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Chapter 6

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, its me yet again!
Glad to see me?
You people better be telling yourselfs yes.
Wow, im posting a new chapter everyday.
You guys likeing it?
Or do I need to keep some of you in suspence?
Women: Havent we already talked about this?
Me: Yeah..your right.
Frank: Please..make it a good one.
Pete: yeah.
Me: I will.

Chapter 6

Betty's bitchy ass invited me to go to her batcheloret party, I said hell no. Your crazy, I cant even stand to be with her in the same room..I cant even be in her wedding and look cute! She makes me look like bozo the clown. The wedding is this month, in November. Oh joy! The rehersal dinner was in a week and Pete was going to my official unofficial date. Cool huh? Heehee, we both had a plan and I was extremely scared about going through with it. Pete had talked me into it because it was well..his idea, so he should do it right? Wrong, hes making me do it!!!! ME!!! IN THAT STUPID BLUE SUIT! I hated that suit, infact when I was able to take it home..I thought about burning it. Oh yes, burn it. I was so close too until Tara threw a shoe at me. Bitch!!! She lives to torture me, no wait, thats Betty.
I was getting dressed to go to the dinner rehersal when my phone rang. I had to run over to it in a towel, almost tripping on my bed sheets that were in the floor, damnit today is not my day. The caller id said it was Pete, so I picked up.

" Yellow?"
" Hello hello."
" Hey Petey, whats up?"
" Nothing much, just really calling to tell you that I would be over in about an hr."
" Well do know dress rehersals are nice right?"
" Huh?"
" No ripped jeans."
" Er.., it might be alittle longer then."

I luaghed my ass off, I bet you that he was going to come in a shirt and ripped blue jeans. But he didnt know any better.

" Alright Pete, just remember. Look nice okay?"
" Alright I will see you in a bit."
" Okay Petey. Bye."

With that being said, we hung up and I had to find the dress for the dinner rehersal. It was going to be held at one of the most expensive places. We all had to look nice, infact this was like a black tie ocassion. Once I found what I was looking for I layed it on my bed, grabbing the matching high heel shoes. My dress, was going to knock all the guys dead and I was happy. I had Gerard tell me what Betty was going to wear, and it wasnt anything compared to mine. Yes, this is a competition. A competetion for my soulmates heart. I hadnt even taken a shower yet, Pete called me right as I was bout too. I managed to squeeze in a quick shower and fix my hair. There isnt much to do with it but hey, something so short, you still have to fix it. I spiked out the back and I parted my bangs on the side of my head, bringing them to lie over my right eye. I quicky applied some black and white eyeshadow and eyeliner. This was all so much for me, I dont really do dresses unless they were short and punk..this was formal all the way. Like..Oscars formal. Betty threatened all of us that if we came out of place, she wouldnt let us come to the wedding. The inner demon inside myself wanted to come not like everyone else, but Pete talked me into it, saying that what we had planned wasnt going to work if I wasnt there. So, I said alright and went dress shopping. At first I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, and shop women looked at me like I was this..thing that couldnt afford any of their damn dresses. Well honey's let me tell you something. I am a ROCKSTAR, I could own this fucking store if I wanted to, dont fuck with me. Now, I need a dress damnit. Mhm, thats what I told them...wanna know how fast they ran? Extremely.
I slipped on the dress and straped the shoes around my ankle, and standing up. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Now, Betty will die. Okay not really, but once she sees how damn good I look she will. Soon after I got ready I saw Pete come in. He was wearing black slacks, a black shirt with a white tie and a black dinner jacket. He looked nice. He didnt even wear any make up tonight, im guessing afraid that Betty would kick him for it. His hair was in his face and he had a huge smile on his face.

" Thats your dress?"
" Mhm, looks good huh?"
" Sure does. I think I need to adjust my pants."
" Oh shut up Pete."
" Are you ready Tinky?"
" Yeah, just let me grab my clutch bag."

I ran to my closet to search for that damn bag. After about 5 mintutes of searching, and screaming from Pete I found that damn black bag. I need to seriously organize me room, I put it off too much. I will do it tomorrow.

" Alright, lets roll homie g!"
" No."

We both walked out to the limo, Pete opened the door for me and I sat down. Once he got in, we began to go to the hotel it was being held at. Once we got there, Pete opened his door and got out, holding his hand for me to get out. Now you see, me and Pete are friends, and he asked if he could escort me to the dinner. I didnt have a date, so sure why not? Of course, everyone is going to talk. As we began to walk into the hotel, we noticed someone taking a bunch of pictures of us. Damn paparazi. As we walked in we were greeted by and elderly women. I was guessing she was the manager of the hotel, she was dressed extremely nice.

" Hello there. May I help you?"
" Yes, were here for the dinner rehersal?"
" For the Iero's?"

I felt as if I wanted to vomit. The IERO'S, as in more then one, as in two.

