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Chapter 13

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, its Moi. Sorry it has taken me kinda awhile to post a new chapter.
But you love me anyways..right?
Also, im doing the interviews in here my own way.
So skip over that part if you want.
Frank: Of course they dont love you.
Laura: Yeah, you keep us waiting on cliffhangers.
Pete: Not cool man..not cool.
Me: Im sorry guys, its just..they are so fun!!
Pete: To who? Not me.
Laura: Or me.
Frank: Even me.
Me: Fine, stop the bitching!!!


Chapter 13

It didnt take me long to get packed and get to the airport. I figured that I would call Mikey and tell him that I was going back home. As I say down my bag I dialed the number to his cellphone. It rang a lot of times and I was about to hang up when someone answered the phone.

" Frankies Man Whore House, how may I fufill your fantasy?"

Frankies Man Whore House?! Was Frankie picking up the phone?! If he was, did he know it was me?!

" Hello, is anyone there?"
" Oh yeah, sorry. Can I speak to Mikey?"
" Sure, may I ask whos calling?"

Shit! What was I going to say?! Oh yeah hey Frank, is me Nevaeh, yeah long time no speak! I..think...not.

" Uh, Sara."
" Alright. Hey Mikey, Sara is on the phone for you."

I could hear the guys in the back questioning him about who I was, but he didnt say anything, he just got to the phone as fast as he could.

" Uh hello?"
" Hey Mikey, its me Nevaeh."
" Oh hey SARA. Whats up?"
" Nothing, just calling to tell you that I was going back home."
" Oh, alright. Call me when you land?"
" I will."

Next thing I know, I hear crashing noises and then Franks voice in the back ground.

" Dude, wheres my fucking shirt?"
" What shirt?"
" You know Mikey, the one that has homo on it. I layed it out this morning."

Oh great, the shirt that was in my duffel.

" Mikey, tell him he probably left it on the bus."
" You probably just left it on the bus man. Dont worry about it. We will look for it later."
" No man, I left it out. I wanted to clean it. Damnit."
" Mikey, I will just callyou back when I get home okay?"
" Okay."
" By the way, whats my name on your phone?"
" Well, now its going to be Sara."
" Haha, great. Okay, bye."
" Bye."

Mikey hung up and I say down in my dear, waiting for them to call my plane to board. Once I got seated in my seat and buckled up, I fell asleep, dreaming of my coma dream, the life that I had back there. The only thing was, it was way different. Once I finished my song, Frank swept me up in his arms and kissed me, telling me he loved me and that he was sorry he could never see it before. That he hated Betty. I soo was woken up by out plane landing.
I got off and called mymom, telling her that I had just landed. She couldnt come pick me up because she was working, so I called the girls. No one answered the phone, so I figured I would just have to call a cab. As I was walking out of the terminal I heard people scream my name. I turned around to see my band and my mom, holding balloons and things that say welcome home. I smiled and ran over to them, giving them all hugs.

" Dang, it was only a day guys."
" It felt like forever."
" Aw, I love you all."
" We love you too, now lets go home and watch the interview!"

We all skipped out, giggling and chatting about my time. I wasnt going to tell everyone that I had seen the guys, or even talked to Frank. But Tara knew so I had to tell her, she would want to know. Once we got home, I dropped all my bags in the living room floor and fell face first on the couch. It was soo good to be home once again. Tara walked over and sat on my butt.

" Your not that skinny ya know?"
" I know..but im not that fat either."
" True. Whens the interview?"
" In about 10 minutes."
" Cool, let me go throw my bags in my room and change real fast."
" Okay."

Tara continued to sit ontop of me.

" Uh fatty, I cant move."
" Oh, yeah right. That."

She moved and walked into the kitchen, grabbing some cokes and chips. I grabbed my bags and walked into my room, throwing them into the corner and changing into some Tinker Bell sleeping pants and a white muscle shirt. Hey, I liked to be comfortable. I walked back out and ran to the couch, jumping and plopping down. Tara came over and sat by me. We turned on Fuse to catch my interview. Sara's show came on and we all shut up to watch it. I looked hot, man! After the 30 minutes, the interview was over, and I was proud of myself. I was finally making a name for this band and myself. I just hope that the guys didnt watch it. We noticed that after, there was a My Chemical Romance in depth intervew, so we decided to watch it. If they did watch it, then they would know we had a band, and that I was in New York at the same time they were. I just hope that they dont put two and two together. They were doing one on one personal interviews. Some of it had to do with the music, but some of it had to do with them.

" Alright you guys, its me Laura here with My Chemical Romance. Well, some of them atleast. Wheres Mikey?"

Gerard picked up the mic.

" Hes at the hotel, he wasnt feeling too good ya know?"
"Aw, Mikey I hope you get better!! Anyways, lets start. Gerard, what was it like for you to beat all the obsticals that you went through?"
" It was hard, I felt like I had to do it by myself, when really I didnt. I had my family and friends there to guide me."
" Yeah, I bet. Frank did you ever have someone back from highschool who still inspires you today?"

Oh shit, please dont say me...please.

" Yeah, I have this one girl back from high school."
" Oh juciy."
" Haha, not really. But she was my best friend, and even the guys."
" So she was like a sister?"
" Yeah, completely. But then ya know some things happened and we just..we never kept in touch over the years."
" Well, if shes watching what would you want to tell her."

Oh But I really want him too...SHUT UP VOICE! NO!

" Nevaeh, if your out there..listening..watching to me. I never forgot about you and I love you alot. I miss all the times we had back in highschool. I remember our last goodbye and I wish it wasnt. I told you it wasnt a good bye, that it was an I will see you later bye. But that hasnt worked out. Remember what I told you? You helped me be who I am and I mean helped me be the rockstar I am today."
" Thats so sweet. Nevaeh huh?"
" Yeah, she was kickass."
" Would this happen to be the Nevaeh McCoy?"

Here we go. Franks face went into a shocked look. He knew..and has known.

" Yes..why?"
" Well, we at Fuse have been covering her story."
" Her story?"
" Yeah, you know, her coma."

Frank stood up and began to pace. He really didnt know.

" Coma!? What the beep!? When the beep was she in a mother beep coma!?"
" For two years."

Glad to know that he finally knows. I couldnt take anymore. I had to walk off and go cry to myself. Its just too much to handle. Thanksgiving was coming up and I had to face his mom. His mom..god knows he is calling her asking her for everything on me right now. I bet she would give it to him too..maybe she wouldnt. I soon cried myself to sleep for the first time in years..over Frank Iero.


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