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Chapter 9

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, liked the last chapter? I hope so.
Also, if you havent seen it, I am in the process of writting another story.
It's called the Vampires Mate.
Its kinda work in progress right now, im having writters block which sucks.
Also, I just wanted to thank everyone for the great reviews on Help Me Be Who I Am.
Its the highest reviewed story in the MCR section.
So on to the next chapter.
Looks around and sees no one but Pete.
Me: Where is everyone?
Pete: They went to go get things..
Me: What things?
Pete: Just things.
Me: What things?
Pete: Things to tie you up with..
Me: Why?
Pete: They want Nevaeh and Frank to be together already.
Me: Ahh...


Chapter 9

I woke up to the smell of eggs and soy sausage. Just the smell alone made my stomach grumble with hunger. I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs to see Mrs. Iero in the kitchen cooking up breakfast. She turned and smiled at me as I got a cup of coffee. I sat down at the table and sipped it, letting the liquid wake my eyes up. Mrs. Iero brought me a plate and sat down next to me. We said our prayers and began to eat.

" So, your going to call him right?"
" I dont know.."
" You dont know? Dear, whats wrong?"
" Alot of things."

She took my hands and looked at me, her eyes bore down on me almost touching my soul.

" Tell me about them."


" It's a long story."
" Well, we have coffee and I have time."

I looked at her and she smiled one of those sweet motherly smiles.

" In my coma, my dream world Frank was with Betty. I tried everything in my power to tell him that I love him and try and make him understand what he means to me. It never happened. They were going to get married and did infact. On the wedding day I sang a song to Frank, pretty much confessing my love to him. But he got mad at me because I ruined his wedding. What if that happens now? What if he is with someone and doesnt want to be with me? What if your wrong Mrs. Iero and Frank only sees me as his sister? What am I going to do then? In my dream I couldnt even take it so what makes you think I could take it now?"

Mrs. Iero sighed and squeezed my hands gently.

" Because Nevaeh, Frank loves you. You have to have faith in that. You have to know that he loves you."
" I do know he loves me. I know he loves me as a sister."
" Then what is it that your questioning?"
" How he loves me. What he loves me as. Why he loves me. Everything that someone would want to know."

Just then, the phone rang.

" Please excuse me my dear, I have to take this call."
" Its alright."

Mrs. Iero walked off, answering the phone. I couldnt quite hear what they were saying and didnt want to intrude. So I decided to get dressed and head home. I walked back to the stairs and into Franks room. I didnt really feel like wearing my own clothes so I decided to wear some of Franks. I searched through his closet finding a pair of black pants and a white long sleeved button up top. I put those on, finding the pants alittle too big for my small size. I put my belt on and rolled up the sleeves. I walked back downstairs to see Mrs. Iero still on the phone.

" Alright, see you then. Love you too dear. Bye bye."
" Thanks so much Mrs. Iero, for everything."
" It was no problem dear. My pleasure. You know what? Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I would LOVE to have everyone come over. It would be nice. What do you say?"
" I will talk to mom about it, but it sounds great. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Where would we have it?"
" Here of course. This is really the only big enough house to fit me, you, your mom, Tara, Mama Don, and Mr. Donald."
" Yeah thats true. Alright well I will talk to mom about it."
" Alright dear, drive safely. Dont stay away from so long okay?"
" I wont, I promise."
" Alright, bye bye dear."
" Bye."

She gave me a quick hug and I walked out and over to my car. I drove back to my apartment and noticed Tara's car parked next to my parking space. I got inside to see her dancing around in her underware and a tank top to the new MCR cd, singing Teenagers. I laughed at her and threw a shoe, hitting her in the ass. She truned and looked around, then noticing me.

" Hey, where were you last night? I stayed up all night waiting for you."
" I stayed the night at Mrs. Iero's house."
" Was Frank there?"
" I wish."
" Oh, what did you do?"
" Talked to Mrs. Iero about everything."
" What did the mother of wisdom say?"
" She said that I should just tell him and not be a chicken pretty much."
" Yeah, thats Mrs. Iero for you."
" Yeah, bruitally honest."
" What are you going to do? Did you get the number?"
" Yeah I got the number.I dont know what to do."
" What do you mean?"
" I mean as in I dont want to tell him over the phone, but I dont know if I can tell him to his face. UGH!"

Tara chuckled lightly and sat beside me on the couch. She gave my cheek alittle pat.

" Just give him a call."
" No."
" Why not? God your such a pansey."
" I know I am, but its not my fault."

Tara gave me that mhm sure whatever lok and walked out of the room. Leaving me to think about my situation. Tara wasnt much help. Pft, some best friend she is. I guess the only person left to go to is my mom, seeing as how I went to everyone elses why not try mine? I grabbed my keys and walked out, still wearing Franks clothes. I never realized how comfortable they really were. I decided to turn on my radio and listen to some music for abit.

" Heres the latest from our Jersey boys. Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance."

My phone began to ring so I turned the music down. I didnt recognize the number so I picked it up.

" Hello?"
" Miss McCoy?"
" Speaking."
" This is Sara Johnson from Fuse. I was wondering if I could do and interview with you?"

Holy shit, Sara Johnson, as in from my dream?

" Uh, you know what, that sounds good. When?"
" Tomorrow if you can fly out tonight."
" Sounds good."
" Alright, just call me on this number when you get in, I will send a car from you."
" Alright, thank you."
" Okay Miss McCoy, see you then."
" Okay, bye."
" Bye."

We hung up right as I was pulling into my moms driveway. She was outside gadening. I walked over to her and moved the bulbs that were sitting on a stool right next to her.

" Hello dear."
" Hey mom."
" Whats up?"
" Ah nothing, I just got off of the phone with a women who wants me to fly out and do an interview tomorrow."
" Oh that sounds nice."
" I guess."
" What else is wrong?"
" Love troubles."
" With who?"
" Frank, who else?"
" What about him?"
" To tell him how I feel or not too."
" Honey, you have to take a chance. If you dont then you might miss out on a lifetime of happiness because you are too scared."
" I know mom, but I cant just come right out and say 'I love you Frank.' "
" Why not?"
" Well for one, I have no chance in seeing him. Two I dont want to confess my ever dying love for him over the phone. But what if I do tell him and he just doesnt love me like I love him? What will I do then?"
" You will pick your head up along with your heart and take it like a women. Baby, you should never be afraid to say anythng. That will make you scared to do anything in life.

She was right. At that point I had made up my mind that I would tell Frank, no matter what he says.

" Thanks mom."
" Its what Im here for baby. Now go back."
" Alright, love you."
" Love you too. I will see you when you get back."

I kissed her on her head and drove back home. As I got back, I told Tara what was going on and that I needed to pack and leave early the next morning. I packed my things and put them in Taras car. She was going to drive me to the airport so my car didnt sit up there all day and all night. I went to bed that night, setting the alarm for 6:30.
Tomorrow was going to be a hectic day, and I was ready for it.

Me: Kay guys, good bad?
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