it was a short chapter, but in the next one..the suprise.
Women: Yeah you better.
Laura: Yeah you better.
Pete: Listen tot he girls.
Frank: Yeah, they kick boys in the no no spot.
Me laughs and falls over
Laura: Are you drunk?
Me: Yeah, alittle tipsy from the chapter!
But im going to post another long one tomorrow, dont worry :)
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