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Chapter 8

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Okay, another chapter. Im going to be writting
alot more now. The computer in my room is hooked up.
I cant sleep alot of nights and just write it all down in books.
I hate that, takes up paper.
Frank: Whats going to happen?
Me: Well my love, your just going to have to wait..and read.


Chapter 8

I had no idea where to start first! How the hell was I going to get to talk to someone who was famous? Its extremely difficult, let me tell you that. I called the label and asked if I could speak to them..they hung up on me. The only thing to do now, was to try and find his mom, but how? Gerards mother, she probably still lived in that same old spooky house. It wasnt really spooky to me, I loved it actually. It had its own...special way about it. It was great to be at when the power went out and it was storming. We all use to tell scary stories in it, but nothing ever beat Gerards. He was so damn good at it. He fianlly admited that they were all just off the top of his head. Man, when I think back on it, I miss those days so much. But right now, I have a job to do.

It was weird, going back to my house from when we first moved to New Jersey. Mom still lived in it, said she got tired of moving around so much. I couldnt blame her, I hated it myself. I only moved out because I didnt want to disturb her, who needs their daughter hanging around if they are going to bring men home? Ew..gross, never again will I have those thoughts. Who wants to think about their parents getting their mack on?! Ew there it goes again! Okay, set your mind on finding the Way's house.
My mom had told me that Mrs. Way never moved, that just because her sons were famous, she wasnt going to move. Gerard and Mikey grew up in that house and she didnt want to see it go to waste with someone who doesnt care about it. I was walking down the street, smoking when I saw it. It still looked the same, if not spookier. Mrs. Way hated it when we called her that, so instead she liked for us to call her Mama Don. It kinda make me laugh at first, but then it suited her. I wondered if she would even remember me. It HAD been years since I had seen her, but I bet she still looked beautiful. She was a mother, she had to. All mothers were beautiful in their own way, it was kinda a rule. As I walked up to the door, I looked around, noticing all the stuff that was still on the porch. I took a deep breath in and knocked on the door. What was I going to say?
Soon the door was opened to reveal Mr. Way, or Mr. Donald, just whichever you wanted to call him. He still looked the same and the smell of cookies came out of the house and filled my nose, suddenly making me hungry. He smiled and stood aside, motioning for me to walk in. I smiled back and stepped inside, walking towards the kitchen. I saw Mama Don at the oven, bending over and taking out a fresh batch of cookies. She set them on the counter and let them cool, turning around and facing me.

" My, if it isnt little Miss Nevaeh McCoy. Such a long time my dear, such a long time."

She came over to me and hugged me. Her scent smelled good, cookies and perfume. She motioned me to a seat and sat down as Mr. Donald walked in. He went straight for the cookies and Mama Don had to speak.

" Donald if you touch those cookies I will cut off your hands with a dull knife."

Mr. Donald just looked at her, she didnt even turn around.
" Its a mother thing."

Mr. Donald shook it head and left, leaving me and Mama Don alone. How was I going to ask her? Hey yeah, do you have Franks number?! Pft, yeah how about not? We sat in silence for a moment, finally she was the first to speak.

" How have you been dear?"
" I have been okay, just woke up from a coma. Been asleep for two years and it seems as if so much has happened."
" Its going to, but im so glad to see your awake. It's hard trying to keep in touch with everyone. I have been in touch with Franks mom and everything and even the rest of the guys. Even kept in touch with your mom. You use to be over here all the time with the guys when they were practicing."
" Yeah, me and Tara would sit down there for hours with them, helping them get parts right in a song. Man, those were great times."
" Mhm. Have you heard the new cd?"
" Yeah, everyone pitched in and bought it for me. I listened to it all day yesterday."
" Great isnt it?"
" Yeah, its different from the normal stuff, but still great."

We stopped talking for a bit. I guess now was the time to ask her.

" Mama Don do you happen to have-"
" Yes my dear, I do. Hold on."

That was one of the weird things about Mama Don. She seemed to always know what you were thinking or going to ask before you even do. I guess it was another one of those mother things right? It actually made it alot easier for me, to not have to ask. I felt weird, I mean, what was I going to say when I went to her? The conversation with Mrs. Linda was going to be alot harder. Mama Don walked back in the room with a telephone number and an address. She gave it to me, along with some cookies and I left, hugging her and Mr. Donald on the way out. I promised to come back and chat one day.
I walked back to my moms house and looked at the address. It was on the other side of town and it was already 4 in afternoon. I decided to just go over there tomorrow, not sure if Mrs. Iero would remember me, or even be awake. Maybe it was best to call first. I picked up my sidekick and dialed the number, it ringing a couple of times and then someone picked up.

