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Chapter 12

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, its me.
Just figured I would post.
You guys know you want me too.
Frank: Hell, if they dont want you too, I do.
Pete: Me too.
Laura: Anyone got any gummi bears?
Pete: I do.
Pete pulls out gummi bears from his pocket covered with lint
Laura: Ew.
Pete: What?! Alittle lint never hurt anyone.
Laura: Then you eat it.
Pete: Er...No thats okay.


Chapter 12

I woke up the next morning to that annoying sound of an alarm clock. I swear, whoever made alarm clocks are going to rot in hell. Oh yes, HELL. It's probably just the fact that the annoying buzzing..doesnt really get you up. It just gives you a nice headach to start your day. I rolled out of bed and looked at the clock. 9:30 a.m. Oh yay, I slept alittle later then yesterday. I walked into the bathroom and looked at all the goodies that I had. Man, the bathtub was about as big as my queen size bed back at home. Okay, telling alittle lie..the damn thing was probably bigger. Since the tub was soo bigg and I had plenty of time to actually take a nice bath, I was going to take a bath. As I sunk in the hot bubbly water, I heard my phone go off. Oh well, whoever it was would leave a voicemail if it was important. Right now, I am relaxing. I took me a good hour bath until I started to get extremely prunie. I got out and wrapped the town around myself, drying off and putting a towel around my head. I walked into the room and looked at my phone. 1 missed call. No shit, but who was it? I looked at the number and noticed it was Mikey. I wonder what he wants. 1 new voicemail.

" Hey Nevaeh, its me Mikey. I was just going to see if you wanted to go to lunch. What am I saying? Of course you do, because if not then I am going to come and rip you out of that room myself. Dont worry, the guys are at a interview at FUSE so they wont know. Well call me back when you get this. Bye."

Ugh, there was no way she was going to get out of this one for sure. So I got dressed in some pants and a muscle shirt. What was the point of getting all cute? Pft, I wasnt!! I grabbed a hoodier and threw it on, covering my head with the hood and walking out of the hotel room. I called Mikey just to see where he was.

" Hello?"
" Hey Mikey its me."
" Hey, ready to go to lunch?"
" Yep. What room are you guys in?"
" 678."
" Alright, the guys arent there right?"
" No, they left about 30 minutes ago. Plus you know the guys, they take forever.Like little old women."
" Yeah, well I will walk down there."
" Alright see you then."

I walked down the hallway, made some lefts, then some rights and finally found the room number, the door was half open so I figured it was Mikey that left it open for me so I didnt have to knock. I walked in and he was in the bathroom applying eyeliner. It looked like he was getting frustrated so I walked in and slapped him on the ass, hard.

" No you wouldnt of, I just scared you shitless. Dont worry about it. Need some help?"
" Yeah. The stupid thing wont sharpen and it wont work too well."
" Well here, let me show you alittle secret."

I took the eyeliner from his hands and took out my lighter. I learned this trick awhile back, and figured since I didnt have any kids at the moment, I would share it with the big kid infront of me. I light the end of the eyeliner, letting it melt lightly then blew it out.

" Now sit down."
" Oh hel l no, that things hot."
" Dont be a pussy Mikey."
" Fine, if you burn me I burn you back deal?"
" Fine, deal."

He sat down on the toilet and I lined the bottom of his lids. The liner rolled on alot easier then before.

" Okay..maybe you werent going to burn me. Where did you learn that?"
" When you live with a bunch of girls who wear eyeliner, you learn tricks."
" Ahh, I will use it then."
" I am full of make up knowledge."
" Yes, you will be my makeup Yoda."
" Sure thing Skywalker."

We both laughed and I handed him the liner. He stood up and looked at himself and nodded his head with approval. He grabbed his hoodie and walked to the bed.

" So who do you share you room with?"
" Frank."
" Frank?"
" Yeah."

I looked around a bit, deciding to be nosey I picked up one of his messenger bags. It was covered with patches and bobby pins. What is this boys facination with bobby pins? I opened it up and took out one of the journals that was inside there. I opened it up and looked inside. I wasnt going to read it..but was going to..kinda..ya know..skim it. Right there on the inside of the cover was a picture. Not just any picture..our picture. The picture of us at his graduation, the exact one that I had in my memorabilia box. It brought slight tears to my eyes.

