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Chapter 17

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, its me again.
Everyone hates the cliffhangers lol, but I love them.
Frank: Well, we hate them.
Me: What do you want me to do about it?
Frank: Uh, stop it?
Me: Uh nope?
Frank: Fine, then just continue on with your story.
Me: I had planned on it anyways.


Chapter 17

I sat there on the couch, stunned. Was Frank playing hard to get or was he being extremely serious? I got up and walked out of the house, hoping to try and find Frank, but he was gone. I sat down on the porch swing and thought about everything. Soon, my thoughts were interupted by Gerard sitting next to me and pulling me close. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

" Why is this happening to me Gerard?"
" I dont know."
" Its just so messed up."
" Dont look at it that way."
" How long are you guys off?"
" Till the New Year."
" Wow, thats so long."
" I know, aint it great?"
" So whats up with you and Tara?"
" What do you mean?"
" Are you guys FINALLY dating?"

He didnt say anything, just smiled.

" Aw, thats so cute! I knew it!"
" Oh hush you."
" No, I will not! You guys should of been dating way before you left!"
" Ima hurt you if you dont hush."

I smiled and gave him a quick hug before walking to my car to drive home. On the way, I got multiple calls on my cell, but never bothered to answer them. I really didnt want anyones pitty right then. You know, now that I think about it, isnt it funny how some things in your life turn out? I mean come on, who would of guessed that I, Nevaeh McCoy would fall in LOVE with a famous rockstar who I grew up with? Well, I can tell you not me. But then who would of ever figured that they themselves would be a famous rockstar as well?
I walked inside my apartment and threw my purse down. I had to change out of my clothes and into something way more comfortable. I walked past my answering machine, I noticed two new messages.

" You have two new messages. First message: Hey Nevaeh, its me Mikey. I just figured I would call you and see what was going on. But your not picking up your house phone or your cellphone. Frank knows that I have been chatting with you for awhile. I didnt tell him, I promise. He asked to borrow my cellphone and then found out from there. I dont know how he did, but he did. Well, when you get this please call me back. Love you, bye."

Ha, little late there dont you think Mikey?

" Second new message:..........Nevaeh.......its me when you get this...please..."

Okay, that..was weird. Should I call...or should I not? That was the question. If I called, what was I going to say? If I didnt call..I would miss out on what he was going to tell me. I couldnt do that. I had to know..maybe he was going to tell me what he felt like he couldnt earlier in the evening. So, I gathered up enough courage and called him.

" Hello?"
" Hello, is anyone there?"
"..Yeah, Frank its me."
" Nevaeh?"
" Yeah."
" Where are you?"
" At my apartment."
" Can..can I come over?"
" Sure."
" I need the address."
"6507 Butler Lane. #206"
" Alright,see you in a few."
" Mkay."

We hung up and I rushed to get nice enough to meet Frank. But then I stopped and thought, whats the point? If he loves me at my best, he can love me at my worst. So I just sat down on my couch and rocked back and forth gently, trying to calm the butterflies that were flying around in my stomach at that point in time. Why the hell was I so nervous? I mean, come on, its Frank! Not like he was going to flip out on my and go crazy.
Soon there was a knock at the door, and I hesitated abit to answer it. I soon found, that I didnt have the courage to open that front door to let him in. But if I didnt, then Frank would think something was wrong..and break it down, only to find me sitting on the livingroom couch. Then, he would be horribly pissed. So, I did the only thing I could REALLY do, I walked to the door and opened it. Frank was standing there, his hair wet from a shower and some black pants with a red hoodie, smoking a cigarette. I grabbed it out of his mouth and took a quick puff before stepping aside, allowing him to enter. He did, and pulled out another cigarette lighting it. We both sat down on my couch silent, smoking. I couldnt take the silence anyone, it had been going on long enough.

" So, how have you been?"
" Okay I guess."
" Any new girl in your life?"
" No, just had a couple of old girls in my life."
" Ew, dating grannys now Frank. Never thought that it would be your style."
" Hey, old people need love too ya know."

We both laughed at the joke we made. I enjoyed the sound of his laugh again, it made my body tingle in a good way, a way that I missed and had missed for so long. It was so good to hear it, to even be in the same room again with him. After we both settled down with the giggling, I figured I would ask him who was the older girls that he had dated.

" So, who was this old gal?"
" Oh come on Frank, you never kept stuff from me before, dont start now."
" Im not keeping it from you."
" Then what are you doing?'
" Sitting in silence."
" Dont make me ask the guys."
" Fine, fine fine. Damn your hard headed."
" I know, it rubbed off from you. Spill."
" Who? Damn speak up boy!"
" Betty."

I sat there wide eyed..holy...fucking..shit. I was about to piss myself at that moment. Maybe I heard him wrong..but did he just say Betty? I could of sworn he did. He just said Betty. Okay, this was all getting too weird for even myself. I was beginning to get FREAKED OUT! This was all just..too much for me to handle at this point in time. Why is it that it seems like ALL the shit from my dream world is not psychic. I didnt even say anything, just sat there smoking.

" Nevaeh, whats wrong?"
" Nothing."
" You suck at lieing too."
" No, I just could never really lie to you."
" Okay, then dont start now."
" Its about me in the coma."
" Okay what about it."

How was I going to say this? Think for a moment and pick the right words..or just tell him the truth?

" You know what..lets go for a walk okay? I think I need some fresh air. While we are out there, I will explain everything to you."
" you promise?"
" I promise Frank."
" You havent broken one yet, so I have to believe you."
" Well thanks damnit."

We got up and I grabbed my house keys and walked to the door, holding it open for him. He got up and walked out, leaving me to close and lock up my apartment.
How was I going to do this? How was I going to explain everything to him that happened...maybe now is the time to express myself to him about how I feel. Great, just great..what a LONG night this is going to be because there is so easy way to tell him.


Happy Thanksgiving you guys!
Hope you all got stuffed and full!
I did!!!
Sorry the chapter is kinda small...but its Thanksgiving..
I wasnt even going to post..
But I figured I would give you guys something.
Actually, not that many more chapters to go!!
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