" Of course."
" Alright then, please follow me, right this way."
" They havent started have they?"
" Oh no dear, but they are all sitting down."
" Okay."
" Pete, I have to use the little girls room so I will be right back just go ahead and go in okay? Can you possibly point me to the rest room Miss?"
" Of course. Just go straight and its to your left."
" Thanks."

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself one last time, applying lip gloss and straightening out my dress. Looking at myself one last time, I walked out and went the same that I saw Pete and the women go. I breathed in deep, somewhat afraid to walk in and see everyone, but I had to do it. I had to get over all my fears that I had and put on a smile. I had to be the women that I know I am and take it. I opened the door and walked in and everyone turned to look at me, including Frank and Betty. The talking had come to a silence, hell you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. It was the dress and me in it. The dress was a black silk, that had huge openings on the hips, infact, the holes were so bit, you could tell I wasnt wearing underware. It was long and flowly and moved elegantly when I walked. It tied around my neck with a tear drop hole in the middle, showing alittle, but not too much cleavage. I smiled lightly and walked to my seat, which was beside Tara and Mikey.

" So, what was the topic of conversation?"
" The wedding."
" Ahh."

Betty looked at my and I just smiled at her. Her dress was this white dress that was strapless. As I said, nothing compaired to mine. We all discussed many things, my dress, the wedding, what me and the girls were going to do next. We had infact been recording alot more songs in a real studio and were about to do a video. We recorded the song I wrote for Frank. The song was hard to sing, was hard to get out, but you managed it.
After dinner, we rehersed what was going to happen. I was going to walk with Gerard, and a bunch of Betty's friends were getting to walk with the rest of the bad. We practiced over and over and over and over and over again until Betty felt that we had it right to the T. My feet were filling me from the damn shoes and the walking that I had to do..I was literally about to kill Betty. Oh wait, that wasnt new.
As we were walking out, Frank came up to me and hugged me. It was so nice to be back in his arms, to smell him..just..if only he would kiss me.

" You looked..amazing tonight Nevaeh."
" Thats Frank, you did too."
" Sorry if Betty was getting on your nerves."
" Ah, its alright. I can look over it, only because of you."
" Well thanks."
" Its really no problem."
" Okay."

It was silent for aminute and I wasnt sure if he knew what to say. Hell I didnt even know what to say. What was there to say?

" Are you going to the bachelorette party tomorrow?"
" I dont know..."
" Oh come on, you can watch out for Betty."
" Huh?"
" If she gets too drunk you can take her home."
" Ahh gottcha."
" Please, it would mean alot."

He did it, 'Please, it would mean alot.' Now I had to, if it ment alot to Frank, then it ment alot to me to do it. I would do it, only because he asked me...because I loved him. Damn my heart.

" Yeah, I will go."
" Thanks so much."

We hugged and said out goobyes, him going his way, me going mine. When I got home, I just sunk into my bed, too sour to even change clothes. My feet was killing me from walking so many damn times. And now, I was going to have sit there with Betty and watch out for her. Damn her and wanting to get drunk.Oh well, I will try and get the juice about what she was doing on tour. I know for a fact her and Frank werent attached at the hip. As I fell asleep, I was thinking of Frank, and how I hoped she didnt do anything to hurt him..if she did..I would hurt her.

I woke up the next day, later then what I wanted to. It was already 3 and I had nothing done around my apartment. I bet Tara and the girls did some, well atleast I hope they did. We all were going out to Bettys party tonight, Frank was having one of his own. Hell I would rather go to Franks then to Betty's. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen, hearing fits of giggles. I turned around to see Gerard, Frank and Mikey sitting on the couch, beat red in the face from laughing.

" What the hell is so funny damnit?"
" Nevaeh...have you seen yourself?"
" No, this is my house."
" Look down."

I did..I was walking aroun in boyshorts and a bra. I shrieked lightly and covered up.

" You assholes, you could of said something."
" Na, Im lovin the view."

I laughed at Frank and walked completely into the kitchen.

" What are you guys doing here? Dont you have strippers to hire?"
" We already did that."
" Start early?"
" Na."

I went back into my room after I grabbed me a poptart. Frank said he was enjoying the view. What A Dork!
By the time I got everything done and dressed it was time for the party. It was going to be at a local club, Betty had Frank dish out the money to make it available for just her friends that night. What a money hungry bitch. By midnight everyone was pretty much drunk, but me. Betty came stumbling over to me, laughing.

" Hey Nae girl, you having fun?"
" Yeah, im having a blast. You?"
" Oh my god yes! This is the best night of my life!"

I decided now was the time to get the juice.

" So, did you enjoy the tour?"
" Oh yeah."
" Lots of hot guys too huh?"
" Oh my god yeah!"
" I almost made out with one."
" Oh..I made out with almost every guy from a band. I had sex with about two of them."
" Ahh, okay."
" Be jealous some more."
" Im not, believe me."

