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Chapter 15

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, hope you enjoyed the cliffhangers, I did.
Pete: No, we hated them. When am I going to come in?
Frank: Yeah, I just wanna get my mack on.
Me: Oh shut up boys. Your so gay
Frank: Im not gay or I wouldnt be with Nevaeh.
Me: Actually, your not with Nevaeh yet. Your with no one.
Frank: That so so messed up that you would do that.
Me: What can I say? I like to make people wait. Keep people on their toes.
Frank: Im on mine.
Me: See, good going me.


Chapter 15

Was he..was he really standing the dinning room...looking at me? Was this really Frank Iero or was it a dream that my mind was playing on me again? I didnt know how to act..I just sat there in my seat stairing at him. He just stood there staring at me. I didnt know what to do. Should I walk over to him and grab him, kiss him on the lips and tell him I love him? Or should I still sit down waiting for him to make the first move. All of a sudden Gerard and Mikey came in right behind him with their bags.

" Mom!"
" Mikey, Gerard! Oh my boys, so nice to see you again. I missed you so much."
" You too Mom. Nevaeh!? Tara!? OH MY GOD TARA!"

Tara jumped out from her seat and literally tackled Gerard. She began to give him kisses all over his face and I kinda felt bad. Frank just sat down next to his mom and Mikey next to me so Tara could sit by Gerard. After she got done coating his face in saliva they both sat down. Everyone began to talk, except me and Frank. Why couldnt I be my old self around him? Was it because I knew for a fact that I loved him, or was it because we hadnt seen each other in many many years? We kept taking little glances at each other, trying not to make it obvious that we wanted to just stare. This was one horrible Thanksgiving so far. How could I let myself go through this?

" So Nevaeh, how have you been?"
" Great Gerard, love what you have done to your hair. Its different."
" You cant say much about anybody being different, you look amazingly different."
" In a bad way?"
" No, in a beautiful way."

I turned my head to look at Frank, he had just spoken for the second time of the evening and he had called me beautiful. I didnt see his eyes because he had his head bent down, focusing on his food. What was I going to say? Possibly the only thing that my mind could come to say.

" Thank you Frankie. You look good as well."
" Thanks."

He said it ever so lightly and we all became silent again. Mikey was the first to speak.

" So hows everything with the band?"
" Good, were going to start recording some new songs after Christmas hopefully. We just wanna spend some time we everyone before they drag us off."
" Yeah, that part of the job sucks. You never get to see your family or friends as much anymore.."
" Yeah."
" Well, Mrs. Iero that was good."
" Thanks, now everyone go in the living room and allow me to clean this mess up."
" Please let me help you."
" No Nevaeh, just go in the living room."
" You know I wont."
" Hahaha, true. Alright just this once."

Everyone got up and walked out, leaving me and Mrs Iero left to clean up. As we were cleaning I looked in the living room to not see Frank.

" Mrs. Iero, where did Frank go?"
" Probably to his room. Go see please?"

I really didnt want to, but then I did. It would give me a chance to talk to him again and explain everything to him. I dried off my hands and walked off to the room that I had just a week before, spent the night in. I knocked gently on the door twice and opened it abit to see Frank standing by his window. He didnt even bother to turn around to see who it was.

" Hey Nevaeh."
" Hey Frank. Why dont you come back downstairs? Your mom made some great pumpkin pie."
" Na."

I had a feeling this was my fault. My fault he felt this way. What was I going to do?

" Frank, you okay?"
" Yeah."
" You were never a good liar you know."

I walked over to his bed and sat down on it, facing him. He turned around and gave me alittle smile and a chuckle.

" No, I really am. Just not to you. You always seem to look straight past it."
" Well, thats cause were best friends."
" Why?"
" Why what?"
" Why didnt you tell me you were in a coma?"

Damnit, this isnt going to go well. Best to get it off my chest right away..right?

" I didnt want to bother you."
" Nevaeh, you dont bother me."

Frank walked around and sat beside me on the bed, not too close but not too far, just right. I could smell him and the smell of him made my heart beat ever so fast. It felt as if it was going to explode out of my chest and fall of his poor white carpet.

" Why didnt you keep in touch?"
" I dont want tabloids all over you guys, stalking you. Its not right."
" Well then dont try and lecture me about not telling you something. You couldnt even CALL or WRITE to tell me what was going on. So when I dont call or write or tell you what is happeneing to me, dont go all hyporcrit on me."
" Thats different Nae."
" No, no its not. Its the exact same. Except yours hurt alot worse. I thought you hated me and didnt want to have anything to do with me anymore. I was slowly dieing inside from the pain. I blocked myself off from everyone it seemed and pushed everyone away. That hurt me.."
" I didnt mean to hurt you."
" Well you did. And then when I saw you the other week at the hotel with the guys I-"
" Wait, what hotel?"

Oh shit, I let my mouth overload my ass.

" The week you guys didnt the Fuse interview, I had one of my own. I was staying in the same hotel as you guys."

Frank was yelling at me..he never yells at me. I really shouldnt of said that.


I gasped at what I had said...I had just told him that I loved him..I had to go.

" What?"
" I..I have to go."

I got up and started to walk out of his door he he grabbed my arm and spun me around, forcing my back against the door. The next thing I felt happen was the feel of his lips on mine. Frank was kissing me and all I could do was cry. I was so scared at that point I wasnt thinking right. I pushed him off me and ran out of the door and down to my mothers house. That was a long ass run but I managed it. I went to my room and collapsed on the floor crying, ashamed of myself. Ashamed that I had told him how I felt, ashamed that I didnt atleast try and keep in contact him him, ashamed that I didnt tell him I was in the hospital because of a coma.
At that point, I didnt want my mother to worry, so I decided to call her and tell her that I was okay and at her house. I dialed the number of her cell and let it ring, she finally picked up.

" Hello?"
" Mom?"
" Nevaeh! Oh my god, where are you? Are you okay?!"
" Yeah mom I just..I had to get out of there. Im at your house. Is it okay if I stay over here?"
" Of course dear, me and Tara will be over there soon okay? I love you."
" I love you too mom."

I hung up and crawled into my bed. I just layed there, looking at the ceiling and thinking about the things that just happened. Frank knew my feelings for him..and he kissed me.


Me: Okay, good bad?!
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