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Chapter 14

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, its me. Long time no speak!!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed the last chapter, I have been
Having some MASSIVE writers block lately.
Its one of those things where I know where I want to go with the story, but don't really know how to get there!! IT'S SO FRUSTRAITING!!!
But, I promise, im not going to neglect you guys anymore.
Frank: Better not, ima cry
Me: Oh no, please don't.
Frank: Oh yeah.
Pete: Oh hush you aint going to cry
Frank: Dude, shut up it might get us more chapters, and if so im willing to try it.
Me: Well on with the story.


Chapter 14

I honestly had the best sleep of my life that night, I just hated that I had to cry myself asleep to do it. Frank Iero makes me so mad sometimes!!! I turned my phone off so I wouldn't have to deal with the calls of people wanting to know what I was going to do. I locked my door as well, I just figured that the girls and my mom would know that I was upset and didn't want to talk to anyone about the situation that I was in at that point in time. But, I still had to call and confirm to Mrs. Iero that me, Tara and my mom were going to be there for Thanksgiving. I kinda had to ya know? It was the least that I could do. I rolled out of bed and picked up the house phone next to my bed. Hey, just because I had a cell phone, doesn't mean I use to all the time, infact I hate the damn things. But that's another story. I dialed Mrs. Ieros number and waited until she picked up. She soon did.

" Hello?"
" Hi, Mrs. Iero, its me Nevaeh."
" Oh hello dear, how are you?"
" Oh you know me, never better."
" That's good. Anything that I could help you with today?"
"Just wanted to call and let you know that my mom, Tara and me would be over at your house for Thanksgiving. If its still alright with you."
" Oh, of course it is! Mama Don just called and said she was going to come over as well. It will be nice to have us all together again, don't you think dear?"
" Oh of course it will. Well, I gotta go. I will see you on Thanksgiving."
" Alright dear, you take care of yourself okay? See you then."
" Bye."
" Bye."

With that being said, we hung up. I really didn't want to face the rest of my family and friends. I knew what they were going to ask me. I just hate the fact that they have to hang all over me when they feel like something is wrong. Okay, something IS wrong, but that isn't the point. I don't want people to pitty me or feel sorry for me. I decided to call Mikey and ask him why he didn't tell me that Frank knew about the accident. Probably because he was in the room with them, or probably because he didn't know himself. But he was Mikey, he had to know.

" Hello?"
" Hey Mikey its me."
" Guess you saw the interview huh?'
" Yeah, I did. Why didn't you tell me?"
" Because I figured they would just..edit that part out."
" How is Frank?"
" He's okay I guess. You know him, NEVER admits if something is actually wrong. Guess it takes after you then huh?"
" Yeah..he does. He's taking it well right? I mean, not pissed..?"
" No, hes not pissed. Hes just a little bit worried and confused ya know?"
" Yeah..I wish I could talk to him."
" Then do it."
" I cant."
" Why not?"
" I just cant okay?"
" Fine, I wont pressure you but I don't know if I can keep you a secret for much longer."
" Fine..just wait okay?"
" I will, but I have to go to soundcheck okay?"
" Alright, love you Mikey."
" Love you too, take care of yourself okay? Just don't do anything stupid."
" Have I ever?"
" Don't want to answer that. But I will just talk to you later."
" Bye,"
" Bye."

We hung up and I walked downstairs. It was time to face my family and I hated it. I walked down to see everyone piled in the living room, except my mom. She probably had to go to work since she was off yesterday. Everyone just looked over at me and smiled, and I did the only thing I knew to do, I smiled back.

" Hey sleepy head, decide to get up today?"
" Yeah, I did."
" Wanna talk about it?"

'Wanna talk about it' those four words that I hated so much. Talk about what? There was nothing to really talk about. Frank didn't even know that I was in a coma. End of story. Finished. Nothing else to talk about. But no, they don't understand that sorta thing, friends. They have to figure out if your okay about him not knowing. I a way I was. I was happy that he knew what happened to me, but didn't want him to know for the reason of him finding me afterwards. I don't want a pitty visit. It's a bad decision to make. But I have to keep it together.

" No, its okay. Nothing to talk about. But do you guys mind if I have my own apartment to myself for guys seem to never go home."
" Family..were like the relatives you want gone but never leave."
" Or how about you guys are more like dogs that I fed once and just wont leave me alone. Yeah, I like that one."
" We don't."
" That sucks for you guys then because that's what you guys remind me of."
"Fine we will only leave because we need to go home and get some more clothes."
" No its okay, just stay there. I just want to have some me time. Im not kicking you guys out forever, I promise."
" Alright well we are gone okay? We love you."
" I love you guys too. I will call you when you can come back over."
" Kay."

They walked out of the apartment and flopped down on the couch. It was nice to be alone for abit. Have time to think about everything that has happened and when I am going to do about it. What am I going to do about it? This was probably going to be the hardest week before Thanksgiving that I was going to go through.

One week later

Me and Tara decided to stay with my mom, it was going to be a lot closer to Mrs. Iero's house then mine. Gas money is a bitch now a days. I was waiting in my moms living room for her to get ready. Damn she takes forever, and the girls thought I was bad. Well...okay I am, so I must take after her. Finally she came downstairs looking nice, hell we all did. I was wearing some black pants that had white pin stripes and a white button up long sleeve shirt and some black heels. Tara didn't really wanna get dressed up because she said she doesn't have anything nice to wear, so I lent her some of my clothes. She was wearing some black slacks and a black button up shirt. My mom was wearing a white skirt and a black top. Damn, we all kinda looked like we were about to go to a funeral in a way. Oh well, it was just dinner.

" Are you old women ready to go now?"
" are calling us old women when it took you longer then the both of us combined?"
" Yeah, lets go, I don't wanna be late."
" Alright alright."
" You know the way right?"
" Yes mom, I do. Don't worry about it okay?"
" You know I do. Im the mom, its my job."

We all walked out to my moms black SUV. I didn't want to take my car because it wasn't really that roomy for us all. As we were driving down the road I got a call from Mikey. I picked it up and put it on speaker phone.

" Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Way."
" Happy Thanksgiving to you too Miss McCoy and Mrs. McCoy."
" Thank you Michael dear. Hope you are having a great one."
" Oh I am. You guys will too."
"Okay, you guys are gay. I am hanging up. We are pulling into Mrs. Iero's drive way. Talk to you soon Mikey."
" You too."

We hung up as I turned off the car and got out. We all walked to the door and knocked. Mrs. Iero greeted us at the door with a huge smile plastered on her face. Wow, Thanksgiving brings out the best of people..hell I just wanna eat!

" Come in, come in. Dinner is almost ready. So glad you guys could make it. Lisa, its so nice to see you again."
" You too, we don't need to stay away so long next time."
" Oh I know! Tara, my you have grown up."
" You too Mrs. Iero. I don't even see one gray hair on your head!"
" I never had grey hair."
" I know and I cant believe it with a son like Frank."
" True my dear, so true."

She showed us into the kitchen and we all sat down. I saw Mama Don, and Mr. Donald there too. We hugged and everyone began talking. I noticed three extra plates on the table.

" Mrs. Iero, do you have some more guest's coming?"
" Oh yes dear, friends. They should be here any minute."
" Oh okay. Anyone we know?"
" You might. Oh wait, here they are now."

I turned around and was met with the most beautiful eyes in the world..those eyes belonged to a man that I wasnt ready to see again. Frank Iero.

" Hi Frank."
" Nevaeh.."


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