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Chapter 10

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Chapter 10

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm going off. Dont you just hate that sound? Hell, I do! I just wanted to pick it up and toss it out of the window, but I couldnt. I just had to wake up or I wasnt going to make it to the Fuse studio in time. Ugh, I slammed that stupid button, making it shut up. I sat up in my bed, rubbing my eyes. I hate getting up early! I rolled out of bed, literally. I fell to the floor making a loud thump, Tara running in there.

" Tara, shut up. I fell out of bed damnit."
" Oh. Just now learning how to walk?"
" Very funny."
" You up right?"
" No, im talking in my sleep."

She walked over to be and bent down, getting extremely close to my ear.

" AHH!"

I hit her in the face with a pillow and she walked out pouting. Groaning to myself I got up and walked to the end of my bed. I had laid my clothes out the night before, just incase I wanted to sleep more and didnt have the time to really pick some out. I threw on the skirt and the corset, grabbing my combat boots and a hoodie. I then heard Tara honking at me. Damn her.


I ran out of my bedroom and into her car, driving to the airport like a mad man.

" Going fast enough?"
" Girl, you know I have massive road rage. THESE PEOPLE WONT FUNKING MOVE!"
" Thats because its a red light."
" So?!"

I laughed at her as she continued to cuss and hit her horn. Fianlly we were driving again and got to the airport. She helped me check in and everything until she could go past the security check.

" Be careful okay?"
" I will."
" Dont forget to take your medication."
" I wont mommy."
" Call everyday."
" Always."
" I love you girl."
" Love you too Tara."

We hugged each other and I went to the secutiry check. Damn, since 9-11 everything has changed. I went to sit down at my hanger when a girl in punk walked over to me. I knew her from alot of the concerts but couldnt remember her name.

" Oh my god, your Nevaeh McCoy."
" Yeah I am."
" How are you doing!! I read in the papers and magazines that you were in a coma."
" Yeah, for two years."
" Where are you going now?"
" Fuse."
" Oh for what?"
" Interview."
" Nice. Hey, can I have your autograph and picture?"
" Sure why not?"

I signed her shoe and we took some pictures on her camera phone. It was nice to know that people still recognized me and knew who I was. I had called Sara to tell her that my plane would be there in about 2 hours if everything was going okay. She said she would be there waiting for me. Soon they called for us to board and I did, having a seat all to myself, which was nice. Hey, dont get me wrong. I love people. I just dont love sitting with people who I dont know, its weird ya know? You feel obligated to talk to people and well..I dont really have much to say alot of times. I soon found myself listening to my Ipod and falling asleep.
Soon the plane landed and I was walking out of the termanal to see Sara.

" Hello Nevaeh, im Sara. So nice to finally meet you."
" Like wise."
" I will take you to your hotel and get you settled and then we can head down to the studio okay?"
" Alright, sounds good to me."

We went to the hotel and unloaded my shit. Sara was a pretty cool person, except she was always perky...those people scare me. Always peppy and excited. Im not. Haha, okay maybe I am sometimes. When I have enough coffee to wake me up and keep me ENERGIZED! Like the bunny. We were driving back to the studio when she started to tell me what the interview was going to be about.

" Alright, I wanna ask you questions about your childhood, then move onto how you guys started, then the accident, and then now. After the coma."
" Sounds good to me. Im an open book."
" Well then good! This will be one hell of an interview."

We pulled up to the Fuse studio and walked inside. Man..I was at Fuse! Going to be on live tv..thats just awesome. My dreams were finally coming true, and at that point and time in my life, I didnt even think about Frank. We got settled down, some girl coming over to do my make up and hair. Over the two years it had gotten quite abit longer, now all of it down to my chin. I didnt mind, it was a new look for me.

" Okay, im ready when you guys are."
" We are ready Sara, in 5..4...3...2...1 go."
" Hey you guys whats up? Its me, Sara Johnson again at Fuse, here to bring you a interview from a rocker. A couple of years ago we first aired her accident on Fuse, saying how tragic it was. She was suppose to go on Warped with her band, Vengence Is Over Rated. But she slipped and hit her head, causing her to fall into a massive coma. Here she is, the beautiful and talented Miss Nevaeh McCoy."
" Hey you guys, whats up?"
" Well Nevaeh I bet alot of people out there are wondering how your doing."
" Oh im fine, cant nothing bring me down. Haha, no but its hard at times."
" What exactly happened?"
" Well, it was the day we were suppose to leave to go to Warped. I was rushing to get things packed and to do everything ya know. Well, I was running down the stairs of my apartment complex and slipped. I guess I just hit my head on the stairs and busted it open pretty much."
" Ouch."
" Yeah, and then finally I just..woke up one day ya know? Two years had gone by and It felt like only a couple of months for me."
" What exactly did you dream about?"
" Well, I was just bascially living my life over. Well in a way over. We continued Warped , got on with our lives"
" So to you, it felt just like any other day."
" Pretty much, yeah."
" Alright well how did Vengece Is Over Rated come to be?"
" Well, me and my best friend Tara lived in New Jersey and a couple of our close friends had moved away pretty much and left us. They were in contact with us for a bit, but it just started to fade away. Well one day we met Maggie, Alex, and Audrey and we all just pretty much clicked. Started a band, played little venues until we got signed."
" Do you think your childhood inspires your music?"
" Oh yeah."
" What was your childhood like?"
" Well, it was normal besides the fact that my dad was a drunk and beat me and my mom. He had passed away and so we moved to get a fresh new start. Since then I just, wrote music but didnt know it was music yet. Just words that were swimming in my head that I felt as if I had to get out or I was going to self destruct."
" So you moved to New Jersey?"
" Yeah, my mom had been wanting to move because my school hated me."
" What do you mean?"
" Well, I got beat up alot because I was different. Because I looked different, listening to different music, made good grades. Was always a quiet one. My school was always on the look out for me. If I did something wrong I got severely punished."
" So they hated you because you were differnet?"
" Thats what I see it as."
" Alright, so you moved to New Jersey and went to a private school."
" Yep, and there I really opened up and became who I am today."
" Alright, how about any men in your life?"
" Haha, no men. There was some once but not anymore."
" What happened?"
" Well, I had a fiance but we broke up. He cheated and wanted to lie about it when I caught him dead with my eyes. So now, im married to my music."
" Great way to look at it like that."
" Yeah, well I see my life as an open book. Sometimes I want to tell everyone everything about me and then at times I just dont."
" Guess I caught you on one of those days huh?"
" Oh yeah."
" Alright, well whats going to happen to your band now?"
" Well, we have a cd out and we are going to be making a video pretty soon. Probably after Thanksgiving."
" Thats awesome. I hope the video will start your tour."
" It will."
" Alright, thank you so much for being here with me today Nevaeh."
" Oh it was my pleasure."
" Thats all for Sara Johnson at the Fuse studio,stay tuned for Stevens Untiled Rock Show."
" And cut."

Me and Sara stood up, shaking hands.

" Thanks so much."
" Ah it wasnt a problem."
" Well, I can take you back to your hotel if you want."
" Yeah, I am alittle tired."

Once we got the hotel she dropped me off, saying that the interview would be aird Friday. I really didnt want to stay away from home, but had no choice. My ticket wasnt going to be good until tomorrow. I went to my hotel room and went to bed.


Me: Okay, good bad?!
Laura: Good!
Frank: Bad!
Laura: GOOD!
Frank: BAD!
Frank: Okay..
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