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Chapter 18

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, hope you all a great Thanksgiving.
Frank: I didnt, I didnt eat anything.
Me: Why?
Frank: I was too depressed.
Me: Aw Frank, what happened?
Frank: Your not posting any good chapter.
Me opens mouth in shock
Frank: Well its true!! You keep us all on the edge.
Me: Im sorry...okay no im not.
Frank: If you werent the author..I would totally tell you I hate you.
Me: Good thing that I am then huh?
Frank: Yeah, I guess.
Me: I would erase you!


Chapter 18

As we were walking, we really didnt say anything to each other. Im not even sure if we knew what to say. But I promised him that I would explain the coma thing to him, hell why did I have to promise? There wasnt even a good or easy way to tell him. We walked to a near by park and sat down on the swings. He got behind me and began to push me abit, making my feet drag across the sand. As I was swinging I was once again, in deep thought. I was in such deep thought I didnt even hear Frank say my name.

" okay?"
" Yeah what?"
" You going to tell me now?"
" Uh..yeah..but you might wanna sit down."

So he did, he sat right beside me on the other swing, pushing himself a bit.

" what I am about to tell the honest to gods truth okay? You can even ask the girls and my mom. When I woke up from the coma, they asked what I it was that I was dreaming about. Im going to tell you exactly what I told them. I cant keep anything from you, so im going to tell you the truth..even thought part of me is like NO I am"
" Alright, im going to believe you..because your my best friend and I know you wouldnt lie to me."
" If only you said that in my dream."
" What..I was in your dream?"
" Very much so."
" Alright..well go ahead."
" Alright."

I took a deep breath. This..all this was going to be hard to say, but I was going to do it..I had to.

" Alright. Well the dream started off where I fell. But in my dream I didnt fall and we went to Wapred with you guys like we had planned."
" Wait, you guys were going to go on Warped?"
" Yeah."
" Man, I would of seen you then.."
" Yeah, but please, hold on to your questions until I am done. I have to get all this out. Okay?"
" Alright sorry."
" Well, me and Tara saw Mikey so we talked to him for abit and he took us back to the tour bus. There you were, sitting on the couch asking Tara about me when I said your name. You flipped out and grabbed onto me, pulling me into this massive bear hug. We talked for a we did on my moms couch. It was like..everything that happened on that couch, happened in my dream. You holding my hands, running your fingers over my tattoos..everything."

I stopped at that point and put my head down. I was about to get to the most crutial part when I felt m heart explode. I was so scared and nervous. What if when I tell him, he doesnt love me the same way that I do..what would happen?

" Wow..please go on..I wanna know more."
" Alright. Well, it seemed like we got to be best friends again when Betty showed up..taking you away from me. Next thing I know, you guys are dating. I tried to tell you how I felt about it, how I just didnt want you to get hurt and you got mad at me. Well, earlier in the dream, I had bumped into Pete Wentz and we became friends. Once you and Betty started to date, I became broken hearted and so I decided to date Pete. We were doing good...until I found out that you and Betty were engage-"
" Whoa whoa said no questions..but this is a comment. and Betty were engaged..but I broke it off."
" Okay, this got alot weirder. Why?"
" I will tell you after you finish."
" Okay..Well, the night of the engagement party we all went out to celebrate. I didnt want too because I was so broken hearted. Well, I went anyways and you had asked me to dance, we danced and you kissed last time you said. Through this whole dream, so much bad shit had happened in my life. My mom died, you and Betty were getting married, I was going to be a brides-maid in this ugly dress, me and Pete broke up because of a song that I wrote about you."
" About wrote a song about me?"

Oh shit, that was ALITTLE too much information there Nevaeh..good job. Now you have to tell him yes. Then hes going to want to know the song..what it said. Ugh, I hate when I speak alot of times.

