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Chapter 7

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, hope you have all been enjoying the
cliffhangers that I have left you with. I do it on purpose :)
Laura: Why was she in the hospital?!
Me: Im getting to that..jeeze, your sounding like that women.
Women: Excuse me?!
Me: Who are you anyways?!
Women: My names...Bond..Jamie Bond. HA THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO SAY JAMES!
Frank: Crack is wack.
Jamie: Oh jush!
Pete: I thought it was hush?

Chapter 7

The sounds, yeah, the sounds, thats what I noticed first. Beeping, and alot of it actually. The next thing I noticed was this thing down my throat. A breathing tube? What the hell was going on? I am confused right now. I lookeda round and noticed multiple sleeping bodies. Had something happend after I ran out of the church? But wait..theres my mom. Shes..shes dead. What kind of medication do they have me on cause im seeing shit. But there she was..laying on my hospital bed along with Tara, Maggie, Randall, and Audrey.I sat up the best I could, pending my situation that I was currently in. How long had I been asleep? Or was this all a dream? Yeah, it had to be a dream. My mother was DEAD..died in a car accident..drunk driver. So many emotions began to build up, but I pushed them away and remained calm.
Tara was the first to stir and wake up, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She looked over at me and just stared. Rubbing her eyes again she looked back over to me. I just....waved. I didnt know what else to do.

" Everyone wake up! Nevaehs finally awake!"

Everyone jumped awake and stared at me, like I just woke up from the dead. Maggie ran out to get a doctor and my mother just rushed over to me, throwing her arms around me and squeezing me gently. Squeezing me as if she was afaid that I was going to break, or just slip away like a grain of sand in your palm.

" Oh my God, thank you Lord, shes finally awake."

Finally awake? What?! The doctor came rushing in, pushing my mother out of the way and checking my vitial signs and took out the breathing tube. That was the worst feeling in the world. After making sure I was okay, he began to ask me some questions.

" Can you tell me your name?"
" Nevaeh Delana MyCoy."
" Can you tell me the year?"
" 2004."
" Okay...Nevaeh how about the month?"
" November."
" The date?"
" The 15th."
" Nevaeh, im going to need you to relax for a minute okay?"
" Wh-Why? Whats going on? Wheres Frank, Pete, the guys?"
" Who?"

My mother stepped forwar.

" They are people she grew up with."
" Oh. They arent here Nevaeh. You..You have been in a coma for 2 years. It's 2006 and the month is October. The date is the 31st. Do you remember what happened?"
" Yeah, I told Frank how much I loved him and how much he meaned to me. He just..rejected me. Threw me away like I was just a peice of trash. So I ran out of the church, crying. I just saw a bright light and woke up here."
" No Nevaeh, thats the dream world that your mind has had you live in for two years. You were running down the flight of stairs at your apartment. You fell, hitting your head and busting it open. It caused severe brain damange, causing you to slip into this deep coma."

I sat there, shocked. So everything I dreamed was a lie? Just a fucking dream? I hated my mind at that point, hated it because it was playing tricks on me.

" Whats happened?"
" Alot. But you can catch up on that with your family. I would like to keep you over night, just for observation."
" Thank you doctor."
" Glad to see your awake Miss McCoy. Most people dont wake up."

With that being said he left. I was left with my friends and family, but no guys. They basically caught me up on everything in the last two years.

" What happened with Warped?"
" It's okay, we still have a record deal. They wanted to give us another singer, but we refused."
" Oh Tara, im so sorry."
" Don't be, were just glad you woke up."

I gave a weak smile and gave everyone a hug. They asked what I was dreaming about. So I told them, everything.

" Wow..thats deep shit girl."
" Yeah, try experiencing it. I felt every emotion."
" We had so much hope, we felt you squeeze our hands, and you would turn your head."
" Im just glad im awake."
" We all are too. Here, we decided to buy you this."

They handed me a black bag. I opened it, to reveal a cd. Not just any cd, the new My Chemical Romance CD. The Black Parade.

" We wanted you to have a copy of it, so when you woke up you could listen to it."

I smiled and opened it, looking at the book inside. Wow, they all had changed to much. Gerard cut his beautiful long hair and dyed it platinum blonde. Ray had cut his fro a bit and dyed it a dark brown. Mikey cut his hair and lost the glasses, Bob grew his hair out and got a lip ring. Frank...Frank grew his hair out abit and still looked the same, beautiful.

" How long have you guys been here?"
" Someone stayed with you everynight, and we all stay on the weekends. But its Halloween and we didnt want you to be alone."

I smiled and tears welled up in my eyes. I had such great friends and family..but I had to find him. I had to find Frank and confess everything before its way too late. But how?

" Do you wanna be alone tonight? Cause if so we can go."
" Well, you all need showers, you smell."

They laughed and almost tackled me on my bed. It was so great. Maggie even brought a cd player so I could listen to the cd. They left and I pressed play, letting the sounds on the music send me to sleep.
I soon woke up to a nurse walking in bringing me my breakfast.

" Well, its nice to see your finally awake."
" Yeah, me too."

The truth was..I didnt want to be awake, I wanted to stay in that dream world and try to change it. It seems I have more power there then what I have here. I pressed play again, and began to eat my breakfast when my mom walked in. Damn, she really didnt leave my side. She pulled a chair over and grabbed my jello. She knew I had a thing with jello...just..never made jiggle and wiggle. We sat in silence for a moment, just enjoying it.

" How are you feeling Nae?"
" Im fine..little sleepy still. But I dont want to sleep, I have been for far too long."
" Yeah, baby im so glad you awake..I thought that I had lost you."

I noticed my mom's eyes start to well up. God, I loved my mother. She had been through so much, and is still the strongest women that I know. Shes my hero. And abusive husband, a death in the family, her little girl close to dying, she just..had to deal with so much in such little time. I scooted over and patted the bed, telling my mom to come up and cuddle with me. I hadnt done this with her, in awhile. I missed it. I just took the time to memorize everything about her, her smell, her face, how she held me and played with the back of my hair. She would hum lightly and rock me, trying to get me to sleep. I soon did, falling into a light sleep.

I soon woke up to the sound of the doctor talking to my mom. It was finally okay for me to go home, but they wouldnt let me walk. IM NOT HELPLESS, but I also just woke up from a coma too. They put me in a wheelchair and my mom rolled me out. I wasnt able to drive yet, which pissed me off. I hated feeling helpess, it made me..well..feel helpess. Once we got back home, I was able to walk up the steps to my apartment. Of course I had people behind me just incase I fell again. I walked in, realizing I missed my home, I missed it so much. Tara stayed over, she was going to help me in my plan.

I was going to try and find Frank.


Me: Hey you guys, sorry its such a short chapter.
But my last one was so long, I wanna split it up and kinda
Make more chapters ya know?
The more chapters, the more cliffhangers.
Frank: I wanna be with Nevaeh
Me: Soon, dont worry.
Jamie: Yeah, soo damnit!
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