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Chapter 16

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, whats up?
Frank: Less talking, more writting.
Me: Dont be so mean.
Frank: Im not.
Me: Yes you are.
Frank: No im not.
Me: Yes, you are. Thats it I win. No more.
Frank: SEE MEAN!!!
Me: Oh hush, on with the chapter.


Chapter 16

I hadnt even realized that I had fallen asleep until I heard someone knocking on my door. I rolled out of bed and opened it, reavealing my moms face. She smiled lightly at me and showed me a plate of food. I smiled back and opened the door wider for her, allowing her to step inside and sit on my bed. I walked over to her after shuting the door and grabbed the plate. She began to eat it when her mother began to speak.

" Dear are you okay?"

I didnt say anything, just continued to eat.

" Please, speak to me."
" Mom, theres nothing wrong."
" You lie to your mother."
" No, I just dont want to tell my mother. Theres a difference."
" Why are you so stubborn?"
" Why are you so nosey?"
" Im your mother thats my job."

I sighed and laid the plate on the ground.

" Mom, you wouldnt understand."
" Try me. What happened in that room that made you run?"
" He kissed me."
" And thats a bad thing why?"
" It isnt..but thats not why I ran."
" Then why did you run?"
" Because I told him I loved him and THEN he kissed me."

My mother went silent. See, mothers dont know everything even though they try and act like they do. There wasnt anything she could say..nothing. She couldnt tell me what Frank felt about me, she could convince to me that Frank loved me. There was really nothing she could do. A couple of words here and there of encouragement but thats it. She couldnt make what I was feeling go away.

" So you think what, that he kissed you because you told him that you loved him?"
" that wrong?"
" Yes."
" Why?"
" Because you dont know if any of that is true."
" Then how do I fix it?"
" Talk to him..really talk to him."
" And say what mom?! There is nothing to say."

I got up and walked out, leaving my mother there speechless. I walked down to the livingroom, only to find Frank sitting on the couch. I sighed lightly and sat across from him. He didnt say anything and I didnt say anything either. We went a good 10 minutes without speaking before he said something. But I couldnt understand it.

" What did you say?"
" Why?"
" Why what?"
" Why could you talk to Mikey and not me?"

Oh shit, Mikey told him..what could I do?

" I havent."
" Oh..okay."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out Mikeys phone. He pressed two buttons and my cellphone began to ring. Shit. What can I say now?

" Uh, its a miracle?"
" Nice try. Explain."
" Frank, it wasnt like that."
" Then what was it like?"
" I saw him in the hotel, he made me talk to him."
" So you decided to give him your number but not me?"
" You dont understand."
" How long?"
" How long what?"
" How long have you been in contact with him?"
" I dont know, bout two weeks."
" So for two weeks, you couldnt talk to me?"
" How did you know it was my number?"
" Your mom gave me your cell number, so I asked Mikey if I could use his phone, he said yes and I dialed. Next thing I know, Sara pops up."
" Oh."

Nothing was said, we just sat there, in silence once again. I wasnt sure if anyone knew anything to say. It was like we were both scared to speak to each other. Like the other person was going to say something wrong to the other. It had never been like this is highschool, never. We were always an open book and could talk about anything. There was never ever a silent moment around us in highschool so why all of a sudden its like it is now? The only silence moment we had in highschool was the first car ride when Betty and Frank had fought over me.

" What do you want to talk about now?"
" How did you get in a coma?"
" Uh..long story."
" I believe we have enough coffee and time."

I laughed for the first time because of Frank. It was a nice feeling to have because of him.

" I slipped on the stairs at my apartment and busted my head open."
" Ouch thats gotta hurt."
" Well, I really dont remember. I was knocked out."
" Yeah good point. I see you got some tattoos."
" Yeah, a couple."
" Lemme see."

I got up and walked over to him, sitting beside him on the couch and sticking out my hands for him to see. He reached out and touched them gently and rubbed his fingers over the sally stiches.

" I like these."
" Thanks."
" Did they hurt?"
" To me, yeah. What about yours?"

I nodded to his and he smiled at his Halloween tattoos.

" Na, not that bad. I have alot more tattoos that I have gathered over the years."
" Really? You should show me sometimes."
" I will."

We once again fell to silence. Not saying anything at all, just sitting there, him holding my hands and running his calloused fingers over my fingers lightly. The act alone was about to either put me to sleep, or drive me up a wall. It was nice to work our way back to what we were.

" I am sorry about not keeping it touch."
" I understand."

Whoa, deja-vu. It was like this in my coma. Frank and I were sitting on the tour bus couch, him running his hands over my tattoo. Then, we got into the discussion about him not keeping in touch.

" No, I dont think you do understand."
" Why did you kiss me Frank?"
" Why? You wanna know why?"
" Yes."

He sighed and stood up, walking towards the door.

" Im not going to tell you and have you walk out of my life again. I will tell you, when I think the time is right."

He opened the door and left, leaving me shocked on the couch with my mouth dropped open. WHAT THE HELL!?


Me: Another chapter today. Aint it great?
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