" Told you he never forgot. He looks at that late at night."
" Why hasnt he gotten in touch with me."
" Tabloids."
" What does that have to do with it?"
" He didnt want you to be stalked."
" I would love to be stalked, if only I could talk to him."

I began to flip through the pages. There were certain things that caught my eye, like my name in hearts. Maybe he really did love me and wanted to be with me.

Janurary 27th 2005,

Well, its been quite along time since I have seen Nevaeh. Today is her birthday and I dont know what I should do. Should I call her, write her, send her a present. It's just..soo difficult. I thought I saw her the other day, but we were in Las Vegas and I knew that it wasnt her. I ran after the girl just to see if maybe it was. Long black hair, glasses..maybe my mind was just telling me it was her. Part of me was excited, but part of me was sad. I had a feeling if it was her she was going to kick me in the balls for not keeping in touch. If it was her, what was I going to say? " Oh hey, yeah, sorry. I figured I would make your life easier? Tabloids are a bitch." That wasnt going to work. I just..I dont know what I should do anymore. I seem to know know anything anymore.

He wrote about me...he really wrote about me..he never forgot. Hell, he didnt even forget my birthday. I shut the book and placed it back where I found it, and picking up a t-shirt in its place. I placed it to my face and breathed it. It was a red shirt that had homophobia is gay written across the front of it. I laughed as I placed it on my lap, trying to rub out the wrinkles. It wasnt working too well. Mikey walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder, causing me to look up at him.

" Take it."
" Excuse me?"
" Take it."
" Take what?"
" Take His shirt."
" What? I cant."
" Why not? I will tell him that he lost it."
" ....I dont know. I just cant."
" Yes you can, take it."

He pushing it back in my hands and grabbed me, dragging me out of his room and over to mine.

" Now put it in there."
" Ugh, fine."
" Hurry up, im hungry."

I walk into my room and put the shirt down on my bed, happy that Mikey said I could have it. I walked back out and we started to walk down to a local pizza place. Yeah, it was Mikeys choice, but I didnt mind. It was food and I was hungry. As we walked in, people recognized him way more then me. Probably because we werent really famous yet, so she wasnt really worried about it. As they sat down my phone rang.

" Hello?"
" Hey girl, its me Tara."
" Hey whats up?"
" Uh, nothing really, just eating pizza.."
" With?"
" Myself."
" Liar. You never go out alone."
" Fine..I cant tell you."
" Why not?! I am your best friend."
" Because you are going to freak out."
" Who?"
" I cant tell-"
" WHO?!"
" Mikey who?"
" Mikey Way."
" What?! You found them?!"
" More of he found me."
" How?!"
" I will explain when I get home okay?"
" Fine, tell Mikey to give me a call."
" I will, bye."
" Bye."

I put down my phone and got back to eating.

" Who was that?"
" Tara."
" Tara, as in your best friend Tara?"
" Yep, one in the same."
" Damn, cant believe you guys are still friends."
" Well, shes in the band with me."
" Oh thats cool."
" So, how has Frank been?"
" Hell, you know Frank, he has his moments."
" Yeah, I know. How is his love life?"
" Shitty. He picks wrong girls."
" What do you mean?"
" He wants the preppy popular big boobs girl. But those are always the bitchy ones who cheat on him."
" Yeah."
" Your not like that."
" No, im not."
" You look alot different now then in highschool."
" I had to change."
" I like it."

I smiled at him and went back to eating my food. After we got done we walked back to the hotel, half way there Mikey got a call.

" Hello..Hey just went for some you cant...why?..uhh because im half way back to the hotel now...okay..sorry I didnt..bye."
" Who was that?"
" Frankie, he wanted to know where I was and then wanted some pizza."
" Oh, It might be better if we split now."
" Yeah, probably."
" I will see ya soon Mikey. I have a plane to catch."
" Okay, becareful."
" You too."

We hugged and walked out seperate ways, not sure when the next time I would see him, or even the guys again. But what I didnt know, was how wrong I was.
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