" Yeah, I did. The day before the wedding I found out that Betty had been cheating on you with some guys on tour, she told me her damn self when she was drunk. But when I went to Gerards house to tell you, you got mad because she told me that when she was accused me of being jealous. Yes I was jealous, jealous that her, that lieing little bitch got to be with you and I couldnt. That someone that horrible got to have your love for the REST OF THEIR LIVES but I didnt. So I just went back to the bus and fell alseep. Me and Pete cooked up a plan that was going to happen at your wedding. When they asked if anyone here has and objections you know that shit right? Well, I was going to stand up and sing the song I wrote."
" And did you?"
" Yeah...but you got mad at me and just went on with the wedding..and then I woke up."

We sat there in silence again, the only sound that was heard was the grasshoppers and crickets outside. He was probably shocked just as bad as I was. Hell, try experienceing it.

" Me and Betty were going to get married. On the day of the wedding, Mikey came in there and knocked sence into me."
" What did he say."
" Nothing."
" No Frank, what did he say?"
" Nothing okay!"

At that point it began to thunder. Soon rain drops fell down upon us and we both still sat in our places. Franks hair, that was almost dry, began to fall back into his face, almost covereing his eyes.

" No Frank tell me."
" No Nevaeh, lets go home."
" NO! You dont understand dont understand and you wont."
" Dont tell me I wouldnt understand. I do okay."
" No you dont. In my dream I fought so hard to get to you, so hard to get you and it was all worthless. But it seemed like you didnt even care, that you would just try and use me. Fuck Frank I love you okay? I love you, I love everything about you. I love the way you smell, I love the way you look at me, I love the way that when you play guitar you shut your eyes and let the music flow, I love the way you smile, I love the way you laugh, I love the way that I feel when I am around you, I love the way you do those stupid little side smirks. I love you Frank and I always have and always will. I loved you the night you came into my bedroom because of Betty. I hate when your sad, I hate when your crying, I hate when your hurt. It hurts me so bad and breaks my heart into two. I felt so numb when you left, like I didnt even matter anymore to you."
" Dont say that Nevaeh."
" Then tell me Frank, tell me what you were going to save for the right moment. I feel that this time is the right moment."
" Nevaeh, what Mikey told me at the wedding, woke me up. He didnt even have to say much. Just said you name and how he wished that you could of been there to see me get married. Hell, if you were there you would of been a groomsmen. I carried a graduations photo with me everywhere I went, because it seemed to be the only thing that I could do to touch you. To have you in my mind. Everytime I closed my eyes to play, I saw you face. I pictured you in the audince watching my play, screaming me on. As I was back there in the room, waiting to tell Betty that the wedding was over the only thing that I could think about was you. How your hands say I'm always here even if you have to reach for me, how your eyes say I can't dream anyone more beautifu how your hugs say this is where you are meant to be, how your kisses say you mean the world to me, how your body says just curl up next to your heart says I love you. Once I figured all those things out I realized I had to call off the wedding."

I began to cry, falling down onto the wet sand and pulling my knees to my face. How is it that Frank could see all that stuff and not want to be with me?

" What?"
" Nevaeh it isnt like that.."
" I was scared.."
" Of what?"
" Rejection..I had to know how you felt about me. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are all I think about, dont you understand that?"
" Frank you left me to myself, left me to cry myself to sleep when you werent there and never called."

Frank put his head down, I didnt want to make him feel bad. The next thing that he did, shocked me to no end. He slowly walked over to me, picked me up and walked under some covered area at the park. He sat me down on the table and stood infront of me, looking me in my eyes. I began to clean away droplets of rain with his tumb, brushing them away from my face. He leaned in gently to my face, his lips close to touching mine.

" I love you Nevaeh McCoy. I want you to have my children, I want you to cry with me when they are born, I want to grow old with you in a house, us surrounded by grand kids."

I began to cry harder.

" No, baby dont cry please. Just say you love me too."

His breath was so warm on my face and lips, he smelt so good. I closed my eyes and licked my lips.

" I..I love you too Frank."

He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the mouth. I felt fireworks explode through my body. It felt so right to be kissed by him, so..natural. I fianlly, finally told Frank Iero how I felt about him and you know what? He felt the same way.


Well, hope you guys enjoy it. Only about 2 or 3 more chapters to go!!
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