I walked over to Maggie and asked if she could take her home, she said sure and I went on to Gerards house. I had to tell Frank what was going on. As I walked inside, I noticed Frank getting a very..dirty lap dance from a stripper. I just laughed at him, but noticed he wasnt even trying to groap the girl. He was too much of a loyal boyfriend to do it. I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up at me and smiled. I mouthed for him to come outside real fast and he did. Once we got outside he started to smoke, I grabbed it and began to puff on it. How to tell him? He pulled out another cig and began to smoke that one.

" Frank I have to tell you something."
" What?"
" Betty..she..she cheated the whole time."
" Huh? Im lost."

I sighed.

" She cheated when we were on warped."
" What? How do you know this?"
" She just told me."
" Is she sober?"
" No.."
" Then its a lie..your lieing to me...I..I cant even look at you right now."

With that he walked away, back inside and I began to walk home. Pissed off. How could he call me a liar. Betty has him so pussy whipped! Once I got home, I collapsed in my bed falling back to sleep. Waiting for the next day to come.
I woke up to my alarm going off, it was already 9 in the morning..the same morning of the wedding. I had alot to do.
I grabbed a quick shower and put on the stupid blue jump suit, yes people thats what I am calling it, a jump suit. Grabbing the blue pumps I put them on, walking out to make sure the girls were up. They were and already dressed.

" Does everyone always wait for me?"
" Yes,your, just slow."
" Thanks, guess you should get use to it for my old age then."
" Haha very funny. Hurry your ass up or we are leaving without you."
" Fine."

I ran into my room and grabbed my accustic guitar and put it in the car.

" What do you need that for."
" know, just incase."
" Okay."

I did alittle bit of make up, but not too much, it was a wedding, not a rock concert. Grabbing the black velvet box that held her black sapphire necklace and matching earrings she walked out into the living room.

" Okay guys, im ready."
" Finally."

We drove off, Maggie helping me with the necklace and earrings. Once we got to the hotel, paparazi was eveywhere, it was ridiculous. I grabbed my guitar and walked inside. I saw everyone but Betty and Frank. Pete walked over to me grabbed a quick hug and the guitar and left. We waited for about 30 minutes, finally the wedding was about to begin.
I waited with Gerard behind the huge oak doors to walk out. All of a sudden the doors opened and we saw Frank at the other end, looking so hansome in his tux. He left his peircings in, but had actually taken a bath. His hair wasnt as greasy. I smiled at him as we all began to walk down the isle, taking our spots. All of a sudden, the wedding march began to play and Betty walked down the isle. Once she got there, I zoned out, ready for my part.

" If anyone here has any objections why these two people should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."
" I do."

I stepped forward. Everyone looked at me, including Betty and Frank who had looks of shock on their face.

" Then please child, speak."
" I would rather sing please?"
" Okay."

Pete got up, brought me a chair and my guitar. I sat down, stummed a couple of times, looking at Frank, I began to sing.

"It's like ever since I ment you,
I loved you
It's like I dropped my old life so I could be with you
(You helped me be who I am)

It's like I'm on stage,
and I get nervous
your right there to back me up
(You helped me be who I am)

Im dreaming of a building a family,
with you. oh how am I doing this I love you
(You Helped me be who I am)

But I've told you I Love
a million times before.
(I'll share the love for you
a million times more)
So here it comes again
for all the wrong I've done.
you still love me.
so this is my story I'll love you forever more


This is my Hearts story.
And I aint gonna mess up no more,
I'm taking this one chance
to make a dream of love come true
and make it real clear.
I love you for May
and I love you for June
and I love you for July
in case I dont tell you.
August, September,
October, November and December till forever more
I love you.
(I love you forever more)

But I've told you I Love You
a million times before.
(I'll share the love for you
a million times more)
So here it comes again
for all the wrong I've done.
you still love me.
so this is my story I'll love you foever more


This is my Hearts story.
And I aint gonna mess up no more,
I'm taking this one chance
to make a dream of love come true
and make it real clear.
I love you for May
and I love you for June
and I love u for July
in case I dont tell you.
August, September,
October, November and December till forever more
I love you.
(I love you forevermore)"

With that I stopped and looked around, everyone was staring at me in shock, and some in awe. Frank walked to me and shook his head.

" How dare you. On with the wedding."
" Wha.."
"Frank Iero, do you take Betty Andrews to be your wedded wife to live together in marriage. Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep her For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And forsaking all others, be faithful only to her so long as you both shall live?"
" I do.

What I said..ment nothing...nothing at all to him. I began to cry.

"Betty Andrews, do you take Frank Iero to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage. Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep him For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?"
" I do."
" Then i now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

They kissed and I ran out crying..all of a sudden I was met with a bright light.

I woke up in a hospital bed, with tubes, wires and machines all around me.
What was going on?

Me: HAHA! Cliffhanger. Now the suprise is coming up, well, you just got half the suprise
Frank: NOOO
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