" Hello?"
" Mrs. Iero?"
" Yes this is her, whos speaking?"
" Nevaeh McCoy? Do you remember me?"
" OH of course dear! How have you been, its been such a long time!"
" Yeah it has been, I was going to come talk to you, but if you busy then I can just-"
" No! Please do come over! Its been forever and I get lonely in this house by myself. You have the address?"
" Yes Ma'am. Mama Don gave it to me."
" Alright dear, just come walking in, I might be in the kitchen cooking dinner. Would you like to eat?"
" Of course! I love you cooking, always have."
" Oh your too sweet. Well see you then."
" Okay, bye."

I hung up and began the drive over there. It really didnt take me long to actually get there, which was better for me. I didnt want to intrude on her, but she said she was lonely, and I was too in a way. I got out of the car and walked up the stairs to her house, knocking but then remembered she just told me to walk in. I walked in and the smell of Italian food hit me. Man, it smelt so good, and I missed her cooking terribly. She could always cook, anything really. I walked into the kitchen and saw her bent over, getting something out of the over. Lasagna. Mmmm my favorite! She turned around and smiled at me, grabbing two plates and some forks.

" Great timing too! Please sit down ,let me get this for you. You know, I saw your mom in the supermarket the other day, said you were still doing bad. Glad to see your not anymore."
" Yeah, its weird waking up after two years. So many things seemed to of happened and I just wish I could have that back."
" I can understand that. I would rather of been sleeping then having to listen about this war."

I smiled, she always hated the war and didnt really believe in violence. She was a beautiful women, looked just like Frank except she was female. He got his eyes from her which were almost the same, both beautiful. She placed the plate infront of me and held my hand, saying a prayer. After we had said our amen's we began to eat. I figured I would start this conversation.

" So, how have you been Mrs. Iero?"
" Good, beside the fact that im lonely..I just miss the guys."
" Yeah, I miss them all alot too. Actually, thats why I came over. Would you happen to have Frank's number by any chance? I really, really, really need to talk to him."
" Finally going to tell him you love him?"

Huh!? Mrs. Iero knows I love him? Damn mothers and their talents.

" did you know that I love him?"
" Honey, I noticed from the very first time I met you. They way you looked at him and encouraged him. I always wanted you to be with him instead of Betty. That girl just pissed me off. I really thought about killing her, with the help of Mama Don of course. I figured that night that Frank went to you house, it was to ask you out, but it wasnt. That night, he came home upset and talked to him. He loves you too, and has loved you for the longest of time. He never told you because he was scared that you didnt love him back. Of course I never told him because it wasnt my place. But hes getting older and so are you. I dont want him to make mistakes in his life with love."

I began to cry. How come I never noticed this, but she did? I never noticed the way that he looked at me, I just figured he liked me as a best friend. Nothing more and nothing less. How could I of been so blind and decieved? Mrs. Iero comforted me, pulling me to her and rocking me gently. By the time that we had eaten and talked for awhile it was already late.

" I dont want you driving home. You can stay in Franks room."
" I dont want to impose."
" No, I want you to stay. It will be nice to have someone else in this house besides little old me. Just go up the stairs and make a right, first door on your left. Make yourself at home dear, I have to go to bed. Here is his cell number, im not sure if you can reach him, but its worth a shot. Just leave a message on his phone, he will call you back."

With that, she kissed me on my forehead and went off to bed, leaving me to sit there and stare at the number. I had the first part of my mission done. Now the second, to call Frank. I didnt want to tell him over the phone, or leave him a message. I had to do it in person.
I cleaned up the kitchen and walked into his room. It smelled like him and I missed that smell. It axe and cigarettes, just..his smell. No one else had Frank Iero's smell. I found some boxers and a old Misfits shirt and put them on, crawling into his bed, sinking into it and falling asleep. Tomorrow was going to be a hard day, I needed all my strength and courage.

Frank: SHES IN MY BED! sneaks in there
Me: Smacks Oi! Thats a girl sleeping!
Frank: My girl.
Me: Not yet doll, I have the power to kill her! laughs evily
Me: If you dont start being nice I will!
Frank: Sits there like an angel
Me: Thats right!
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