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Chapter 11

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Chapter 11

I soon woke up, finding it hard to sleep for some reason that night. I pulled out my laptop and plugged it in, searching to see if anyone from back home was on messengers. I soon signed onto AIM to find Tara on.

xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Hey Tara.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Hey, whats wrong? Cant sleep?
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Pretty much.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Hey, how did the interview go?
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Good I guess, asked some questions that I didnt want to answer.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Well thats all interviews.
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: True lol.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Hey, did you know My Chemical Romance is in New York?
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Really?
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Yeah, you should try and find Frank.
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: No thats okay.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: PANSEY!
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Extreemely.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Well, im going to bed now, love you girl and try and get some sleep.
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: I will. Be home tomorrow.
xXxSaveYourBulletsxXx: Alright, see you then.
xXxSaveYourBreathxXx: Night.

With that she signed off and I unplugged my computer. I layed back in my bed and was thinking about what Tara was saying. If he was really here, could I find him? Maybe this was the chance for me to tell him how I really feel. I got up and got dressed, throwing on hoodie and grabbed my hotel keys. I walked out and heard some voices.

" Dude, Frank your so stupid."
" Mikey, shut up and go throw a toster in the bathtub..while your in it."
" Hey thats mean, I only did that once."
" Doesnt matter, still did it."
" Whatever man." god..the guys were staying in this hotel?! I ran back into my bedroom and heard them pass by. Someone hitting my door on their way by. It was probably Ray. He likes to to hit things when hes walking, or atleast kick them. I peaked out my door and stuck my head half way out. I saw Gerard, Frank, Bob, and Ray walking away from me, as if walking out of my life. Someone ran into the back of my head. I looked down and saw Mikey.

" Oh im sorry..Wait. Nevaeh?"
" Uh no..sorry.'

I slammed the door shut and leaned up against it. I heard someone knock and then stop. I guess Mikey decided to walk away. What was I going to do? Knowing Mikey, he would go back and tell the guys that he saw me. Then they would all rush over to see me. I didnt want a pitty visit. I crawled back into the bed and fell off to sleep.

BOOM BOOM BOOM. What the hell was that noise? BOOM BOOM BOOM.

" Open up Nevaeh!"

Oh shit, it was Mikey. I got out of bed and walked to the door, finally figuring out that he wasnt going to leave until I let him in. So I did. On my way back into the room I looked at the clock. 3:30 a.m. What the hell was he still even doing up? I wasnt sure, but I know that Mikey wanted to talk. I always knew when he wanted too because he had this serious tone to him. We walked to my bed and sat down, my putting a pillow in my lap and cuddling into it.

" Why are you here Mikey?"
" Im here because im your friend and thats my job."
" Yeah, I didnt see you at my bedside when I woke up from my coma. I didnt see you anywhere when I woke up. I didnt see you at all for the five years of my life before I went into a coma."
"I know Nevaeh and im sorry okay. We never forgot you at all. We always thought about you guys and wondered what you were doing. Frank is going to flip when I tell him."

What?!?!?!? Tell Frank? He couldnt, Frank would know that I was in the hotel and want to see me. I just couldnt do it. I wasnt ready to tell him yet. I didnt even know how to tell him. I had to stop Mikey from telling him.

" You cant tell him Mikey."
" Why not? You know how excited he would be to see you again?"
" I know Mikey, but I just cant tell him in here just yet. Im only here because I have to do a Fuse interview. Well, had to."
" Nevaeh, you know how hard it is going to be?"
" I know Mikey, you cant really keep secrets that well, but thi is one yourg going to have to keep. Please Mikey?"

I looked at him for a moment, almost pleading for him not to say anything.

" Ugh, Nevaeh I hope you know I love you."
" I know you do. Thats why I know you wont go back on this. That you cant even tell anyone that you saw me."
" I cant keep this from Gerard."
" Yes you can."
" You have too."
" Hes my brother."
" I know, but I just cant tell them yet."
" Fine, fine, fine."

I jumped up and gave him a hug. All of a sudden his phone began to ring and he picked it up.

" im okay, just out taking a im on my way back..okay..bye."

He hung up the phone and threw a sharpie at me, telling me to write down his number. This time we were going to keep in touch, but by secret.

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